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  1. Morgan was unreal today. The United defence wanted nothing to do with him, but we've seen that time and time again, on form, the best player in the Division. I'd like to give special mention to Gavin Reilly, there wasn't a failure on the park for us today, but I thought Reilly's performance was a great reflection of the team overall. He worked tirelessly, a constant pest, never giving their defenders a second. He won more than his fair share against their central defender, despite giving away about half a foot and 3 stones to each of them. I think he played a very unselfish game putting the team and the result before himself and his own desire to score goals. He wasn't about goals today, he was there to disrupt their backline, make it difficult for them, force mistakes and allow us to win the second ball, let Smith and Morgon get beyond him and open them up. He did it brilliantly, he looks to be a fantastic signing so far. Keep it up Gavin.
  2. Something else that's great, while people are singing and clapping along with the drum, they're not screaming abuse at St Mirren players who are trying their best. One thing I've loved since all this started has been the reaction to opposition goals. You don't see the young guys in the singing section shouting and bawling at our own players, the drum starts immediately and so does the singing, usually louder than the other fans who are celebrating. It's a real attempt to lift the players and spur them on, rather than berate them. Love it, I think I'm enjoying watching St Mirren now, as much as I ever have, counting the days between matches, even after Cappielow, I couldn't wait for the Livingston game.
  3. Always been pretty cynical about these sorts of "12th man" claims. But I really, genuinely feel that the wave of enthusiasm from the fans and the singing section did play a part in last season's turn around. I felt that something happened at the Dundee game in the cup, where people finally started to see Jack's new signings impact the team and a sense of belief worked it's way through the fans. It didn't go away, it's gotten stronger and stronger, and I really feel it makes a difference. The way the players react to the fans after games is all the evidence you need.
  4. To the tune of Come On Irene... Gary Irvine Oh Gary Irvine Gary Irvine Gary Iiiiiirvine
  5. In a way it still makes me sad to see the place like that. But then you think that people will be making lives there, parents telling their wee one's about Stephen McGinn hitting an absolute screamer from their kitchen into the top corner of the bin shed across the road, kind of nice. I'd like to see the ground marked and remembered in a similar way to Middlesbrough's Ayresome Park. They've marked the old centre circle and a few other key points like the goal posts with metal ornaments and statues between the houses.
  6. Waste of f**king time. Make season tickets valid, let everyone else in for £2, kids for free. If we play a half decent team, at least the kids that come to watch will get to see us score a few goals.
  7. As long as we avoid the Colt teams I don't really care. A wee trip to Ireland would be nice right enough.
  8. I'm repeating myself, but I just refuse to believe they've got 3 or 4 midfielders who are so far ahead of him that he doesn't even merit a sub appearance. Hopefully he'll break through soon. He'll only need to be given one chance.
  9. Although it goes against most other aspects of my nature, when it comes to St Mirren, I'm a pretty dedicated happy clapper. I don't have the power to influence anything that happens at the club, but I feel the team would benefit more from my support and blind faith than it would from moaning and berating players. Obviously, things happen that I'm not pleased with; players come in who I'm no sure about, guys leave who I'd want to keep, we lose to teams we should beat, we concede soft goals, but it's all part of being a football fan, if the game ever made me miserable for more than half an hour post-match, I'd stop going. You probably get more lows than highs as a buddie, but that just makes the good times all the more special. The Morton game will be forgotten in a matter of days, but the Millennium Champions, the Challenge Cup Final against Accies, winning the League under Gus, 3-2 at Fir Park, 2-0 away to Falkirk, 2-1 against Rangers, 4-0 vs Celtic, Mallan's goal against Raith, Loy's goal at Easter Road...They'll all live with me forever. Happy Clapper for life!
  10. The moron being caught by the police would have been fair, but I also think it's important that these people know that it's not just the authorities trying to shut them up, they need to know that other fans are disgusted by their behavior and won't tolerate it.
  11. I think you did the right thing, but not surprised you didn't get an apology. These knuckledraggers don't even know what they're doing is wrong. Hard to believe in 2017 there are still people who think like that. I didn't hear it myself, but well done to you for trying to sort it. I'd like to think I'd have done the same thing, or backed you up. This sort of thing is embarrassing to the club and there is no place whatsoever for it.
  12. That's a great idea, it will be a smallish crowd for us and I wouldn't imagine there would be too many away fans. Would be a great advert for the Club to let both sets of fans enjoy the bar pre-match. Would bring in a little extra cash too. Even charging £1 donation to the youth academy to get in. I'm sure most fans would pay that, I would.
  13. Typed his name into Youtube to see if there was any footage of him playing in India, there isn't a lot, but I did find this. The standard looks decent, some nice passing football, and he seems to play a very Rory Loy like role, dropping deep, linking play, clever through balls. Actually feel a bit more optimistic about him signing after watching this.
  14. I haven't seen him play in years, but he had a wee touch of class, maybe not a guy who's going to bag 25 goals, but that's what Gavin Reilly's for. I think he adds depth and will compete with Sutton for a start. Also might be a better option than anyone else we have if we decide to go 1 up front at any point. Welcome to the club Darryl. Need to get working on a song for him now.
  15. Players who've had decent records here have gone there and performed similarly or worse. You don't see strikers from League 2 going over there making a fortune and ripping the piss out of everyone. Must be reasonable.
  16. Can we take it from this that it is Duffy then? Surely if it wasn't there'd be no need to defend him? Reading too much into it, maybe?
  17. Said on here a couple of times, but, I think Sutton gives his all every game. People mistake his lack of pace for laziness, but he'll work a defence as hard as he can. He's a goal threat, often only needs one chance in a game and in addition to that, he causes worry among the opposition and tends to pull focus from whoever he's playing next to. People have been saying that their early worries about Reilly were eased when they saw him as part of a front 2. Sutton played most of his games up top on his own last season, but no-one suggests that it was maybe the system that didn't suit him. When they've played together they've looked dangerous, I'd like another striker in, because I don't like any player to be a stick on in their position, but I think it would be rash to let Sutton go. Still has a lot to offer for me.
  18. We'll nurse him back to health, until May
  19. I flat out refuse to believe that Barnsley have so many good midfielders that they couldn't use Stevie Mallan even off the bench. He's a match winner, I think he'll be starting 11 before too long, if he's not, they should do the decent thing and loan him back to us.
  20. That's fair enough, I posted after having a quick glance at his wiki page for stats, admittedly maybe not the best move. Still stand by not having seen much to shout about when I've seen him in the flesh, but like any player, if his signs for the buds he'll get my full backing. I just can't get excited about the prospect.
  21. Never been a player I've been hugely impressed with when I've seen him. His goalscoring record isn't brilliant, but I do realise he'd be coming in to make the bolts so Gavin Reilly can fire them. If this is going to be his role, a guy who Reilly can feed off when Sutton's knackered or injured, then I'd be happy enough.
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