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    TPAFKATS reacted to AllyM in Welcome Alfie Jones   
    Back on topic, I think Alfie Jones will be a great addition to the squad, but he will need time to settle.
    If we can eke out a few wins between now and Christmas, I reckon we could be a really good team in the second half of the season and folk like Heaton and Jones will really blossom. All we need to do this season is finish 10th then kick on next season.
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    TPAFKATS reacted to Sweeper07 in Welcome Alfie Jones   
    Unbelievable the negative spin Baird gets -    yes he tackled a player and the ball broke to another, who had lost his St. Mirren marker and it led to a goal against us. I realise you say you like him, but all players make mistakes and some of these are costly....
    Our new Man Utd star didn't do much of a marking job for the Gers 2nd goal?
    Captain McGinn gave the ball away in the box and it could well also have led to a goal against us - though luckily it didn't. He's not getting pelters for that
    Kpekawa had a block deflected that could have beat Sammy but didn't.
    etc. etc.  Baird is a player who have been loyal and chosen 1st pick by all the recent managers - there is a reason for that - He is a really good player (Not perfect, but still improving - but needs the fans to value what he brings too - the dull stuff like defending, blocking, winning the ball etc etc..) Personally I think the one area where he needs to improve most is in his distribution of the ball - but surely Stubbs can help him there ?
    I have no idea what Alfie may bring - but like you, will be delighted if he contributed positively...
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    TPAFKATS reacted to pozbaird in Welcome Alfie Jones   
    I don’t have any concerns about the loanees trying a leg. A lot of these guys are young, careers on the up, and they will want to make an impression and ‘do a Dummet’. They might not know about the history, but once a loanee comes into Ralston and becomes a team-mate, then I’m sure pride, and a becoming part of the fabric, will make them fight as hard as anyone.
    As someone else said, there have been plenty of fully signed up guys who Dummet, Newton and others put to shame.
    The current crop of loanees all appear to be up for it, they won’t want to be relegated, and, having made friends with the likes of McGinn, Magennis and Sammy, they won’t want them to suffer relegation. I just want the balance to be right and not loanee-heavy.
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    TPAFKATS reacted to shull in Hearts away. 01/09   
    It's the way it's been constructed. 
    Makes for a great atmosphere. 
    Our Caley Stand was very steep. 
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    TPAFKATS reacted to Sonny in Jai Quitongo   
    ...  and scoring record .....
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    TPAFKATS got a reaction from oaksoft in Jai Quitongo   
    Och, I'm sure it's just a typo from IOBS. A bit like nam...
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    TPAFKATS reacted to ged62 in Jai Quitongo   
    I’d never drop Danny Mullen for him.
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    TPAFKATS reacted to munoz in Jai Quitongo   
    I thought for minute we'd signed him. Thank feck for that.
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    TPAFKATS reacted to WeeBud in Jai Quitongo   
    Yup.....in three seasons in the Championship he has managed to play 35 games and scored 5 times, that's it!!
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    TPAFKATS reacted to Hambud in Old Firm fan allocation poll   
    Can't vote using the app.
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    TPAFKATS reacted to andrew87 in Old Firm fan allocation poll   
    If we sell out the South stand to OF fans 3 times and if every ticket sold is a full price adult ticket and if there are no increased policing and stewarding costs then we'll take in under £120k. This doesn't factor in the loss of selling cheaper South stand season tickets. No chance that we'll make £200k+.
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    TPAFKATS reacted to oaksoft in Old Firm fan allocation poll   
    So you make a twat of yourself as Wendy earlier today and now you are back to using the zico alias again?
    You have no shame. Literally no shame.
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    TPAFKATS reacted to Drew in Kilmarnock Colts v St Mirren Colts Challenge Cup   
    Heaton tweeting in a very positive way about the match tonight. Seemed to have enjoyed it, and that will do his confidence no harm.
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    TPAFKATS reacted to TPAFKA Jersey 2 in W7 Appreciation Post   
    Exactly WeeBud, it’s not only nonsense, it’s actually a disgusting thing to suggest.
    And thanks for confirming re the incident. I hadn’t seen any evidence and there were suggestions on other forums that the furore was to do with a medical incident. 
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    TPAFKATS reacted to linwood buddie in W7 Appreciation Post   
    This banner did no more and than poke fun at the display that had been organised at Ibrox and their own fault for leaking details of it , Now if our banner had stooped to the levels of the "Green Brigade's" vile crap then fair complaints could be made . The boys done good i thought it was very funny
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    TPAFKATS reacted to shull in Rangers extra seating   
    Why would one need to man up to attend a football match ?
    Maybe the 12 year old girl should have had a man up moment rather than cry her eyes out.
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    TPAFKATS reacted to TPAFKA Jersey 2 in W7 Appreciation Post   
    Let's be clear.........if indeed someone was hit with a bottle (I've still seen zero evidence of that by the way), are you implying that by displaying that banner, the St. Mirren fans brought it on themselves?
