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  1. we are shite ,,, we were getting well beat with 11 on the park 1st red card is maybe debateable but 2nd is not you can use the same argument for being off side 1mm inside opponent half ,but its the rules ,so as I said we would have expected same decision if it had been us tommy craig bit I don't get ,but he was better than murray in a better league against better players ,murray has not improved our team 1 bit ,in fact imo he has made a very bad team even worse in a league most on here thought we could have done well in ,but hey maybe our league position is acceptable to you
  2. sorry maybe picked it up from sportscene or motd but it is definitely referred to in media,also used by supporters at games ,in fact on bus home we had a discussion about how it was shit but prob correct
  3. same thing,obvious goalscoring opportunity means running in on keeper with nobody around,thats what would have been the point if craig had not brought him down,clutching at straws comes to mind are you murrays wife by chance,please don't let the fact we had 2 players sent off distract from the fact we are utter shite and the 2 sending offs have muddled some on here ,we were 2 down b4 1st sending off ,our defence is poor ,midfield are ok when going sideways and forwards best attributes is a long throw ,
  4. we need a manager like Houston.he knows the game inside out ,always has teams there or there abouts but most of all is tacticly aware ,unlike murray,as shown v Falkirk at home we were good in 1st half ,housty realised this and changed his team at ht and won ,while murray stood back and did hee haw,problem is though Falkirk are a bigger team with a bigger support with more money than us which is wrong
  5. he was last man,,thats what rules state and if it had been other way ,we would have expected same decision bud
  6. reid was bad all day and was even quoted in yesterdays paper saying he was short of matches ,both 1st half goals came from where he should have been if he had been fit ,another murray panic signing
  7. another shit display,set up with the wrong team selection yet again,these two numpties spend all the time at the side of the park whispering into each others ears , its obviously nonsense as I have yet to see them pass on any Instructions onto anybody who is playing,the bod have once again totally f**ked up and this cannot be overlooked,2nd best to every team except qos this season and even they would have won if they had taken their chances ,murray is way out of his depth and is making tommy craig look good
  8. what about burntisland,were stopping there b4 going to match
  9. im sure murray will be happy with a point as it will go a long way in our relegation battle,dont be fooled with Saturdays win Dunfermline were by a mile the worst team we have played all season and we even made the 2nd half of that hard work
  10. pretty sure the epl is no longer called this and is now known as the pl ,as they want to be playing games in foreign countries and attract outside sponsorship so dropped the e bit in case anybody from china or Qatar or anyother football stronghold thought it was in e
  11. good move for mark .playing for a few weeks in spl as opposed to sitting on the bench in the championship,,,board will see it as getting him game time at somebody else expense ,
  12. I didn't say sack him stripey,and I agree with you our squad on paper looks better than our league position ,but im sure we were saying the same in the tommy craig debacle but im saying like then it just doesn't seem to be clicking and after a few months murray must take responsibility for it ,its his team ,also agnew and carswell have not added anything to our midfield and the young guys will be inconsistent, we will have better results now and again but cant see us being in top 4 which would be major failure imo
  13. eh the league table and performances bud,or maybe you don't realise we are where we are because were poor ,not because of referee decisions or bad luck but because we are worse than last season which in itself seems unthinkable but that's in reality is where we are right now
  14. agnew was at Dumbarton because that was his level ,but instead of moving up a level ,murray and his signings have brought us down to below dumbartons level im afraid
  15. I cant think of 1 tactical change murray has made since he became our manager looks to me like a plan a kind of guy who doesn't get that he maybe has to change if its not working,saturday was a prime example,houston knew he had to change at half time and did so accordingly ,while murray and his assistant stood and whispered into each others ears while doing nothing,pretty much the very same as happened at Dumfries the week before but fortunately qos were not very clinical ,but our board will plod along like last year then realise that 7/8 in championship isn't what we wanted but hey maybe we will be better next season
  16. yip just checked myself,this is reasonable for a child but not 12 quid if your 4 or 17 and a half like hibs are charging ,
  17. probably wont get this due to salt air on the line
  18. what year is this strip from shull ,1978/79 ? don't know if this will fit me armpit to armpit im away to find a tape measure
  19. shocking also £12 for under 18s ,so we are expected to pay 12 quid for a 5 year old,shambles Scottish football should hang its head in shame at these prices ,the sfa should not be letting this extortion happen,they are charging more than the sevco mob did ,who told hibs they were a big team ?I am boycotting this game on f**king principals ,hope plenty more do the same
  20. I am now intrigued by what murray told mr Gilmour and the rest of the hanger ons at the interview that made him the best option ,,because in the short time he has had to do HIS job since he was appointed ,he has failed miserably
  21. I cant wait till he signs ,,murray has waited 7 weeks for him to sign ,so he must be f**king superb altho nobody at the sheep seem to think he is up to much
  22. just a pity we are not neutrals .plenty more would have went home happy with a decent performance and a win ,but like every other game we have played in so far this season this has not happened
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