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  1. Rather have Alan than I'mAloser that just signed for Motherwell
  2. Sorry you are probably right but I was just so excited...It's a SIGN
  3. Our hero just scored a beauty v Leicester
  4. The players ON the park are resting for Monday's cup game
  5. Point taken, I was actually only joking about playing a varsity team (just trying to get us scoring a record number of goals) and anticipating the opposition as another SPL team. Further Away Saint COYS
  6. I was surprised that there didn't seem to be news of any bounce games during the break, or did I miss it? I would have thought we would have tried to "get back on track", perhaps playing Glasgow Uni (or similar) and scoring a few goals!
  7. Birmingham have just signed another young forward from Man City, so this might rule out any move now
  8. Def one of my favourites, read the game so well and his autograph was front & centre on my Junior Supporters membership card. Loved Shuggie too, sad news!
  9. Vclav Hladky (GK) rumoured on Facebook
  10. Think this Topic, and a few others on here, should be renamed Transfer Window Meltdown
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