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  1. Would george burley be interested in getting back into the game at our level? I always thought he tried to play attacking football with Scotland and got a bit of a rough deal cos of the wee glasgow ned and his pals. Good record with hearts and took Ipswich into Europe with an exciting young team. Preparing to be shot down! And prob wouldn't touch us.
  2. He sounded pretty down about the whole season, i reckon its probably hurting him as a fan that we're doing so badly. Hopefully there's a few more hurting in the dressing room and we get a bit of fight in the next few weeks. COYS
  3. Thommo on the radio last night, available on the radio scotland podcast, not listened to it yet
  4. Enjoyed last night, worked well with the 4 teams, 2 shorter games. Would be up for the same again next week if the dome is still bust.
  5. Nae dropping out, there's only 17 down to play and we need 20 lol
  6. Not played sincenovember, still third on reserve list, where's all the hatchet men....Benny??
  7. aye, i think you're right. i'm sure i was at that game too. he was unplayable in that game. makes me realise how many games i used to go to. I'm sure he scored against Hearts at Love St pretty soon after he joined. anyone know any good st mirren archives?
  8. I vaguely recall peter weir scoring on his second debut v hearts at love st or am I talking pish
  9. Geordie shaw in the 4-1 game at tannadice in the bib but for me shuggies Keepie uppie v Clydebank at love st. Def my favourite season, fav saints team and a classy goal from a saints legend
  10. Sorry for the late call off guys, been off work yesterday and today
  11. Craig Levein and Gordon Strachan are evidence of what a new manager can do with the same players available.
  12. Another good close game last night with a fair few good goals, topped by Luke's in off the post 25 yard volley.
  13. My old man is from Port Glasgow and is a Morton family but moved to Paisley to start a family about 45 years ago. He took me to Love St between 1983 up to the early-mid 90's when i was old enough to go with my friends. He encouraged me to support my local team so, as much as it pains me to say it, i can of agree with the k**b from Wishaw...unless you move towards Paisley of course. He has since returned to Crappielow to follow his beloved Ton. I still support the darling buds. Derby days were fun, he used to park at Sinclair Street and i walked through the Morton fans before meeting up at the end of the game. Funnily enough he was at Hampden on St Mirren Day in 2013 with his own (St Mirren supporting) pals. I was there with my daughter and step-son, who have been raised to support the Saints (unfortunately i live in paisley so its their local team).
  14. do you have 16 for tonight cos teamer hasn't went to next on list cos benny is still down as playing
  15. still says Benny is playing in the 16? I'm choking for a game but about 6 or 7 in front of me.
  16. And whoever is playing the bigot brothers/old scum
  17. Liverpool - king Kenny Boro - wife and step children's team Morton - auld mans team SCOTLAND
  18. Cheers Charlie I'll square you up with the brown envelope when I return. A few weeks out for me
  19. The guy that scored for United looked like a player!
  20. I notice that, although Robert can no longer play, it appears teamer has sent Gareth an invitation. Can he be notified that we already have 16 before we end up with 17 again if he was to accept.
  21. It is yeah, i asked Paul who works there and he said the dome is still open.
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