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  1. Yeah, if I sneeze it's possible small people may fall over.
  2. Those in New South Wales and Victoria must hate each other. Bloody border closers!!!
  3. Looks like another meltdown approaching judging by the posting pattern of the multiple aliased fantasist. It's almost like a monthly or bi monthly cycle.
  4. It's the 7th of July, the fixtures were released for the season which starts on 1st August. Not sure how there can now be reconstruction?
  5. Even if Hearts and thistle are successful, which I doubt, it won't stop united playing in Premier next season. If they did then united would take spfl to court and the merry go round would continue.
  6. UWS has been broke for a wee while, this could be the final nail.
  7. Ah, OK. I misread, happens to us all
  8. He's like a puppy wanting attention.
  9. How needy do you have to be to constantly reply to someone who has you on ignore and you said you were also ignoring. #creepy #needy #attentionseeking #arbroath
  10. My guess would be that it's because this is the same time that she is lifting restrictions on retail so more people will be out and about and in enclosed spaces. Not sure why you seem to be accusing me of not answering questions, particularly when this one you have asked me seems to be asking me to answer on behalf of the first minister.
  11. It's embarrassing that you still need to make this kind of statement after the wall to wall coverage that this pandemic has had. I fear you are pissing in the wind though. Seems some folk just don't want to know. Entrenched view as you said in an earlier post.
  12. No, the cult is those that think wearing a mask is a) a big deal, b ) not necessary c) infringement of their freedom d) a big hoax. e) those who claim to know better than the generally held views of epidemiologists, virologist and public health experts.
  13. So it's not just America that has bampots who think their civil liberties are threatened by wearing a face covering. People really are arseholes.
  14. Didn't catch today, however I have listened to the last 3 weeks. A great wee programme.
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