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  1. Surely it was a 3-5-2 formation in the memorable Tom Hendrie 99-00 season. Nicolson and Ross were wing backs. no?
  2. http://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/index.php/topic/40659-scottish-greens-fans-first-sg-and-fitzy/ Event partially organised by step son. I will be calling in for a bit before next weeks game. Unfortunately its arranged for 7-9. If nothing else, its free, you can shout at Stewart Gilmour (if you want) and get a photo taken with the legend that is Fitzy.
  3. My step son stood for the Greens in Renfrewshire South in the recent election. I know they are keen on pushing for Community Ownership of Football Clubs. I'll try and find out some more details from him.
  4. Just checked...£250k + Gardner. Yeah not a great deal, I recall Gardner as being a bit of a joke player? He'd prob be a star in the current team mind you. I wonder if McLean or mcginn will become full caps? No champions league or World Cup though. I always admired lambert (until he went to celtic) as he maximised his talent to achieve so much with good technical ability and improved discipline from going abroad. He was also willing to try a new experience/challenge and ultimately got his reward
  5. On radio Scotland just now. A swap deal with Motherwell for jim Gardner. One went on to win champions league and play in World Cup....
  6. I'm on holiday then. Boo. But I realise there will always be someone missing. Just gutted I'm potentially gonna miss £500 worth of chips and curry sauce. Back on the 13th???
  7. What a team. What was it? 2-0? I'm sure I've still got the programme at my mums. I'm sure win Jansen was in the squad photo too
  8. My first saints game my dad (a Morton fan) took me to was in 83, against feyernord. Only years later did I appreciate Guillit and cruyff were in the same squad. Don't think they were both in the 11?? I recently heard Guillit say it was the worst racial abuse he suffered in his career. Aaaa another proud good to be a buddie moment (kidding). I remember the salvia Prague, tromso and Mechlen games. Fortunately I missed the hammarby game - think I was at cubs lol. When you think of the scottish teams who've made it into Europe since we last played it's a target we should have met on the last 15 years.
  9. Langfield had several very good saves and I think his experience will help our defence. He done a lot of talking and directing to the 2 young guys in front of him. Gallacher played well when he came on, took the ball for a few good runs and stretched their defence, creating a few chances out of nothing. Mcmillan played better when he came on. Not impressed with first impressions of howieson Big jim was immense when we went down to 10 men. Felt sorry for thommo in first half. Won balls in the air but too isolated. It'll come. I have faith in Murray. He'll get it right but needs time. At times tonight we played like a new team who weren't used to playing together
  10. Fuxake man, I don't care abt the money either, I was commenting on the initial post!!!
  11. The original post stated that a cup run would be good financially. I was merely questioning this. Not sure what WGAF means?
  12. not sure how much money we'd make with a run in the shitty cup?
  13. Did anyone pick up the goalie gloves that are older than some of the guys that play? If so, could you bring them next week, ta.
  14. Wasn't going to post this as I reckon tony is probably too humble a guy, but I had.a look at his book website having listened to the 2 stv interviews, which I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday and today. Within less than half an hour of sending a positive email to the address on the contact page on his wee boys book page I received a personal call from the great man himself thanking me for my best wishes. Mental, slightly dumbstruck. 38 years old and a hero phoned me at work today. Sir tony of Fitzpatrick, club legend and all round great guy
  15. Keep going Davie and you'll have enough for your own team
  16. I've only ever bought a full price saints top at the start of 2 seasons and both times we won the league....i like the look of that one. Get your money on us winning the championship.
  17. I also heard that Robbie neilson had hearts in on a Sunday last year and had Mondays off. The logic was that the affects of a Saturday game aren't felt until 48 hours after game not 24. Worked well enough for them. I'm all for new ideas.
  18. Yeah fair enjoyed the game last night. Must have been tight, teams pretty even which makes a big difference. Shattered by the end
  19. Yeah I remember that game, played an attacking line up with 3 up front (when we had the ball anyway) and but for a late slip by a 47 year old davie weir we would have got a deserved draw
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