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  1. Well he's a legend in my eyes, because he achieved something no other manager could with Saints. Did he not get us relegated from the top flight 2 years in a row? ok there was help from league reconstruction I admit
  2. Spot on. The last day of trading is the 31st of this month. It's been my regular haunt now after Saints games. Will miss it to be honest. A proper drinking man's pub. Still haven't decided where the new headquarters is going to be for me and the lads.
  3. All flags? Including the "Take yer Union Jack waving flags and stick them up yer arse" flags?
  4. They were fantastic for clubs outside the gruesome twosome and they weren't capped for that reason. Now if either were to sign for mentioned clubs, the caps would automatically be granted. Call me a cynic but....
  5. Well those two are easy to answer In said order.....because of who he plays for......and....of course!
  6. gudmunder


    Hauners or stauners, which wid ye prefer?
  7. Ok let's be Frank about this....oops! Sorry I meant let's be Kellie about this at least he's had the balls to go through with this.....oh wait
  8. I see this has been posted in Other Football? I'm wracking my brains to workout why He*rts and R*ngers would be related to anything in footballing terms
  9. Always had a soft spot for her, but that's cleared up now....untill I got converted to brunettes.
  10. For me, artificial surface means artificial football.....end of
  11. Ahem....think you'll find the phrase is "Conscious uncoupling"
  12. She's maybe done Willie Collum's sister.....in Police terminology only
  13. I thought Shiels had packed it in when he agreed to be their manager
  14. Difficult to take in the circumstances of this sad situation.
  15. They might have to take a significant drop in their selling price as any potential buyer could use the relegation factor as a bargaining tool.
  16. If he does leave then I hope the club include a clause in the deal that would see us get a percentage of any future transfer if he moves to a bigger club.
  17. If my ridiculous asking price was met I wouldn't hesitate. Man City apart, who in their right mind would want to continually pour money into a black hole and see little or no return on their "Investment" even if there was sentiment involved? As mentioned in a previous above post, Sir David Murray was one of the few successes as was Fergus McCann at the green vermin who left with more than a decent return!
  18. Oh please...let's no start that malarky again!!
  19. What's the odds on him being found guilty and his football career finished? 3-1? 7-1? ok I'll wager an outsider and say 15-1? Just heard the latest news on this story. Michael Moffat has denied any involvement in the alleged betting/match fixing charges against him, and he hopes to be selected for the team in the 2-2 draw away to Forfar Athletic this saturday
  20. Or is it maybe just their political stance that you don't agree with?
  21. If we beat Queens of the South....just saying!
  22. Let's hope so, it would mean kissing goodbye to any hopes of promotion and the great unwashed would be entertained by his swash buckling attacking style of football
  23. Well if they do go down, they should thrive in the first division and score a barrowload as that's just about Novo's level
  24. How long before this bloated buffoon starts to bad mouth his previous employers over his treatment, just like he did before he worked for them? Had he sucked up to the Newco anymore than he had while being employed there, the danger of having to have his tongue surgically removed from the Director's arseh*les was a distinct possibility. Well that and he's got one of those faces you could never tire of punching but putting all that to one side I bet he's a thoroughly nice bloke!
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