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  1. quite right shull,its bad enough getting beat off Falkirk and raith rovers ,never mind colt teams ,,,,think it might work if it stuck to regions then maybe at the quarter finals all got put in a hat ,that's if welsh / irish clubs do a similar cup comp .
  2. maybe people should stop driving cars as well ,im sure there is probably 4 fatalities on the roads in the uk every day 365 days a year
  3. mallan ,altho nowhere near the finished article will go on to better and bigger than us im afraid ,money being the 1st and ambition being the 2nd ,and probably the fact our management team will not improve him as a player being the 3rd
  4. back on point ,85 ,90 mins 5 or 10 ,makes no difference what minute they go in ,its the FACT they are the same goals being conceded week in week out is the problem ,but rae doesn't seem to play any differently ,next season looks like being as long and hard as this seasons shit
  5. unfortunately,i go to every game I can get to ,so will now need to rearrange my sunday to listen to bile belted out as we are outnumbered at our own home stadium ,in my own seat as im in main stand ,,but I will will not get a reduction or a thanks for turning up to support OUR team ,I will just get drowned out while somebody upstairs sits with a cheesey grin counting money ,probably in corp hosp or directors suite behind double glazing ,hearing sod all just like the sfa
  6. I think langfield deserves a bit of credit ,I know his kicking aint the best but I dread to think where we would be in the table without his saves altho youre top 3 were in my top 4
  7. problem is they have always been the same in fact I swear murray made them slower but current management team don't seem to have changed much,and before anyone says its all the players faults ,its up to the management team to play the way that suits us ,now im no expert but lumping high balls to shanks and gall doesn't seem like playing to our strengths
  8. beginning to wonder if its something like this,we were ok for 1st 15 20 mins tonight then beat with 2 punts up the park ,just like at starks park,,but my main worry is rae thinks mallan and agnew are good enough to win a battle in midfield ,neither can win a ball in the air ,so we are constantly looking to win 2nd ball but are way too slow to even win 3rd ball,so at half time he changed a centre half and a no 10 ,bonkers we lost the ball all night in centre circle but if rae and Farrell cant see this then we have way bigger problems than we think ,
  9. this is what happens when you have 4 diddy teams in the semi finals
  10. agree £15 for an adult and £5 for a child would be about right for most folk ,that excludes shull who still lives in caveman prices ,reality these prices are fair for every supporter
  11. nobody is suggesting he be pitched in early ,but if he isn't ready then why is he on the bench and to kill your point off ,rae brought him on the 1st game back on the bench ,so how can not playing any part v **** ,a week later and raith another week later be bringing him back earlier,if anything he should have been more equipped in the two later games as he was getting minutes in u20 games,so as I say baffling managerial decisions on all points
  12. and how many balls has agnew kicked ,considering he hasn't had an injury ,and this is not me having a go at agnew but he is hardly a starter under rae
  13. was trying not to think this but bigotry goes way beyond what our club needs
  14. agree but im astounded why rae wont play him,if we were top of the league I could see the point ,but we are mince and he is not playing his strongest team,i know its his call but already the fans are questioning his team selections ,which on top of his poor signings isn't getting him many allies
  15. im pretty certain you would have started one ,but like all snp supporters you thrive when its any other party and hide when its your own,most politicians are bent in one way or another ,we all know ,don't matter what colour of rosette they wear
  16. where are the workmen that are supposed to be doing the roadworks ?
  17. really bad times when the best we can hope for is to try and finish above the Greenock mob,,,just how far has messers murray and rae taken us
  18. just to point out though ,original post is true ,snp councillors mis spending money ,if this was tories or labour councillors this would be on page 7 or 8 by now,
  19. don't believe a word of this .jim came on as a sub last week,played 70 mins for u20s,warmed up for 70 mins v the **** without getting on and was actually warming up when he brought agnew on (who hadn't warmed up),jim just shook his head .no bloody wonder ,strange if an unfit guy is doing this
  20. poor all day ,alex rea has to take the blame ,he sets the team up and is the man who can change it for the better ,yesterday he did none of these 2 things ,all he ever shouts is push up and nobody listens (just look at the goals ),whole team looked like they had never played together before,and again for about the 12 game in a row ,shankland looks 2 yards off the pace and disinterested,while gallacher is good at running about but what does he actually do,goodwin not getting on is just baffling,if alex rae thinks that team he played yesterday is our strongest then im afraid he is not the right man to take us forward
  21. decent performance,lack of quality,agree gow looked good when he came on ,baird played well including 1 fantastic bit of defending same could be said of Watson,gallacher energy is great but his football is poor,shankland does little but must be good in training as rea thinks he is great ,the rest are 5 out of 10,,,falkirk were not very good either
  22. Goodwin could play ch .or in front of them with cooper and gall wider , not ideal but imo we would be a better team with Goodwin in it
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