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  1. So what do we have that folk have 'heard' today, 1. Heard it is down to lack of budget 2. Heard it is down to him not moving his family over 3. Heard it is down to his choice of assistant 4. His wife could be up the duff. This is all based on one paragraph which was added to a re-hashed article from three weeks ago in the Sun. FFS that's some amount of froth its managed to generate 😂
  2. He would need to have some kind of input that Oran could rely on. Have you ever heard Houston ? At least he would be back working in the Preeemyurship 😂
  3. Surely as a club we want to progress ? He would be an awful appointment.
  4. Wait a minute, are you having a go at the board ? I must say that I am in shock at this development.
  5. He's no that quiet.....c'mon the fitba players 😄
  6. Aye its how we used to do it though. If ye knew the guy at the front of the queue, just hand him your cash and your numbered voucher. You could have been there for ages, be about 5th in line and no get a ticket 😄
  7. They have vouchers in their season books. One guy queued for his mates and handed over 60 vouchers. He was entitled to do so. One per season ticket holder. Saves them all queuing all night.
  8. They had a plan in place should we end up in the play- off. The problems have occurred due to the ticketing site making an arse of it again. If you agree with the company you use that tickets (season , initially) will be made available on Monday and they then make all tickets available to anyone on Saturday, what can you do ? Don't get me wrong, the club have been told time and time again how awful the site is so I am kind of torn between , it wasn't their fault... and it's no surprise that this has happened.
  9. The ticketing site is and always has been an absolute disgrace.
  10. Agreed. Baird did nothing wrong but we seem to be more comfortable with a four. I have no idea why we continue to lump long balls up to one guy up front, hasn't worked all season. Must be frustrating for guys like Mullen who are outjumped all the time and has no support. Thats when he starts his falling about for no reason shite. He is better than that as we saw today when his chance to do his job resulted in a fantastic finish.
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