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  1. Love the commentary. It sounds like the old Harry Enfield character - Mr Cholmondley Warner
  2. good game last night, i think the young ones had most of the ball and done a lot of attacking, pinning the auld yins back but good defending and a bit of counter attacking helped us to a narrow victory. I never received my teamer invite for next week by email or phone, had to log onto website and update my status to accept.
  3. First game for a while; some thoughts; kello looks solid, 2 full backs looked lacking in confidence but were prob up and against 2 of the best wingers in league, mcgregor and mcausland defend well but distribution is pretty crap, thought Newton and McLean were poor and for all the abuse McGowan is getting, he didn't hide, worked hard and always wanted the ball. We missed McGinns drive and for all his lack of game time, Teale managed to beat his man a couple of times
  4. It's been a while since I've been to tannadice. Any chance we'll get behind the goals or do we still get plonked in the far end of the main stand?
  5. I can play next week but would agree that the guys going to the Hearts game shouldn't lose their spot due to them following the Saints.
  6. I hear Fergie is bringing up a Man Utd 8 to play a testimonial for you Div. Thanks for organising, sorry to hear you're finishing up, good luck with the tennis.
  7. Can anyone other than Div decline someone, so that next on list gets offered a slot? Don't Richard is fit again yet is he?
  8. I got the stramash of an away strip that morning and wore it to the game. Short sleeves standing on the open terrace a plukey teenager in the snow...and gubbed
  9. Any muttering of shite that i say is aimed at myself lol. Thought it was a good game last night, quite a lot of good football and movement. I think the standard is pretty decent and its always good to have a wee competitive edge, don't see it ever spilling over into anything more than that
  10. Depends who you ask Div? If you were to ask a non-bib, they would say it was a great game with lovely one touch passing, movement and great goals. If you were to ask a bib it was a slog with long balls and chasing shadows. I was a bib and i was gash last night.
  11. Shull, I got a seat exeo last year, 2 litre diesel and would recommend it. It's basically a cheap Audi a4, I think it matches with their slightly older model. I get 50 mpg easy. On this basis I would think the Toledo would be a good shout
  12. Haha cheers! None of your diet Pepsi guff. It was fat Pepsi. I think Danny should take boys there on Monday night about 6pm. It's the first time I've won for weeks. Back for a full rack next week
  13. We could play, those who want Danny to keep his job versus those who want a new manager..or would that be too lop sided??
  14. First trip to greenhill road this season today. Didn't think we looked too bad in first half. Thommo won plenty of knock downs to Stephane and harkins supported well. I was slightly surprised with the extent of booing at half time I didn't think there was much between the teams. After we scored we looked decent and should have got a second. Thistles first goal was well taken and after that heads went down and we got overrun. Could have been 3 or 4 by the end. Confidence is fragile and by the end no one wanted the ball. We should have and could have won without playing well. I think it will come, personally I hope Danny is given time
  15. David, invites usually go out the morning after the wed game but I think div is on holiday. I'm not sure if anyone else is up to speed on how the teamer website works. Given there was only 15 playing last week there will be at least one required from the stand by list. Anyone else from last week unavailable?
  16. I never even noticed. Did we only have 7 men? More space! Glad to win for a change. Enjoyed it, hopefully get a wee run of games over the next few weeks.
  17. i've played 3 games for the bibs so far and lost them all. Sounds like i'll making my bibless debut this week...feel like Dougie Imrie!
  18. As i am unable to go to Wemberley, despite purchasing the season ticket, as my youngster is starting high school the day before and my wife is English, i am all for playing in the dome that week.
  19. RTS near the Buddies Bar. Jackie or Joe. reasonable and good service
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