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  1. I see we have two REAL St Mirren supporters here, I don't know either of you and I do not think I would like to either.  Kemp says "Not going to dwell on it or let it distract from supporting the team, but................."  Well ! quite clearly they are not doing things properly, properly I assume is HIS way MMMMMMMMMMMMMm.
    His friend (my assumption) northendsaint; seems to be fairly well connected since he is implying that he helped to get Kyle to sign a new contract extension; (this may be the case or not, I don't know) but again quite obviously the Board (they/he) are not fully appreciative of this; since they now seem not to have invited him to some fairly important meeting, (it seems like they have fallen out somewhat).
    My wider point really is if you are a fan then support the team, what you have put out here is 'sour grapes' yes they do taste like shit, don't they?B)
    Oh dear

  2. Actually you are claiming causality not correlation and you are doing it without providing figures. I have no problem with that but honestly you need to stop criticising others for doing the same thing. We are just exchanging views on a forum, not engaging in deep research or trying to get elected into power. Relax.
    I have no doubt that governments are abusing statistics as much as the rest of us in society. It's a question of by how much. I'd be VERY interested in knowing exactly how many people are involuntarily unemployed in all but name. I'd also really like to know many are long term unemployed (more than 6 months). I suspect that it won't be by as much as you think. If it was, a left wing academic somewhere would have done the research and published it.
    Why would it only be a left wing academic? You are allowing your own prejudices to come though on this.
    I didnt make this up, just because you don't agree with it doesn't make it wrong.

  3. I wouldn't have the faintest idea where to draw the line on what is essentially a continuous measure.
    Where would you set the line?
    Personally I think this is a crap metric.
    A more meaningful metric would be to list those receiving Universal Credit support rather than those out of work.
    That way you include low wage self employment, zero hours people etc. but because UC is a real cost that is more meaningful.
    Employment numbers does not directly tell you about cost.
    Blah, blah, blah
    I'm using the metric that government use. If you don't like them research what you've quoted and come up with your own.

  4. Didn't want to break into my supply of tinned foods.
    My son & partner are both keen archers and have their own bow&arrows so hopefully we are in a semi-decent position to defend our precious food supplies when the brown stuff (sic) hits the fan! 
    Either your son or his partner called katniss or peeta?

  5. There's a surprise. You criticise me for not quantifying and then do precisely the same thing yourself.
    You are nothing if not predictable.
    I stated a link between the two things. It's a link that has been there for about 40 years since thatchers government took folk off the unemoyment register and stuck them on long term disability.
    This approach has been continued and tweaked by each successive government since then. I'm sure UK isn't alone and other states also do the same to varying degrees using various factors.

  6. Indeed, the economic certainties of the 20th century like the Phillips Curve (the relationship between inflation and unemployment) are now outmoded. Our local chip shop now uses copies of Milton Friedman's works to wrap their product - I couldn't help laughing reading some of it on Tuesday night! 
    Chippy on a Tuesday? Has brexit started early in your hoose?

  7. No that was a joke, enough attention on this traitor already. Does being a traitor now go by age?. Our ancestors were being shot at 16 for not going over the top in WW1 into certain death, and then put in unmarked graves .
    The decision will stick, totally legal.
    Javid's reasons or intentions are I am sure are mixed,  he is a tory and second gen pakistani , WHICH IS GOOD THING ,also a muslim, so he will have his own level of being appalled by groups like ISIS disgracing his religion.
    At the end of the day, we have got shot of terriorist scum and I hope its the tip of the iceberg, especially if the English are determined to press on with Britain being  all alone in security matters.
    So think you will find a lot more extremists, terriorists, sympathizers, will be finding it a lot harder to leave and come back.......     
    I'm sure you make some reasonable points however you lost me at traitor and bringing up world war one.

  8. Did she actually have a baby, if she did sticking it under her shawl, cant be good for its oxygen intake
    If her baby is a British Citizen and she is a war criminal, shouldnt social services arrive to take it off her?
    I see some calls that this wont stick, it will....................... she is not stateless ......
    Hope she vanishes from the news now. We have far more important issues than some bunch of stupid idiots , who happy jump in the fire and then expect us to put out the flames....
    Her comments  re Manchester bombings being justified alone will hopefully condemn her to Hell on Earth.......................hopefully
    Are you seriosly suggesting social services from England go to a refugee camp in Turkey to forcibly remove her baby. Or have I missed the joke with that one?

    If you take the emotion away from the decision to remove her citizenship, legally its highly unlikely that this decision will stick.
    One of the reasons will be the document issued in 2018 by the current home secretary which actually gives an example of her exact circumstances (coincidence?) and states she should return to UK and face justice.

    Javid is either an incompetent oaf or he's intentionally playing to the mob and ignoring legal advice.
    Suppose he could be both.

  9. [mention=536]TPAFKATS[/mention] going to great lengths to support a terrorist but not a word for the victims.
    Sums it up really.
    I ignore your desperate attempts to seek attention as you are a cock.
    However on this occasion I'll make an exception and ask you to provide evidence of where I have supported a terrorist?

