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  1. He spoke to Chick on Radio Scotland before the game on Sunday. It might be on the Sportsound podcast ?
  2. I think they must have agreed to ruin every thread on here. It's pathetic.
  3. Going by that performance there could be loads of similar posts this season.
  4. It wasn't so much the content of the post but that he was upside down in a hedge when he posted it 😄
  5. Even better, get all the applicants to stand down in the corner and get the Panda Club kids to bung a baw . 😁
  6. If he doesn't , I've not seen anything to suggest we are accepting applications , so what then ?
  7. So what do we have that folk have 'heard' today, 1. Heard it is down to lack of budget 2. Heard it is down to him not moving his family over 3. Heard it is down to his choice of assistant 4. His wife could be up the duff. This is all based on one paragraph which was added to a re-hashed article from three weeks ago in the Sun. FFS that's some amount of froth its managed to generate 😂
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