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  1. It's not an issue for me or for the club who give preference to the season ticket holders [emoji4]
  2. This game has just been added to my season ticket [emoji848] Same as cup games, the season doesn't end, even temporarily, for cup games does it?
  3. Should start with the ancient taxis polluting the city
  4. Aye wandering around the Abbey area in paisley and around the waterfront in Dundee. The shopping areas are also similar. A statue of desperate Dan cannae save that part of Dundee.
  5. Me too. Managed to get one through another ST holder who has two tickets linked to his account.
  6. Cheers. The Burnley and Bournemouth thing was just as an example of small clubs who have an artificially inflated position due to the financial doping via TV rights of the English Premier. Again I'm using that as an example of hypocrisy in English football where this is celebrated yet man city are vilified for having money pumped into them despite only spending around the same as the "big clubs". A lot of city fans are becoming ever more disillusioned with champions league (not purely down to results [emoji6]) nonsense - this is why they struggle to sell out games.
  7. Mate managed to get both his and my season ticket updated for Sunday. Now the real fun starts trying to get Thursday tickets sorted...
  8. Was going to nip in and get my ticket. Queue almost at train station steps, just kept driving [emoji3]
  9. Yeah both are similar in that most regeneration is around the Riverside. I walked through the main shopping street in dundee yesterday in middle of the afternoon, it was actually worse than Paisley. Hard to believe.
  10. FFP isn't an English football thing. Uefa are running it and the investigations. It results from bizarre situations where Barcelona complain about finances of PSG and Man City. Have a think about that and tell me its not about keeping the monopoly that the "elite" teams have. The champions league is built around financial doping and maintaining the financial power of the 2 or 3 big teams from the 4 big leagues. Fans of other English teams complaining about city is also a bit cheeky as the whole of the English top tier is based on financial doping. It's what makes Bournemouth and Burnley 2 of the top 40 teams in European /world football. I hope this has been helpful, you'll have noticed I've posted in a pleasant manner without resorting to condescending behaviour. Hopefully you can reciprocate.
  11. Dundee is a shithole but I find that a cringy song, even in a football ground.
  12. Club are happy enough to take a whole seasons worth of money upfront pre season. Now ahead of the biggest game of the season if you want to sit in your usual seat with those you spend all season sitting with you are being a greetin faced wean.
  13. I understand what FFP is meant to be but it is nonsense. It's been brought in to try and keep the monopoly of the big clubs, nothing else. You seem to choose not to understand this - your choice of language.
  14. Christ, someone is trying really hard to deflect away from racism and racists
  15. Liverpool spend half a billion, united spend half a billion, city spend half a billion. Spurs and arsenal could've spent similar but built new stadiums instead. Yet only city are the bad guys [emoji848]
  16. B&WA twitter reporting we are getting all of Jim McLean stand, possibly rest of that main stand side of ground as well. Minimum of 1500 tickets.
  17. I share your frustrations however if they can sell those tickets to their own fans then its just tough luck for us. Obviously it gives them a wee advantage numbers and noise wise as well but hey ho that's why it's home and away. Glory hunting united bastards werent there last April though. It would be petty of us to restrict them to same, but I'd be OK with that [emoji3]
  18. I don't see this being the case unless they are only giving us part of the main stand as opposed to the shed they gave us last April for midweek game.
  19. That's a fair point. I don't think playing one target man is the best option anyway. Plays into hands of united centre backs. The smaller more mobile lone striker has worked well. Particularly effective in getting our opponents red cards when ball played into space for striker to run onto.
  20. Brilliant performance from Cooke, don't see OK playing 2 up front away in first leg though. Question is whether he thinks Cooke can play lone striker role?
  21. Great support, great 2nd half performance, subdued end to the game. We go again Thursday.
  22. Making excuses or diverting attention from fascist behaviour is never a good look.
  23. Along with normalising of racist language and images. Recently this has been done by using terms like snowflake for those who object to racist behaviour.
  24. If it posts racist comments, it's generally a racist. Even if it doesn't realise.
  25. This is a Stephen Laxley Lennon excuse. You'll be claiming free speech next. Stop digging.
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