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  1. Went to church in the morning, even the priest gave the saints a mention at the end. Went to asda for lunch stuff then back again to get shoe whitener cause we didnt have any white face paint in the house, just black (it did come off). Picked up the step son (19) and his pal and head to hampden leaving paisley with my daughter (11) about quarter past 1. Decided against a pint in the Clockwork as there was a big q and we wanted to get in the ground early and soak it up. Got the daughter a pie as promised, bloody catering staff women chased the guy in front of me cause he'd given her 60p too much and she ran over to the bloody sauce bit to try and find him, then came back spoke to a supervisor and wrote a wee note to put in the till then spilt water and cleaned it up, meantime i'm waiting to buy a pie. Anyway onto the game, if Hearts had scored a second im sure we would have lost but i thought if we scored at 1-0 done we would go and win. At 3-1 we looked like Barcelona pinging about, playing it on the floor side to side feet to feet. To be honest even when they scored i felt unusually confident we'd hang on. Stayed to the very very very end after the cup, think we were last ones out the ground, 5.40 before we were back at the car missed all the interviews, just listened to them there, i forgot about Grant adams t-shirt. Bought my daughter a chequered flag for the journey home and for paisley and ...for the next cup final, worked out i'll be 62 if i need to wait the same length of time again, scary.. Went to the cross, seen the team, absolutely gubbed, home with chips.

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