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  1. And then another 50 miles or so to Coleraine?
  2. Geraint Thomas needs a new domestique.
  3. Yeah, the difference on Danny is noticeable. If the pattern makes him look like he's got a wee belly, it's no surprise the adults on here are in neltdown. A few Homer Simpson lookalikes [emoji3]
  4. The Labour share of the vote fell by over 15%.
  5. We've destroyed 80% of the rain forests, individuals flying to the heat and sunshine isn't the issue.
  6. My search history is bad enough thanks [emoji3]
  7. I'm not familiar with this market, can you explain the connection?
  8. I struggled a bit with the names last season. Says more about my eyesight though. Oh and the amount of players we turned over made it difficult to know/remember the players numbers [emoji3]
  9. Thanks. Could be. Poor journalism or editing.
  10. Strange that our national team can play at our ground but we couldn't. Actually, it's not strange, it's uefa.
  11. He was always staucher than staunch.
  12. A bit more info in the article on the criteria and reasons for the grades would be good e.g. why were we refused a uefa licence award.
  13. You think that was the right decision? I saw that he appeared to have two options, 1 stay on grass and head into a wall 2 steer back to the track Anyway, that's my post on formula 1 done for this decade.
  14. The BBC coverage is due to them thinking England have a good chance of winning it. IF England go out before the final...
  15. The technical aspect of most of the women's game is very good. The goalkeeping tends to be a bit poorer though. From what I've seen of games so far it's been relatively entertaining, esp compared to the group games at the men's World Cup or euros. Or even the most recent champions league final. Its also been refreshing to see players accept decisions from the referee without dissent and their doesn't seem to be diving or feigning injury. I'm sure this will come though esp with teams who have male coaches who have recently payed at a high level and are able to coach it into the players.
  16. Saw the start of the game until not long after the dodgy penalty decision. Wasnt too bothered at having to miss the rest as johnathan Pearce is an annoying cock at the best of times. Even worse when in full jingoistic mode. Well done Scotland's national broadcaster. I see our two remaining group games are demoted to alba.
  17. Wright seems to score the odd great strike but can't score consistently or hold down a starting place for Dundee or Aberdeen. Nelson looked like he was a decent striker and linked up well with a nose for goal.
  18. Aaron Doran also from ICT would be great, although not sure if he has a dodgy injury record?
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