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  1. 2 days after the season finished [emoji3]
  2. Aye, he's been a calming helpful influence these last few weeks when he's been on the sidelines. Think his future may be back home closer to family though?
  3. Dallas, Beaton, madden etc make you realise that Thompson and Collum aren't that bad after all.
  4. I watched Stuttgart score a great free kick in their bundesliga play off last night. Left the room, came back in to discover that VAR had ruled it out for an offside (blocking view of the keeper). No one appealed for offside at the time. Correct decision which went a long way to relegating Stuggart and promoting union Berlin. Took a couple of minutes at most and certainly dampened the celebrations - waste of a few flares and smoke bombs.
  5. If my belly keeps up its same rate of growth I'll need new trousers...
  6. Given that I thought 3 at the back was a mistake on Thursday due to isolating our wing backs and yesterday I thought we were f**ked with Flynn missing, I'll leave it Oran to sort out what we need. He seems to know what he's doing
  7. United are a petty, vindictive club. Nowhere near as big as they and media like to claim they are. Its no surprise they are loathed by clubs both bigger and smaller than they are.
  8. We're not doing that though... are we [emoji33]
  9. Not one of your better efforts...
  10. Not sure if they lose patience quickly or just makd bad choices when appointing?
  11. Do we really need this thread, this week off all weeks?
  12. I thought Cooke improved 2nd half and won more challanges and brought others into play more although he was done by 80 minutes.
  13. I thought the pre kick off fireworks and flames shooting into the air as united came out for each half were an OTT way to celebrate finishing second in the championship and making a play off final.
  14. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/sacked-alan-stubbs-says-st-mirren-expected-far-too-much-after-promotion-1-4932783 (Bit in bold) - Wonder if Steve Clarke said that when he arrived at Killie... "the team is pish so we're probably going down", sure sign of a great man manager [emoji38] A more accurate quote from him would've been "I had hibs in the championship with a squad of what I consider to have been better players and twice failed to get them promoted "
  15. This really isn't the year to be relegated. Livvy are in financial turmoil, Hamilton can't keep on staying up by skin of their teeth, Killie who knows after losing Clark. New TV money coming.
  16. Real life is just old satire
  17. Dave nicol stated on twitter last night that staff had done a 12 hour shift yesterday, 7-7.
  18. To be fair we've been in the mire all season...
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