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  1. https://goo.gl/images/UpeQfK
  2. Brian Smith ex professional cyclist and team manager, now a Eurosport commentator hails from Paisley and is a Buddies fan. He even managed to get Team Quebeka decked out in black and white stripes when he was managing or coaching them. Who knows, he might even post on here [emoji33]
  3. To be fair, if you took out all the posts of folk repeating themselves every few hours it would be about 10 pages.

    Electric Cars

    Not sure exact figures but is shows up as affecting MPG on my diesel and it gets worse during winter.

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Didn't you say Stubbs wasn't qualified to manage us in Premier as he hadnt previously done it at that level?
  6. Here's a genuine question to those who point out that rules is rules and there is guidance in place - if you feel that protest is the only route you have is it still wrong?

    Welcome back, Gus MacPherson.

    Does Gus still have his burger van empire?
  8. There were dozens of police on duty at the game on Friday. The two police officers quote relates to other low risk games where there will be a minimum of two. No idea what these games are but they certainly won't be old firm. Doubt they will be the two from Edinburgh and would also not expect them to be Motherwell or Aberdeen. Given that Dundee brought over 1000 fans that might rule out that game as well. Hamilton have a shite support numbers wise but there's been trouble in recent years so really that kinda leaves Killie, fake saints and Livi as games with a 2 police officer presence [emoji3]
  9. Ah the old 'if your doing nothing wrong you've nothing to fear' logic...
  10. Considering the North Bank banner was held upside down on Friday night, you may well be correct [emoji3]
  11. The police are one of St. Mirren's governing bodies? Oh dear, I think they might want to review that statement.
  12. Surely it's in relation to how these fans are treated in the ground and in relation to their status as fans by said police which makes the ground the place to display their statement.
  13. Yeah I get that. Looks like they feel that was the best way of getting their point across, particularly as the issue is with the police and also the club giving the police information. Unreasonable to protest at police hq as was suggested earlier IMO. The current chairman has gone way OTT with his Statement, again only my opinion. Phrases like 'political banner' and 'negative message' in relation to a 3 word banner emphasising they are fans not criminals is ridiculous particularly when, as others have pointed out, we sit on our hands when other fans bring pyro and sectarian chanting to our ground.