    If you are saying that, IMO you should be ashamed of yourself and if you're not saying that, then your post is literally meaningless.
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    TPAFKATS reacted to TPAFKA Jersey 2 in W7 Appreciation Post   
    FFS I've heard it all now.
    St. Mirren fans at fault for small child being hit by a bottle.
    Whate an absolutely, unbelievably shite post.
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    TPAFKATS reacted to whydowebother in W7 Appreciation Post   
    I wonder if the Sevco fans were checked properly prior to entering if the bottle would have been kept outside the stadium ?
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    TPAFKATS reacted to jackbud in Rangers extra seating   
    Wish I hadn’t opened that link..so much hatred even for their own...
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    TPAFKATS reacted to Cornwall_Saint in How far would you travel?   
    Correct, Pirates won't be allowed entry to the Premiership until this stadium is built. This stadium is vital for Cornwall. If it doesn't happen the chances are Truro will have to drop down the leagues now that Treyvew Road is now in the hands of the developers. Unfortunately the Cornish were one of many who thought we'd be better off out of the EU. No idea where the replacement funds will come from because they get bugger all from Westminster.
    Highly worrying that they were pressured into it by the Lidl developers. If the stadium fails to materialise Truro City will be in the shit.
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    TPAFKATS reacted to eastlandssaint in How far would you travel?   
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    TPAFKATS reacted to Cornwall_Saint in How far would you travel?   
    Cornwall needs this if it's to progress in sport. Truro City will be denied promotion to the Conference until the stadium is built, likewise the Cornish Pirates rugby union side cannot gain access to the Premiership until the stadium is up and running. Likewise the move could boost their support as they would be more central in Cornwall compared to now where they play in Penzance. Cornwall Council committed £3m to the project, and the Truro chairman said they had to leave Treyvew Road so developers could start work and commit £2m to the Stadium (hence why they've gone to Torquay). Still nothing from the government, says it all considering all 6 MPs in Cornwall are Tory. 
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    TPAFKATS reacted to East Lothian Saint in Rangers extra seating   
    The seating issue is an argument which has pro's and Cons.  I won't get into that BUT
    Some of the language and attitudes towards fellow football fans however is pretty disgraceful. No wonder football fans get treated like second class citizens. Anyone who wasn't actually at the game and reads this forum would think the Saints fans had been subjected to continuous missile bombardment from all sections of the Rangers Support and had to fight for their lives to get into and out of the ground without being maimed, murdered, and stabbed by hordes of Rampaging, Rioting  Rangers Fans.
    As someone who was at the game. My observations were as follows.
    Yes, In traditional football fan, logic. One or two A-holes on both sides thought the netting on the seats between them provided some sort of force field that made them invincible. As at every ground I have ever visited a few on both sides couldn't stop themselves indulging in some animated banter and it seemed like a couple of people had issues with individuals on the other side of the netting. This was reciprocated both ways. Most of the Rangers Fans in the ground simply supported their team and in the main they did it well. Sure there was the odd reference to outdated traditions but FFS it was Ibrox and that's what they do. It's not right. It's not big or clever but in the main if you didn't bother them they didn't bother you but those boys and girls created at atmosphere.
    Missiles- I saw a young apprentice - Rangers fan throw an apple. I'm not doubting the odd plastic bottle may have been launched but to be honest the only reason I saw the apple was because I was engrossed by the exchange between the young Saints fans and the young Rangers fans who felt safe enough behind their netted barriers to shout the sort of abuse at each other which would merit a smack in the mouth if it happened in the real world. There are fans in every team like this and to Brandish all Rangers and Celtic fans as animals is an insult to all football fans.
    On the way to Ibrox, I met lots of decent Rangers fans who gave me tips and advice on how to get there. They were happy to talk football and  nothing but helpful. Wearing St Mirren Tops four of us went for a drink in the Louden. Not sure if it's normal for away fans to step in to the bears den but everyone inside was courteous and we had a bit of banter the way we would in any  bar near an away ground. The strangest part was despite it being packed to the rafters it was one of the quickest pubs to get served  in.
    In and around the stadium it was busy but no one made an issue because we were away fans. No intimidation, no animosity just fellow football fans going to support their team. 
    After the game.No problems. Walked back to the town centre. No one gave a toss about our St Mirren Tops and everyone was friendly.
    We ended up drinking with Rangers Fans in the city Centre before dumping them for a couple of birds from a German Rock Group( No Kidding)
    All in all a good day out. Shame about the result.
    Read this morning Saints fans had been bottled, subjected to missile attacks and Rangers Fans had to be hunted down, banned from football and exterminated. 
    99.999% of football fans are good guys. No matter what team they support The 0.001% who are A-Holes are Just A-holes. No matter what team they support.
    Get things into perspective. Please......
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    TPAFKATS got a reaction from Radar in Rangers extra seating   
    If everyone stopped supporting their team the old firm would end 🤣