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    A few tory accounts tweeting that it was her birthday the other day. Apparently she'd have been 94. But it wasn't really her birthday, cos she's dead. Which is nice
  2. Japan were very good however Scotland were terrible for a lot of that game. Scotland bossed it for about 15 minutes, Japan then adapted and controlled it. We didn't adapt The try on half time straight from our kick off after they missed a penalty was amateurish to say the least. We don't know how to manage games. The team under townsend is similar to his career as a player at international level
  3. Obviously Scotland just need Paul McMullan to create all the chances for Shankland.
  4. Hahaha, the joy of auto-correct. The gift that keeps on giving [emoji1]
  5. They are /we're also all cunts, but I agree with your point
  6. Are you suggesting that obika could be similar to van Basten???
  7. And? Danny Mullen is our player. Are you suggesting we shouldve signed another player of the same standard? Are you suggesting we should have paid mullen off and signed Shankland instead? You are becoming a bit inconsistent here
  8. For me its not the haircut, I struggle to see past him being a psychopathic racist with the mental capacity of a small child.
  9. Suspect he might have survived (at least a bit longer) if they hadn't list to Lincoln at weekend. The stat of only losing 7 games is balanced out by a win rate of 50% which is low for a team with Sunderland budget in that league. Think his stock might be a bit lower for a wee while than some on here think. Could be argued that it all went wrong when he recruited John Potter [emoji57] Appreciate everything he done in his short time with us. Didnt want him to fail unlike a few other St. Mirren fans.
  10. Hindsight shows that replacing Rae with Ross was a good idea. Stubbs should never have been given the job to start with.
  11. Trump has gone against political and military advice. Standing with erdogan isn't a good look.
  12. [quote post="1664063" timestamp="1565525423" name="TPAFKATS" userid="536" Back on topic, the upcoming international break could be interesting for Jack Ross. Out by one international window
  13. He fell foul of levein when there previously. Don't see him getting the gig unless levein and or the physio (er, allegedly) moves on first.
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