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  1. I actually think there are correct observations from both. The way I saw it, LPM raised 3 points at the same time, the committee then began to answer each point in turn. Once the first answer was given LPM tried to come back in but was told that he had had his turn. I personally thought he should have had a right to reply if he was unhappy with the answers given. There did seem to be an unnecessary haste to get onto the next questions from the floor and get the meeting over and done with as quickly as possible. George did ask if there were any more questions from the members and as no hands were raised he then moved on. I don't think there were any irritated committee members but I think they did fail to grasp the general feeling that clarity is going to be key to things moving forward. After a bit of debate they seemed to just say its something we can look at, and moved on. I certainly didn't feel like it was the shambles which has been portrayed above, but there are certainly areas for improvement. Unfortunately the turnout wasn't great.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Irvine looks out of position on a huge number of occasions, but more often than not he's tring to cover for Webster who is wandering around aimlessly. Captain ? aye right.
  3. Sorry Div, will need to check when I have it to hand.
  4. I'm getting this as well. Desktop is fine but I've given up on the mobile. The only things that are loading correctly are the adverts. Everything else is as above and unresponsive to any clicks.
  5. How would you know there is no-one under contract that he doesn't want ?
  6. If this all hopefully goes through, what will be the make up of the new board ? Apologies if already covered elsewhere.
  7. There is no way my selection of punts will happen, but based on what I have seen this season (all home games and a couple of aways) none of these players have shown me that they deserve to be here. Might seem harsh on someone like Naismith but unless he has learned to how to stop crosses into the box while he's been injured, he's included.
  8. Jamie Langfield - keep Daniel Wilks - keep Jason Naismith - punt Sean Kelly - punt Andy Webster - punt Jack Baird - punt Keith Watson - keep (but he'll get a better gig) Jordan Stewart - punt Gary Irvine - punt Jim Goodwin - keep (no chance he'll be here though) Alan Gow - punt Stuart Carswell - punt Cameron Howieson - punt Stephen Mallan - keep Scott Agnew - punt Lewis Morgan - punt Lewis McLear - punt Barry Cuddihy - punt Alex Cooper - punt Kyle McAllister - punt Rocco Quinn - punt Cal Gallagher - punt David Clarkson - punt Lawrence Shankland - punt Stevey Thompson - punt
  9. No thanks, neither is good enough I'm afraid.
  10. For the second goal, Naismith failed to stop the initial cross, Kelly gave a half hearted jump against McLean, Tess missed the fight of the ball and Cheesy seemed to be just wandering around the six yard box. All four defenders involved at some point and no responsibility taken at any time. Its been like this for months.
  11. I agree that there has been a definite reaction to a new man at the helm. I just don't think players should be applauded for now giving 100%
  12. If that's the case then they should all be shown the door. They are well paid professionals who should be playing for each other and giving their all, regardless of who the manager is. What happens if we don't appoint Teale, will they just down tools again ?
  13. Great signing. Ross, Cuthbert, Haining and Harte. I'm happy with that.
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