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  1. I'm sure we've done this once or twice in the past. Maybe 15-20 years back.
  2. Loy's contribution wasn't just goals though, he got a few assists and was involved in almost all our positive forward play. He was a vital part of a hard working front line. He and Smith together pressed defenders, stopped teams playing out from the back and won the ball high up the park. Hardie didn't have the concentration or work rate to do that.
  3. This time we should try to skip a few steps and just sell him directly to the Premier League for £10m.
  4. Was sort of hoping we'd take a chance on Fjelde, even for another 6 months, still a young guy, seemed to be technically very good and physically strong too. Wanted to see a bit more of him, but for long periods, the team was playing so well that he didn't get a look in. I suppose Jack and James haven't let us down yet and they're the ones seeing him every day in training, so just have to trust them. Still feel like he could have a part to play for us.
  5. 88, not bad...missed some obvious ones. Quitongo and Carey probably the worst. Forgot Gallacher from last season and didn't realise how many Watson had scored either. Pretty pleased with that.
  6. Haven't read all the comments, so apologies if this has been covered. I think Dundee wanting Jack made sense, he stepped up a league and saved us from relegation with a squad that needed to be totally overhauled. Dundee are facing a season long relegation battle and need their entire squad overhauled, so they saw our Jack as the man for the job. Aberdeen's ambitions are very different. They have a European campaign to think about, trying to win the race for 2nd in the top league and a well established squad that will only need 1 or 2 key signings. Wright is the outstanding candidate for that role in my opinion, he's who I would want if I was an Aberdeen fan. As for Ross going to Perth if Wright leaves, It's sort of the same situation. Managers stepping up a league tend to go to the lower level clubs with a view to improving them, rather than the established top half clubs, so St Johnstone going after him seems unlikely . Apart from anything else, what's in it for Jack? What could he really do at St Johnstone that Wright hasn't? He could maintain their place as the 4th club, or they could deteriorate, the only real options for St Johnstone are sideways and down. They're unlikely to ever catch Aberdeen or Rangers, and they'll have have the likes of Hearts and Hibs breathing down their necks.
  7. Hopefully Lewis will stay, would be very tough to replace him. In the long term, I wouldn't grudge him the opportunity to move on to a bigger club to try to reach his full potential. But for now, there are exciting things happening at this club. Lewis should be reminded that, after a title winning season with St Mirren, littered with goals and assists, he'll catch the eye of much bigger clubs than he would getting kicked up and down the park, fighting relegation with Burton Albion. I also would have no objection to his wages being brought up in line with the top earners at the club if that's what it takes to keep him. It would be well deserved and much cheaper than trying to replace him.
  8. Saint Garf

    Andy Ryan

    I was told a couple of weeks ago by an Airdrie fan that this deal was done. No idea where he got his information, but he seemed pretty certain. All gone quiet since then, but I suppose the guy's probably on Holiday. Sounds promising, I'd be quite happy if this one happened.
  9. As great a job as he did on the wing, I think centre mid is his preferred position. I reckon he'll take Mallan's place in the middle of the park next season.
  10. Not sure if the stand it's on is adjustable, might be easy enough to do. I think there's enough traffic through the area to make it worthwhile, the retail/industrial estate across the road is busy throughout the week and Murray St is always busy. Definitely a good suggestion.
  11. Would be a great addition. Was his ability to finish with either foot that really impressed me. Seems to be a good all round player. Bit of pace, strong, technically gifted, decent in the air...watching that I'm amazed he hasn't broken into the Hearts team, looks easily capable of stepping up. Hopefully he makes his move to the Premier League with a saints shirt on.
  12. He'll be a great signing for that level. I felt he had something to offer St Mirren so a bit sad to see him go, wish him all the best.
  13. I think that playing Stelios in midfield was worth a try, but it didn't work out. He looks far, far better getting the ball deep and beating his man, or getting on beyond the winger to cross from the byline or cut in and shoot. I think there will be quite a lot of rotation of the full backs this year, the right man for the right game. Falkirk, Dundee United and the likes, particularly away from home will be a job for Irvine and Eckersley. Brechin, Livingston, Dumbarton is Stelios territory. I'm sure he'll get the opportunity to play from the start, but he's also a useful impact player. He gives us the option to bring him on to replace one of the other full backs, making the team much more attacking, but without changing the shape of the team.
  14. Spence would be a fantastic signing.
  15. There was a live stream of one of the games on the Sport Bible on Twitter. Don't know if they'll have one for this game.
  16. It was against Ayr he got clattered, definite foul, McGinn was angry because Stelios had tried a wee fancy trick instead of playing a simple ball up the line. Would still like to see him back, seems unlikely though.
  17. Loy's a good player and a goal scorer. The main reason I want him back, though, is because I'd like to go into next season with as close as possible to the team that finished last season. A team with a habit of winning games together, a team with an attacking philosophy and a cutting edge. The Partnership of Smith and Loy was no small part of that. We've already signed one half up...
  18. Think Jack was quite open about wanting to bring Rory back. Was a quote going about a couple weeks ago saying he wanted to bring in Loy and another Premier League striker, who we now think is Gavin Reilly. Wondered if Jack knocking back Dundee could stop us getting Loy. There's a chance that could happen if there are other clubs interested. But if they don't want him, and we're the only team willing to take him off their hands, they'd be pretty stupid to hang onto him out of spite.
  19. Under Fowler at QOS and Ross at Hearts. Going by their track record so far, if they trust him, then I'd be more than happy to have him. Neither have done anything to suggest we shouldn't trust their judgement in spotting players that will fit at St Mirren.
  20. Reilly would be decent I think. Definitely need a couple more up there. Would still like to see Loy back. But looks like their search for a manager is going to need to continue for a while [emoji41]
  21. I'm sure he could play there, but I wouldn't change his role in the slightest. Was brilliant for us, we were a far better team with him playing. Let Magennis step into his natural position to replace Mallan, sign a natural right winger or play Todd.
  22. Rae's attitude and refusal to change things up was what cost him his job. Not 6 poor results.
  23. I think this is a special group of players and he's one of the best. I'd be surprised if he hasn't caught the eye of a Premiership team. A couple of mates of mine, who knew very little about the St Mirren team, came with me to the Ayr game and both immediately picked him out as a guy that had played at much higher level. Maybe he will make a move similar to the one that Watson made last summers and, like Watson, you couldn't grudge him it, but last season season didn't hold the promise of working with coaches like Jack Ross and James Fowler and a talented, hungry group of players. I would hope that that would be a factor when he's making his decision. I'm sure he does want to play at a higher level, but I'm convinced he can do that with us in the not too distant future. Hopefully he will be too.
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