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  1. He had a tough shift in defensive too. Hibs love that big diagonal ball out the the channel. Had to be strong in the air. Very impressed with him, seems to be technically accomplished and his attitude is spot on.
  2. I think Stelios and Billy have more than earned their songs [emoji106]???? Cammy Smith seems deserving too. My best attempt would be, to the Robin Hood tune... Cammy Smith, Cammy Smith, Running down the wing, Cammy Smith, Cammy Smith, Brilliant ball again, On Sutton's head, Back of the net, Cammy Smith, Cammy Smith, Cammy Smith! No brilliant, there to be beaten [emoji23]
  3. Just taking time to think back through the team individually, they were excellent to a man. There were the obvious stand out performers like McGinn, Stelios and Mallan. But 2 guys I was delighted with who haven't been mentioned as much were Gary Irvine and Cammy Smith. It was great to see Irvine finally playing in his own position, he's taken a lot of stick this season, but he had a quietly solid game and proved he's a good player when played on his natural side. As for Smith, I thought he was excellent. He wasn't directly involved in either goal, but he was a constant nuisance for their defence. His central role was also key in stopping McGinn and Bartley playing out for Hibs, they were never given time to settle on the ball and pick out a pass. The amount of work Cammy got through last night was immense. We're definitely a better team with him in the side. How he wasn't getting a chance for United I'll never understand.
  4. The same as. He's six foot two With jet black hair He played for the **** But we don't care He's Steven Thompson, St Mirren's number 9. Was the Fernando Torres song when he was at Liverpool.
  5. For the Morton game... Shankland was a buddie, Now he's shite, He's Shite, He used to be a legend, When he played in Black and white, But he swapped the stripes, For Morton's hoops, Cause he wasn't fit, To lace the boots of, Big John Sutton, Saint Mirren's Number 9! Na na, na na, na na, na na, Nah nah! Nah nah!
  6. To the tune of Que Sera... Stephen McGinn, McGinn, He'll stick it in the top bin, With his wand of a right pin, Stephen McGinn, McGinn!
  7. [emoji23] Not quite what I'm looking for, but glad to hear it's selling well bud [emoji106]????
  8. Anybuddie know if there's any spare seats on any busses at all? Looking for 2 if possible?
  9. I think he's a class act, and that shone through, despite the conditions. I can't think of a time where he really wasted the ball, and most of the, admittedly rare, spells of good play we had involved him in some way. To me, it would have been easy enough for someone with no previous knowledge of the teams to pick out the guy who'd played at a much higher level for years.
  10. Had anyone mention Bahonkin yet? Disasterous...
  11. Are we done do we think? Or is there still the potential to sign a free agent? Just seems like Jack might be in the market for a striker, having one on trial during the week. Plus, Shankland, Gallagher and Hardie went out with only Loy coming in. Also, with Orsi being loaned out, it could leave us short of cover if someone picks up and injury. On that note, any word on who the trialist was, and was he any good?
  12. Sean Lynch was f**kin rotten. But then I didn't hate him for it, it wasn't his fault he wasn't good enough, he didn't sign and then repeatedly pick himself
  13. I don't think he needs to be captain, as long as he performs the way he did when he came on yesterday, he'll contribute plenty with or without the armband
  14. It can't be said that we haven't tried to make drastic changes. Tough decisions have been made, necks have been stuck out and, undoubtedly, risks have been taken. Fingers crossed that the gamble pays off. One things for certain though, before we made these moves, we were only heading one way. At least now we can say we've thrown everything at it. Time will tell whether we've been duped by diddies or unearthed some hidden gems. But, for now, the excitement is back, I'm looking forward to the challenge that the rest of the season holds, rather than dreading what was looking more and more like an inevitable, slow procession towards League 1. Can't wait for tomorrow! COYS!
  15. I don't know what more some people need, McGinn, McLean, Naismith, McAllister, Mallan, Morgan, Magennis, Kelly, Baird, McLear...that's 10 players in the last few years who have made an impact in some way on the first team. Be it key players like, McGinn and McLean, steady pros like Naismith and Kelly, or guys still to reach their top potential, like Magennis and McLear. How many comparable clubs can boast a record like that? 4 of those players have already moved onwards and upwards, another few probably will in the near future. We regularly have between 4 and 6 youth academy products in the starting 11, and they're rarely the players to let us down. David Longwell was in charge of nurturing and developing young talent, it wasn't his job to deal with their contacts or negotiate transfer fees with other clubs. In my opinion he did an excellent job in his time here.
  16. Hadn't thought of it like that actually. You'd be £50 odd for the tickets straight away.
  17. There's always a big bunch of kids down at the fence next to the dug out before and after the game. The players always take time to sign autographs and take pictures with them. So maybe buying tickets somewhere near the home dig out might be a good idea. There's also the match mascot package that could be work a look, but it's pricey and it might be too late to book for the 28th.
  18. I thought he contributed more than he has for quite a while yesterday. I haven't been a massive fan of his this season either, but he caused them problems and was very unlucky to see Bain save his shot after making an really intelligent run and striking it well, it was definitely heading into the bottom corner.
  19. Players like Mallan and McAllister are going to move on at some point. Best case scenario for us is, they're sold, for a decent fee, to big clubs who don't need them quite yet and will allow them to be loaned back to us for the rest of the season. We get the cash in the door now, the players are off the wage bill, but we don't lose their abilities on the park.
  20. John McGinn is definitely worth a fair bit, but unfortunately he's playing in the second tier in Scotland, which won't encourage any club to splash out big money for him. My guess is he'll be at Hibs at least another season. I suppose if Barnsley are interested in Mallan, then there's a chance, but I think they'll be looking for a bargain to be honest.
  21. Quite happy with this. A goal every second game at this level, much better player than he was when we had him on loan as a kid, definitely improves our options up front. Assuming he plays at the weekend he'll be making his debut against a former club, visiting old stomping grounds often works well for strikers. Fingers crossed.
  22. Saw a thing on Facebook saying he looks a lot like Joe Nuttal, another Aberdeen youth. Would make sense for him to have arrived along with Storie if we're having a look at him. Don't know anything about him if it is.
  23. I'd say he was at least worth a trial.
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