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  1. I appreciate that he doesn't want to leave us when we're rock bottom of the league, but it would possibly not be the worst thing for us. I'd imagine he'd be one of the bigger earners in the squad, we have Gary Irvine waiting to replace him and we've already been looking at left backs. Let Naismith go and move Irvine to right back and free up some wages before bringing in a left back, rather than signing one now and have one or the other sitting on the bench. Use the wage money in to strengthen other areas of the team.
  2. Not sure you would have the required footfall to run anything but a small club shop from that location. It seems to work well enough just now, and will be even better when we can actually sell replica kits.
  3. Aye, he was only a kid when he came here. There're worse players we could look to.
  4. Bravo! Haven't actually laughed out loud at something on this forum for a while
  5. He's a great talent, but we need to be careful with him. He certainly has the potential to go on to be a wonderful player, but I think the young guys need some experienced guys to help shoulder some of the responsibility. I worry that if we don't have the older guys, the excitement and optimism surrounding the youngsters could soon turn to expectation and, before too long, pressure. We want the best for these guys, and we'll get the best out of them, only, if they're playing with energy and enthusiasm and without fear or the weight of responsibility.
  6. Don't want a headless chicken style striker, but we could definitely do with increasing the work rate up top. Shanks, Sutton and Clarkson aren't going to chase down defenders and put them under pressure. Not a criticism, it's just not their game. A Stewart Kean style pest of a player is always useful, cause problems, force mistakes, never let defenders settle, try and win the ball higher up the park. We don't have anyone like that at the moment.
  7. Anybody hear how this guy got on last night? Saw that he started the game and it was 1-1 but haven't heard anything about his performance.
  8. Would have been Reilly right enough. Maybe McKenna before him? Would Orsi count as home grown though? Only been with us a wee while after leaving Aberdeen.
  9. Has he not already said that Hardie and Walsh are gone in January?
  10. Lynsey Sharpe having "Get Out Strong, Commit" written on her hand at the Commonwealth Games was always something I thought had a good ring to it. Of all the club mottos I've heard, the one I've liked the most was Hearts' "Blood Doesn't Show on a Maroon Jersey". Before some smart arse points out that we don't play in maroon, I was just saying I liked the sentiment of it. Something similar for the buds would be great.
  11. That's true enough, I still worry that he's very short on experience, but I suppose there's plenty to be positive about if he does get offered it and decide to take it. I think Gus is a backward step, don't fancy Fullarton and, as much as I like Mixu, his time at United was a bit shambolic and we're in almost the same situation they were in the Premiership.
  12. Didn't want Ross initially, but of the shortlist he's the man I'd take. The thing that worries me is, would he leave Alloa at the moment? I wouldn't if I was him. Leave a team who are doing well and have a chance of promotion to go to a team in terrible form who're fighting relegation to the division your current team might move up from? I'll bet the money wouldn't even be all that much better with us. Not trying to be negative but he can't really lose at Alloa, getting into the Championship is them at their very peak as a club, if he can even get close then he's doing brilliantly. They win the league, he's a hero, they don't, well it's Alloa, and it was a big ask to start with. It's a win/win for him there. Whereas with us, if he gets it wrong and we get relegated, he gets the blame, if he does well and we stay up, there's no credit in it because St Mirren should never be fighting relegation in the 2nd tier in the first place. More or less lose/lose here. The only way he comes out of a season here with any real sense of "success" is if, by some miracle, he can go on a huge winning run and get us a play-off spot. That seems like a lot to ask for me.
  13. In theory I would have no issue with appointing a female manager. In reality I would be livid if we did, simply because there are no women managing at a high enough level at the moment. Shelley Kerr, mentioned earlier, is the most senior female manager in the country, and she's in the 5th tier of the game. We need to be looking at people with experience at a higher level, I would be angry if we appointed any of the managers from the Lowland or Highland league, or League 2 for that matter. If our new boss wanted to bring her, or someone similar, in as a coach or an assistant manager then I'd have no problem with that.
