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  1. youngbud1877

    Squad List: 2016/2017

    The squad is really starting to take shape now after the Sutton signing. 3 more would leave us in a strong position, pace up front and in wide areas has to be a priority. Interestingly we're yet to explore the loan market, let's hope Rae and Faz can secure some gems! COYS!
  2. Baird and Morgan look like they're going to (deservedly) get plenty game time this season, but I'd also like to see a bit more of McLear after his exploits up front for the u20s in pre season.
  3. youngbud1877

    This Seasons Captain

    Undoubtedly Thommo, Sean Kelly for me as vice captain though. He has matured and came along leaps and bounds as a player in his favoured position. A key player in a key position for us now. Give the young lad a chance to prove himself and he'll be captain next season. Fantastic defender and potential leader. Age is but a number.
  4. youngbud1877

    Season Tickets

    Looks like we'll be drawing attendances of at least 3500-4000 next season with away fans and those opting to purchase on the day which is very positive for a club of our size in the second tier. We an surely expect near full house attendances for the likes of Rangers, Hibs and Morton with Falkirk also bringing a good travelling support!!
  5. youngbud1877

    Stuart Carswell Signs

    Confirmed http://www.saintmirren.net/pages/?p=45030
  6. youngbud1877

    Stephen Mallan

    Sign him up to a long term deal ASAP! Baird for that matter too.
  7. youngbud1877

    1959 Cup Final Shirt

    Just done the exact same thing, thanks bud!
  8. Has anybuddie who pre-ordered one of the limited edition '59 cup final shirts heard anything from the club about a likely dispatch date? The e-mail sent out wasn't very informative (always the St. Mirren way ) was hoping to get it in plenty of time before Xmas!
  9. youngbud1877

    Ryan Elderton

    Where do you pluck these guys from honestly?!
  10. youngbud1877

    Scotland Under 21's

    Brilliant, all three lads deserve it. I feel like Naismith should've been involved too - he's been fantastic this season!
  11. youngbud1877

    The Jim Goodwin Thread

    This perfectly displays the ability of the man who can wind up opponents with a solid fair tackle. We love you Casper we do! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmNTeIUS4EA
  12. For any other team yes, but when you're 35 year old striker is Sir Steven of Thommohawk it makes perfect sense COYS!! 3-0 Thommo hattrick
  13. youngbud1877

    Great Goal By Dummet - Its An Omen!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J607BbSUdYQ Highlights here!
  14. youngbud1877

    Hearts V St Mirren Top League 5/10/13

    Wouldn't change much would probably go; Dilo McGregor Cheesy Mair Kelly Goodwin Teale Newton McGowan McGinn Thommo I liked McGregor at RB earlier in the season and Cheesy IMO has been a stand out this season, if fit he should play. Teale in for McLean is nothing personal thought Kenny played well against the sheep shaggers but Teale offers a lot more attacking what will be a young Hearts full back.