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  1. Can we get this post pinned?
  2. Ah, another Broontervention. Will he offer up federalism (again)? Will anyone really listen to him anyway? Will Darling be rolled out next month?
  3. I'm sure Labour will commit to abolishing it soon.
  4. Not sure we can afford to be their parent club?
  5. He's trying to debate with the forum fool [emoji116]
  6. Most sensible people would acknowledge that 3 times more likely to develop dementia was the headline. Most would also realise that although only 2% died from the condition, it would still be a contributory factor even though other conditions may have actually killed them e.g. Cardiac issues, pneumonia etc. Unfortunately you are pissing in the wind with faraway
  7. Ffs faraway. Literally read my post. It talks about medical studies I'm not claiming to be an expert, I'm talking about medical studies into the issue. Pretty much everyone on here knows better than you though because they research things.
  8. Of course you didn't Google anything. You don't read anything as you already know better than the experts. "We don't need experts" You are a typical Gammon.
  9. It's entirely normal to want your country to make its own decisions and be politically independent.
  10. Medical studies show that footballers are 3 and 5 times more likely to have Alzheimers and dementia in later life. Glad the attention seeking know alls on here know better though.
  11. Other than darts and snooker where physical differences between men and women are not a factor in ability to compete, what other sports are mixing men and women?
  12. Women don't want to compete against men in any sport where strength and physical build is a factor. The bigger issue is governing bodies allowing trans women to compete against women where athletes who were born male have a distinct advantage.
  13. You do realise these cunts are on you tube because no other broadcasting media will give the time of day to their extreme right wing politics, propaganda and fantasy?
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