  14. Have to agree with a few of you. If it ends up being Hughes or Davies I'll be pretty chuffed. Can't choose between them, suppose it depends on money and who interviews the best. Both are better than anyone I thought we could attract, so I'm happy either way.
  15. This is the same Gerard Butler who said growing he grew up a really tough area of Paisley called Ralston and described it as being like a war zone. Roaster...
  16. It'll be an interesting one no matter what happens. From the names mentioned; Don't want to see McPherson, just taking a step back for me. Nutall, could be fantastic, could be disastrous, seems like a big risk to take at the moment. Hughes seems to fit the bill of what the club wants, likes to play attractive football and, hugely important for me, seems to be happy to put trust in young players. Then there's the "interesting" choices... Burley, if he's half the manager he was in his pre-Scotland days, then appointing him would be a no-brainer. Bags of experience and success at a very high level, but hasn't been in the game for a few years, which worries me slightly. Davies is in almost the same position, but he has the advantage of a strong link to the club. I wouldn't be devastated if any of the 3 of them were appointed, like I said it'll be interesting either way.
  17. So far, yeah. Hopefully it'll still be worth it.
  18. I think the plan was probably to go with two of Baird, Webster or Gordon for the season, but McKenzie became available and Rae clearly felt he was too good to pass on, which, going by his age and the level he's played at, is hard to argue with. I thought the next move might have been to allow Baird to go out on loan for the season. I like him, but if we have all 4 fit, 2 are going to miss out every week. Webster's place is nailed on under Rae and you're not going to release or loan out one of our 2 new signings, therefore loaning out Baird would have been the only way to try and get them all some game time.
  19. I really liked Dummett. He was a bit raw, but he was a decent footballer, could pass, tackle and cross well. Physically impressive too, quick, strong, brave and aggressive. I'm not surprised to see him doing so well. I rated Newton too, had a lot to learn, but plenty of natural ability. Thought he'd be doing better for himself. Campbell showed potential in flashes, looked like he could be a player, but faded in games and sometimes didn't seem particularly interested.
  20. A bit early to dive headlong into sacking the manager. We've played 3 league games and been very poor in all 3, that can be denied. What I will say in Rae's defence is, all 3 games have been very tough. A derby game to kick off the season, a tricky away game to a team who've won 3 from 3 so far, and a visit from a team who are going to win the league at a canter. Of course I'd have liked to see us perform better, but I'd be quicker level my criticism at the players than the manager. We've sold 2 goals in the last 2 games simply because a keeper can't communicate properly with a centre half, how's the manager supposed to legislate for that? That's not a tactical fault, that's just a horrendous defensive error. He's also missing Quinn, I think a lot of people on here who were critical of Quinn might now have a better idea of the important work he does in the background. I think we'll beat Ayr and in the next few weeks the team will start to gel properly, then we'll see if Rae is the man for the job, but for now, there's no need to make any rash (not to mention very expensive) decisions.
  21. I didn't know for sure, wouldn't want to do anything to hurt the club financially, but if there was nothing to lose from not buying the strips it might make JD pick their suppliers more carefully and rethink the way they treat customers
  22. Absolutely shocking from JD. As I understand it, the club don't get any money based on sales of the tops, it's a flat fee regardless. If that's true, Saints fans could refuse to buy them as a protest if/when they eventually do come out. That would make a point to JD without hurting the club financially.
  23. Enjoyed that. Sticks out as being one of the games where I really thought we'd be able to compete if we got up. Coco was frustrating, but capable of magic performances once in a while.
  24. I think a combination of a couple of those ideas would be good. Build 3 of Easter Road style filled in corners, 2 for big ads and 1 for the scoreboard (which looks pretty easy to move to me) hopefully the ad revenue would make them pay for themselves before too long and allow for the construction of the raised disabled viewing platform described by the OP. I'm sure there would be opportunity to advertise on it too. Having it raised would be a massive help, I was late for the Ayr game, and sat in the front row of the main stand for the first half, to avoid disturbing people trying to force my way to my seat. I was only in the 4th row for the 2nd half, but that few feet made a massive difference in terms of the view I had.
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