  10. It's only "no surprise" if you can follow that statement up with figures stating how many of those listed as "employed" are receiving those sorts of hours.
    It's going to be a vanishing small number.
    There is a drop in unemployment and a rise in those classed as being in employment at the same time as the parameters of how employed and unemployed are defined.
    Your statement regarding vanishing small number is made up with absolutely no evidence to back it up. I expected better from a guy who claims to be an academic, a scientist and intellectually superior to the rest of us

  11. Agree with all of this apart from last paragraph, jobs are (only just.... jobs) and more people now being fed through Food Banks than ever ; so the Torries do have a lot to answer for and Corbyn is a joke and the longer he stays in power the weaker Labour become.  I can't think of any politian in any Party that looks to have potential, most of them are tossers.  B)
    Yeah, you only have to work one hour in a two week period to be classed as employed.
    Its no surprise the employment figures look so healthy.

  12. Just wait til you see the highlights from Ibrox tonight! The corruption in the game up here is so obvious now. Get the bigot brothers through by any means, coz it’s good for TV. In all seriousness, why do any club outside of Glasgow even bother any more. We have without any shadow of a doubt, the worst and most biased refs in World football.
    I am nearing 60 and this has always been the case, but following the death of Rangers and the new club taking their place, it is so obvious that there is an agenda to give them every possible advantage, even when it shows the game being taken into farcical territory. Will the MSM Sky or the BBC highlight any of this? Of course not, because all that matters is big crowds screaming bigotry at each other. Just wait until you see the most blatant penalty of the season not given to Killie and then their keeper sent of by Alan Muir for not wearing a Union Jack!
    You do realise that Alan Muir, along with madden, dallas et al also make these f**k ups in games that don't involve the old firm?

  13. 15 is certainly a vulnerable age, it is certainly not childhood though.
    What she experienced will have made her the person she is, that's true for how she was raised up to and after the age of 15.  We all make decisions that will affect our whole lives at that age.  Some of it works out to the good and some of it doesnt.  I don't know any of them, but I'm willing to concede that many of the perpretrators of the many attocities carried out in the name of IS are motivated by things that they learned at a much younger age than 15.  Can we really justify a period of amnesty for people after they hit a certain age regardless ofthe severity of their actions?
    What she has experienced has HELPED make her a person with dangerous views and a total lack of empathy or remorse, not a healthy mix and as the wife of a Dutch "soldier", mother of an allegedly dual nationality Dutch son and daughter of a Bengladeshi parent there are options for her to seek to rehabillitate herself.  It is what she has learned and what she has believed that make her potentially a danger to herself and others in this country.  The fact that she was young when she set out on her adventure is sad but not the only factor here.
    I think it's fair to say that what she has witnessed since leaving UK will influenced her far more and be more relevant to her current frame of mind, including the lack of empathy, than what she experienced in the first 15 years of her life.

    When you say
    Can we really justify a period of amnesty for people after they hit a certain age regardless ofthe severity of their actions?
    What were these severe actions?
    We don't know of any and I'm not aware of anyone asking for an amnesty. If she has committed offences she should be held accountable through the justice system.
    I'd be stunned if Javid knows though, but he's decided to take a course of action that looks unlikely to succeed which means he's either had poor legal advice or more likely he's chosen to ignore the advice.

  14. But there is evidence, much of it from her own mouth, that she joined a banned terrorist organisation?  That is a crime, many people have rightly gone to jail for their membership of right-wing terror groups in the UK, so the use of the legislation to deny entry to SB is entriely consistent with the powers of the HS.
    I like the euphemism "living with Isis", if it was used as the working title of a hollywood spoof comedy.  The Syrian people who were conquered and the humanitarian workers who have been captured, forcibly restrained and executed were, unfortunately "living with Isis".  It is a disgrace to use that term as a form of explanation or apology for volunteering to join a terrorist organisation.
    I'm not apologising for any of her words or actions.
    I'm trying to point out that she was a child when she did this. I'm also trying to point out that what she will have 'experienced' will have affected her ability to show empathy, sympathy and humanitarianism as evidenced by her interviews.

  15. Yeah but people went to fight or support both sides and the resulting mess if/when they return (have returned!) to the UK and what charges can be made against them for actions committed abroad, which groups are deemed as being terrorist & which not are not going to be straightforward.
    In SBs case which court is the ultimate arbiter over whether she shouldlose her UK citizenship - would really upset the gammons if it was the ECJ!
    I agree I just found the language of calling the kurds terrorists for trying to defend their people and land from isis risible to say the least.

    UK didn't support the kurds, then we did. Sounds like the narrative is being pushed by a compliant media to once again make them the bad guys.

  16. Well, those who are accused of beig knee-jerk reactionaries who are manipulated by a liberal media are being told on these pages that they are reacting to selected information bites and not recognisisng the grooming that took place, not looking at the situation as a whole.  
    The situation as a whole is that the girl has freely revealed that the things she has seen are OK because of the teachings she was subjected to in the UK, . By her own words, she has implicated somebody close to her as an advocate of Jihad, possibly (maybe even probably) someone who is quite happy to call for holy war without actually getting his or her hands dirty in the process, someone who has hard line views but hits the panic button when one of their own goes off to war.  One thing we need to make clear in this country is that there ARE consequences to so-called free speech and that people should understand that the biggest danger of speaking your mind is that you influence someone else to go off and do something outrageous in your name.
    Any crime she may have committed would be associated with being a member of a banned terrorist organisation as defined under prevention of terror legislation
    So in the absence of any crimes being identified or more importantly javid being likely to get enough proof for a conviction he's taken the easy way out as she is able to apply for Bangladeshi citizenship through her mother's nationality.

    Also, so far the only crime would be going to Syria and living with isis. As this was done when she was 15 even less chance of a conviction?