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  1. Shull get to an optometrist...could be cataracts or some other scary eye condition
  2. Bizarre posts and all from today, what a meltdown. I could've multiquoted to point out the falsehoods and lies, but its getting a bit boring and repetitive. Much easier to simply say Stuart Dickson is a bare faced liar h, and carney isnt a real civil servant
  3. between the right half & the left half?
  4. Oh look little dicko has edited his first post to include a link to a bank of england document. Unfortunately this document does not contain the quote from the start of the post that he has cut and pasted from wikipedia... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Governor_of_the_Bank_of_England desperate attempt at making it look as if he knew what he was talking about. as telling the truth. He then makes up stuff about the stock exchange that no-one has posted This sums up wee dicko, he lies, edits posts on the fly and makes stuff up which he presents as fact. Stuart Dickson = wishaw slang for bullshit
  5. I think that the brief speech he made outside court would be enough to tarnish his reputation. And yes, I know he was found to be not guilty.
  6. If your going to copy and paste at least be upfront about it and state your source.You do know that Wikipedia, a bit like the Daily Mail, isn't always accurate?
  7. Of course he can't as it doesn't say that. I also don't see how a rep from an accounting organisation would necessarily be a pensions expert, but then again, dicko is having a meltdown today so mibees best to leave him to it...
  8. Of course he can't as it doesn't say that. I also don't see how a rep from an accounting organisation would necessarily be a pensions expert, but then again, dicko is having a meltdown today so mibees best to leave him to it...
  9. Of course he can't as it doesn't say that. I also don't see how a rep from an accounting organisation would necessarily be a pensions expert, but then again, dicko is having a meltdown today so mibees best to leave him to it...
  10. Yes, regurgitating devolution scare stories is a common theme of the no campaign. Today its vince cable telling us RBS would move it headquarters to London, recall similar from previous devolution campaign... Come to think of it, does RBS not have most of its business based in "the city" anyway Tell you what vince its currently a f**kin toxic business and uk plc owes 80 odd % of it - I dont think thats much of a threat to voters in Scottish referendum. It might actually sway a few dont knows into voting yes How could I forget Michelle Mone, threatened to leave if we vote yes, now spends most of her time in London anyway. Makes sense though as her (struggling) business is now registered there. How Scots would miss her financial input to our lives. Except she employs hardly anyone in the uk. The sub contractors running the sweat shops of Asia might miss her though? Ballantyne - another Scot who has left for london but thinks he knows whats best for us back here. Does he have a vote in the referendum? No, bit like bo diddley at BP then? Chairman of Royal Mail - was state owned and recently privatised. Hmm, might it be in his interest to toe the westminster line ahead of inevitable peerage? Does he have a vote though? Is this the best you can do? What about John Barrowman? Is anyone really surprised that the CBI favours what the westminster establishment want? They've been in each others pockets for years. There's an organisation called Business for Scotland which is the fastest growing business network in the country, currently over 1,200 members. Members are Pro Independence and don't want to be associated with the views of CBI. Strangely enough, not quoted by either dicko or lex... Oh and as for the unions, I'll let Lex explain the irony of the steelworkers and miners unions being against Scottish Independence ETA - forgot Ralph Soames, although I assume lex actually meant Rupert Soames, head dude at aggreko. Did you intentionally forget to add his brother is a Tory Lord and (ex?) MP?
  11. There might only be the american dude from BP, there might be hundreds. All I am looking for is evidence that major employers in Scotland are all saying they want a No vote I'm not naive enough to believe that all major employers want a YES vote. I'm also not going to insult the intelligence of my fellow buds on here by claiming it I believe that an awful lot of employers and businesspersons wont declare a hand just now. They will be savvy enough to know that they may have to operate in an Independent Scotland or within UK in the future. In the interest of balance though, here's a couple of quotes - "Lets leave the ppl of Scotland to make determination. If I need to operate in 39 countries, rather than 38, that's what we'll do" - Tweet from Ross McEwan, Chief Executive RBS Jan 14 "There's certainly no sign of investors being deterred from coming to Scotland; if anything the reverse appears to be true" - Ernst & Young's 2013 UK attractiveness survey - Scotland
  12. Has the sun confirmed the scalding of their reporters and damage to laptops from hot beverages thrown at Mr Lennon?
  13. The quote on radio at 6pm was 6 weeks minimum to fix. Seems a bit hopeful as the railway is bordered by the sea wall and the damage looks pretty significant, including to houses behind the line. Ardrossan is the photie of sea crashing over railway that they always show on news when it gets a wee bit blowy over here
  14. So far we have a chap from BP giving his personal view that he likes the union...
  15. Indeed, although its not that far fetched esp when bearing in mind the reputation that our elected and indeed unelected members have with the populace. Speaking out in favour would mean losing the whip and being deselected ahead of 2015 westminster election.
  16. Looks like it will be a major engineering undertaking, I wouldn't be booking a ticket this year! You could always substitute for Ardrossan harbour in the meantime...
  17. No... That would be like saying Scottish unionist mp's would be out of a job or their ex colleagues in the lords would be stripped of their ermine and allowances and this might cloud their opinions.
  18. Poor naive dicko I notice this statement but there aren't any facts or evidence to substantiate... It's the BBC, when will you learn...
  19. Rick Im not going to attempt to engage in discussion concerning your whole post, not purely due to the length of it but because my sausage fingers couldn't handle it on the phone.Suffice to say my concern re BBC is that they constantly run stories using ifs and coulds and maybes when supporting no campaign. This story from FT was stronger than most that they run every week, including the non story from the BP dude yesterday. Of course they still refuse to acknowledge the UWS research re BBC being biased is accurate
  20. I'm sure the clunking fist anonymous dunfermline mp was involved. Surely it's less than 50 miles
  21. Agree. Just how close is dundee to dunfermline?
  22. Another Westminster steal on our nationality and resources that went quietly unreported at the time. It's only coming out a little more noisily now. Can't recall who was involved, but I'm sure it wasnt the usual tory suspects - closer to home...
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