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  1. As a sausage fingered phone user myself I appreciate the issues of typos and autocorrect. However, I've now read this 3 times and I'm none the wiser.
  2. Mibees he was fed up listening to his father in law stories about managing in a bigger league.
  3. I'm suggesting he places more importance on his family than his career so taking step back football wise wouldn't matter that much to him if it meant being home every day with his two young kids.
  4. better give the managers job to Tony Fitz then.
  5. Mibees his ambitions concern the happiness of his family?
  6. You expect him to unsettle his 2 kids who are primary school age and get his wife to give up her job? We don't pay huge wages, bid be surprised if his salary with us is much more than his teaching salary (with perks) combined with his wife's salary. Why should he risk his families happiness and financial security for our club?
  7. It is an assault as I explained to faraway saint last night, on this thread. You can choose not to believe this but it is a fact. Just because you don't agree with something, doesn't make it any less accurate.
  8. Where are you? Its only 22 in Paisley.
  9. Jim Davidson took this approach on twitter. He's a woman beating racist. He's now deleted his account.
  10. I'm sure Willie Miller was the equivalent of chief executive of Aberdeen at some point. Not saying he was any better than Tony though.
  11. Yes, he stopped her walking past him by grabbing her around the neck and pushing her against a wall or pillar. Police officers, in UK at least, don't arrest people in this manner. You don't appear to know how the law defines assault. Even worse, you've got oaksoft and me agreeing.
  12. Irrespective of politics that is assault. It is quite literally an example to use to define what assault is. He may have to answer for it legally, that pretty much depends on the police and CPS deciding if there's a case for prosecuting him. Also potentially depends on whether the victim makes a complaint.
  13. Of course there were people to deal with it. It was an event in a building where you have to go through a security check just to do a tour of it. It was attended by millionaires, some of whom will have their own bodyguards in addition to the event security. Also, the protest happened during a speech by the chancellor so met police diplomatic protection officers would've been there. I know shull just trolls this site looking for bites but defending a man who is clearly seen assaulting a woman isn't a good look.
  14. It's not about the board. The chairman owns the majority of the shares.
  15. Possible. I was just looking at the quote in stv story which is all about OK and his family situation.
  16. I'm assuming either a change with OK family or GLS making demands re Oran relocating.
  17. I heard Scott had reservations about Stubbs but went along with majority decision [emoji3]
  18. Managers generally discuss changes with their assistant or other coaches. Ferguson used to, pep does. Its not a big deal
  19. Given the amount of inaccuracies and utter nonsense in your post, I'd suggest you never vote again [emoji23]
  20. Expect more of this nonsense. Similar to the royal navy rib incident a few years ago.
  21. It seems to take that long during fa Cup. Games I've seen on TV from Germany and Italy generally take less time but not always.
  22. Yeah. VAR is supposed to correct mistakes or things the ref has missed. If it takes a couple of minutes of viewing footage for the TV officials to tell the ref to look at it and then it takes 2-3 minutes for the ref to decide then, IMO, they aren't certain of a mistake. I would even suggest that last night's penalty decision was a guess by the referee. She spent so long looking at the screen and talking with the officials that she couldn't have been sure and went on a probability. Decisions shouldn't be changed on that basis and I say this despite thinking it was a penalty in real time.
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