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  1. Of course playing with a tennis ball requires more technique than with a full size football.
  2. So a guy who would've been a squad player chooses a better option, financially at least. Can't say I'm particularly bothered. Hope it works out for him and we invest the money we aren't spending on his wages and any signing on fee on better quality.
  3. China playing on the break and unlucky not to be ahead at half time against the Germans.
  4. Dunno, she wasn't in shot much in the bits I seen.
  5. Oakys toys are oot the pram again [emoji3] This is a particularly ironic quote from him considering he feels he has the right to minorities what they should accept being called "Regardless of how things turn out, there will always be people like you prepared to act like total dicks over the views of other people."
  6. Virgil van Dijk unplayable at corners for the French. 2 goals already
  7. Peterborough by election yesterday. Sitting Labour MP forced to resign in disgrace. Peterborough voted leave during Brexit but now many regret that and polls show the town would probably vote to remain now. Classic protest vote by election territory yet Labour still held the seat. Some on here still believe the lib dems can win the next general election 🤣
  8. Interesting programme on bbc4 earlier about the spies and double agents who spread the stories convincing the nazis that the allies would attack across the straits of Dover. I knew this had happened but the detail and extent of it was fascinating. Also read this earlier about a famous (in his day) War correspondent. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/05/magazine/d-day-normandy-75th-ernie-pyle.html#click=https://t.co/YuF0S8pX7x
  9. Lib Dems have 12 mps in this parliament. To win the next election they'll need to get over 300. That's not happening. The Labour vote ain't swinging to them by enough in hundreds of seats. Tories who don't vote tory will vote brexit party if they stand.
  10. You've just confused me with you. Too much self reflection Mr Pot?
  11. What a wet blanket. You are one of a handful on here who find something negative in everything to do with St. Mirren.
  12. Oh I won't. oaksoft might though, it's his observation. I couldn't be arsed quoting the whole lengthy post.
  13. The lib dems could win a general election 🤣
  14. No even without debt, the current version of Livingston couldn't outbid us for players. Ffs we took Danny of them last year for a pittence before they were declaring huge losses. They have no fan base and no millionaire backers so they along with Hamilton will not out bid us for a player.
  15. We are all going to die. This shouldn't be a surprise to you.
  16. You think Livingston could outbid us for players if they weren't in a financial mire? Away and don't be silly
  17. Aye, left Glasgow and went to an Edinburgh constituency if I recall.
  18. He's been at loads of our home games this season. Mibees he just likes free coffee and cake [emoji3]He might do a job, I'd prefer a more experienced assistant though.
  19. Out of contract Jimmy Nicholl as assistant?

    Paisley Pubs

    That's a bit harsh, just because he was sent off last Sunday?
  21. Definitely need bigger divisions within the league set up. Play each other twice but chairmen and TV companies won't agree. Not sure about trams though...
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