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  1. Surely this post from our very own Baghdad bazil confirms its Goodwin.
  2. Is this what really happened to Chris Froome?
  3. Yes plenty of people relocate. Usually because they have to or really want to. However... Maybe his wife doesn't want to relocate? Why should she have to find a new job in a new country if she is happy with her current employment? Didn't she have a bereavement just after Oran joined us- I'm sure I saw something on twitter at the time? I really hope it's as simple as him putting his and his family's happiness before everything else. Otherwise our club is in a bad way.
  4. Oran was a thoroughly decent guy who appeared to have the man management and motivational skills required in modern football management. Would we have kicked on next season with him? We'll never know but he deserved a shot at it. If he's left due to family issues then fair enough. If our chairman has driven him away then the sooner the fans take charge the better. And so the merry go round starts again.
  5. Surely they will do this at Saturdays open day?
  6. The league Cup is basically pre season games for the top flight clubs who don't get a euro bye for the group stages. Even more so for us this year given the later finish to our season and now this fiasco.
  7. As a sausage fingered phone user myself I appreciate the issues of typos and autocorrect. However, I've now read this 3 times and I'm none the wiser.
  8. Mibees he was fed up listening to his father in law stories about managing in a bigger league.
  9. I'm suggesting he places more importance on his family than his career so taking step back football wise wouldn't matter that much to him if it meant being home every day with his two young kids.
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