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  1. Brian1877

    For Sale

    f**k sake
  2. Brian1877

    For Sale

    Moving house and having a clear out. I've got a signed ball from the 2013-14 season and a programme from the last game at Love Street if anyones interested send me a message.
  3. Brian1877

    Jack Ross

    https://www.coachesvoice.com/the-rebuild-jack-ross-sunderland/ Apologies if its already been posted
  4. Brian1877

    Best Saints Goal You Have Witnessed

    It was season 99-00. No
  5. Brian1877

    Scotland squad

    I started this as a positive St Mirren thread.....never again...f**k that. Is each exclamation mark a goal
  6. Brian1877

    Scotland squad

    Midfield trio of McGinn, McLean and Morgan? Well done St Mirren youth system.
  7. there's a pair of specs in the bag with the bibs.....anyone struggling to get home?
  8. Brian1877

    Saint Mirren top 11 legends. .

    A tom hendrie-esque 3-5-2 Money norrie, mclaughlin, rudden ian ross and iain nicolson as wing backs shuggie, fitzy and lambert in the middle Yardley and Guni up front
  9. Most excited i've been for a saints game in ages...more so than the league cup final...i think....looking forward to a full house, big away support, loads of singing, sunny day, saints staying up...confident of a point at least.
  10. 3 tickets bought for next week, from my last day of holiday in Disneyworld COYS
  11. I won't be going to Kirkcaldy but it would seem daft to punish guys who choose to follow the team when its the Black & White Army 8's. I'd be more than happy for those who go to game to keep their place at the top of the list. I'd like a game on Wednesday mind you.In the dome...or at Starks Park....Mr Ross???
  12. Brian1877

    Naismith to County

    ha ha, i know Nicky. Not sure how that happened. Just showing my inability to cut and paste and quote....i'll get my coat
  13. Brian1877

    Naismith to County

    Alright Tony