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  1. Complete agree.
    Oran had the chance to put an end to this months ago and didn't. 
    Oran wanted more time to consider whether to stay or go. And then he decides to stay but still won't bring the family.
    Gordon Scott is doing the right thing by the club by putting an end to this circus. Hopefully we won't have to pay up any of his contract which it looks like has been the reason for the delay. 
    Get Goodwin in and lets get on with things.
    You expect him to unsettle his 2 kids who are primary school age and get his wife to give up her job?
    We don't pay huge wages, bid be surprised if his salary with us is much more than his teaching salary (with perks) combined with his wife's salary.
    Why should he risk his families happiness and financial security for our club?

  2. Still wasn't assault. 
    Tory haters having a field day. 
    Same as the Twitter mobs and media wanting to give Bojo a doing over a wee tiff he had with his partner. 
    Really none of anybodys business outwith those in the particular housing block. 
    Still hot in Cardonald although it's down at 21 degrees centigrade presently. 
    It is an assault as I explained to faraway saint last night, on this thread.
    You can choose not to believe this but it is a fact.
    Just because you don't agree with something, doesn't make it any less accurate.

  3. But it wasnt assault.
    He removed very swiftly a potential terrorist who had invaded a private place.
    If that person had come into somebodys house in that manner she would have been laid out.
    What if a Tory MP had broken into an Extinction Rebellion meeting to protest about them ?
    What if he had been removed in exactly the same way  ?
    Oh my my my .........
    " He/she is only a fecking Tory who deserves it "
    Conservatives are easy meat.
    Jim Davidson took this approach on twitter. He's a woman beating racist. He's now deleted his account.

  4. Tony is no different than Bomber Brown, Alas Rae, Tom Boyd, Willie Miller etc, all ex players who loved the club's they played for but being the CEO of the club, i think not. As for Gus, early days but still looked like a job for his pal to me.
    I'm sure Willie Miller was the equivalent of chief executive of Aberdeen at some point. Not saying he was any better than Tony though.

  5. Out of context as you always do when there's any contact, except football.
    She was stopped and pushed out if the room. 
    In your eyes every time a policeman nakes an arrest it would be assault. 
    Yes, he stopped her walking past him by grabbing her around the neck and pushing her against a wall or pillar.
    Police officers, in UK at least, don't arrest people in this manner.
    You don't appear to know how the law defines assault.
    Even worse, you've got oaksoft and me agreeing.

  6. So this group of protesters, who illegally entered a private event, got into the main room, with one within approx 50 yards of the main speaker with all the security you mentioned?
    Anyhow, I don't see it as assault and, as I stated, many will see it as that depending on their political beliefs.
    I'm out, not interested in getting into this, cheers. :byebye
    Irrespective of politics that is assault. It is quite literally an example to use to define what assault is.
    He may have to answer for it legally, that pretty much depends on the police and CPS deciding if there's a case for prosecuting him. Also potentially depends on whether the victim makes a complaint.

  7. I smell irony. 
    There were no authorities to "deal with it" and I suspect he would have done the same if it had been a man.
    I can see both sides of this TBH, I suspect many will condemn because of their political beliefs. :rolleyes:
    Of course there were people to deal with it. It was an event in a building where you have to go through a security check just to do a tour of it. It was attended by millionaires, some of whom will have their own bodyguards in addition to the event security. Also, the protest happened during a speech by the chancellor so met police diplomatic protection officers would've been there.
    I know shull just trolls this site looking for bites but defending a man who is clearly seen assaulting a woman isn't a good look.

  8. Stubbs was Gordon Scott's first choice but he wasn't Tony's pick. Fitzy pushed for Oran to takeover from Jack but GLS opted for Stubbs despite his horrendous record at Rotherham.

    In terms of us appointing Goodwin.
    What makes you think he would take the job this time around?
    We were argubly in a better position when he knocked us back last time.
    I heard Scott had reservations about Stubbs but went along with majority decision

  9. My personal opinion is that most of our tactics,way we shape up,subs on and off was all Jimmy nichol decisions,never once seen him do anything without talking to nichol first then making decisions, and people saying it was gus that identified and signed January players ,not Kearney,so strange 
    Managers generally discuss changes with their assistant or other coaches. Ferguson used to, pep does. Its not a big deal

  10. I voted SNP for the reason I was told by the then leader Alec Salmond to get Devo Max. It made sense that Scotland had more control of its own destiny. No one ever envisgaed that 45% would say Yes
    I want to put this into context....
    The UK is in Meltdown over this 52-48 Brexit vote where 17.4 M people voted to leave the EU, the SNP got 45-55, more tax powers, no Uni fees, no prescriptions charges, no towns over run by ethnic majorities, no Thugs roaming the streats with big Knives .........................
    SNP kid themselves on, they really do. The 2014 Whitepaper was built around Oil revenue , at a time when fossil fuels needed to be toned down, where exactly is our income going to come from - Whiskey?
    I know its difficult with such wallopers at Westminster - but the SNPs must have a mandate- and they dont have one. 63% Brexit Remain is not a mandate, 45% Leave UK is not a mandate.......................
    So I agree with Hunt- If Scotland gives the SNPs a massive endorsment at the elections in 2021 then ok talks can begin, but with the state of the world the last thing we need is to be a small independent country with Nuclear capability     
    Given the amount of inaccuracies and utter nonsense in your post, I'd suggest you never vote again

  11. Last night, due to the referee being a tad incompetent, wasn't anywhere near the normal, certainly this fabled "2-3 minutes" is the extreme.
    See the facts ...................https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11295403/has-var-worked-statistics-behind-worldwide-use-show-positives
    I do agree the penalty decision was less than clear and, as such, shouldn't have been awarded.
    I thought it was a penalty in real time, and the more I seen the replays I still thought it was a penalty but it was marginal, at best. 
    It seems to take that long during fa Cup. Games I've seen on TV from Germany and Italy generally take less time but not always.

  12. After watching the Scotland game and see many criticise var.

    Var is not the problem imo here it’s the rule makers and the officiating that’s the problem.

    One simple thing with var I can’t understand why the referee has to wait for 2 to 4 numpties watching tv screens to decide if there maybe a mistake then the referee has to run away to the side to then make their own mind up 🤷🏻‍♂️just wastes so much time needlessly.

    Why can’t the officials watching the tv just decide and tell the ref of their decision and that’s the final call as they are the ones with better views it’s just crazy to me.

    But how can you trust them to make this work when they went with extra officials behind the goals they couldn’t even do that properly they have them on the same side of the goals as the linesman while there are no officials on the other side.

    It’s clowns that run the biggest sport in the world and like most things where a lot of money is involved it’s corrupt as f**k.
    VAR is supposed to correct mistakes or things the ref has missed. If it takes a couple of minutes of viewing footage for the TV officials to tell the ref to look at it and then it takes 2-3 minutes for the ref to decide then, IMO, they aren't certain of a mistake.
    I would even suggest that last night's penalty decision was a guess by the referee. She spent so long looking at the screen and talking with the officials that she couldn't have been sure and went on a probability. Decisions shouldn't be changed on that basis and I say this despite thinking it was a penalty in real time.
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