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  1. He also fails to see the difference between people crossing the Swiss Italian border and goods crossing it.
  2. While we're on the subject of Laura
  3. Yes, that be many of the others I mentioned in my post [emoji6]
  4. I don't buy the Paisley express and don't know anyone who does. They all know of St. Mirren though.
  5. There's a great strings version of this. Can't recall if it's a b side or on the 10 year retrospective?
  6. This would explain McKenna - not good enough for rugby ended up playing centre half for Aberdeen and Scotland.
  7. I'd agree there's massive cracks in humankind. Seems they are increasing as well. Studying things certainly adds to our knowledge of them. In the meantime, I prefer the all encompassing statement "people are dicks"
  8. Sorry, I never realised it was a choice between jailing evil cunts and helping the homeless. I'm intrigued by your need for revenge over something that didn't directly affect you.
  9. There's a reason why we don't have the death sentence, it's to stop our society becoming as inhumane as the psychopaths we would be killing. He should be studied as its important to understand why and how someone carries out these atrocious acts, particularly at such a young age.
  10. Not only the tartan army getting steaming...
  11. Individually our players are better than theirs. McLeish appears to be channelling his inner Stubbs. In fact, we'd be better off with Stubbs
  12. It's an international break - makes me (almost) long for the close season and school holidays.
  13. Another statement from the Prime Minister. If she doesn't get nominated for a comedy award for her work at the lecture these last few months, there's no justice in the world.
  14. OK, so your solution is to not have a representative of the organisation buying the club on the board. You do realise that would give smisa less influence and input. It would at least remove the "legal duty that you feel they are duty bound to avoid" [emoji3]
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