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  1. Referee allows argentina to take free which leads directly to penalty while we have only 10 players on the park during a substitution. The penalty was saved. If VAR is going to say that's a retake by freezing the frame to see if the keeper has moved a few inches from the line then football as a spectator spirt is finished. Also if there is 4 minutes of added time and that is almost totally taken up by a penalty farce then its 7 or 8 minutes added time? Officials so far out of their depth
  2. Scotland beating argentina 2-0 with about 30 minutes left. Not sure if we will qualify with this result as I can't understand the gaelic commentary.
  3. You seem to be trying to get me to argue with you. I'm not interested in doing so and I'm not disagreeing with you. For the third and final time, I was simply putting forward an observation that we MAY have spent more last season than we budgeted for at this time last year and that MAY affect the level of budget for this year.
  4. I'm just saying there might not be as much money as I'd expect we'd have gone over budget last season due to the number of pay offs, including Stubbs and Jackson.
  5. Yes Luxembourg does have more power over Scotland's fishing rights. Thus is because Scotland isn't an independent nation and fishing like agriculture is "managed" on our behalf by Westminster. You've made a decent point there about being independent in or out of EU. [emoji1303]
  6. Juan Mata signs a new 3 year deal. He only had days left on his current deal. Ffs, Fitzy get your finger oot.
  7. Cheers, I'll have a case of craft beers and a bottle of Highland Park [emoji1303]
  8. Geraint Thomas taken to hospital after crashing on tour of Switzerland. https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/racing/geraint-thomas-abandons-tour-de-suisse-crash-427614/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  9. We may have already spent some of the "extra" money digging ourselves out of last season's hole?
  10. Could you expand on what you mean by this is iran we are talking about?
  11. Hitching a ride with a passing bandwagon. Should generate a lot of positive publicity and potential for significant additional income.
  12. I'd rather see the campaign to save coats memorial and have it as an arts venue succeed.
  13. I know Jim sillars views as they are continually trumpeted by BBC Scotland and the Scottish press as being representative of a split in the SNP leadership Sillars is a maverick on the fringes of the SNP, not a senior figure, who appears to be tolerated due to his previous achievements. The fact that he only supports independence on his terms speaks volumes about him.
  14. Daily mail website comments page where certain words are misspelled to get by the t'internet polis.
  15. Yeah a vote for a party whose whole ethos is founded on Scottish independence is in no way supporting another independence referendum [emoji3] You keep telling yourself that they never promoted it, despite having it in the manifesto they were elected on.
  16. It's a black and white striped football top with a St. Mirren badge on the chest. Not sure what more it needs for identity. In over 40 years we've always had this with 3 (?) exceptions - 87 Cup winning Jersey, the tribute to it a couple of seasons ago and the half and half blackburn effort from the 90s. As you'd expect there are variations on the number of stripes from season to season. This year's is similar to my favorite from the 80s, the Adidas one with 2 black stripes and a graham's buses logo.
  17. I reckon it'll be quicker process than brexit has been. We will want back in for the exports to the 27 countries. They want access to our fishing grounds. Both Scotland and EU want free movement of people.
  18. Turning into an expensive weekend. Thank f**k I'm on holiday [emoji3] Might've been cheaper if there was more than 2 weeks notice.
  19. And his supporters had their own royal rumble in Gabriel's
  20. Most of the pros could ride at that speed without holding the handlebars for a wee while anyway. The problem seems to have been the wind. Taking both hands off to blow his nose does seem rather daft though - if it's not the wind it would've been a pothole, camber, etc.
  21. Ruth the untruth claims their is currently no mandate for another indyref despite snp having it in their manifesto and winning a vote in Parliament for it. She also seems to ignore that her party are in a minority government at Westminster. Also she knows that holyrood voting system I'd designed to not have a majority. It would be good if she was questioned on these pronouncements instead of the media treating them as little more than party media releases.
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