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  1. ontariosaint

    Speculation Thread

    Vclav Hladky (GK) rumoured on Facebook
  2. ontariosaint

    Transfer Window Countdown

    Think this Topic, and a few others on here, should be renamed Transfer Window Meltdown
  3. ontariosaint

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    top of the league... for now
  4. ontariosaint

    Growing up in 60s & 70s

    I had it lucky with two older brothers, the geeg was inherited. Lived on Don drive, and with cousins on Annan, was a regular explorer in Red Rock Canyon, fishing in the burn for sticklebacks
  5. ontariosaint

    January 2018 Transfer Window

    Eric Murray, left half in the late sixties
  6. ontariosaint

    Nairn v Saints on BT today 14.00

    Thanks for the live action - much appreciated!
  7. ontariosaint

    Fans from outside Paisley

    Born in Back Sneddon, raised in Foxbar, moved to Dykebar and have now lived in various locales in Canada for 40 years. Whole family has been Saints supporters (charter member of Jr Saints) and always time my visits home to take in as many games as I can. Always a Saints fan...
  8. ontariosaint

    St Mirren TV and Radio

    Not sure if anyone can provide the answer (have failed to get a response from StMirrenTV, after 2 requests) is the game only available to view as its being played or is it also archived so that I can watch it later. My problem is that I cannot always watch it at 10am my local time. Thanks for any help on this...
  9. ontariosaint

    Buy The Buds

    Just want to add my 2 cents worth (multiplied to equal 12 pounds) in thanking all of the people involved in making it happen. I'm sure you had to deal with doubters, answer the same questions over and over and keep plugging ahead with NO financial budget to get your message out there. I'm sure its been hard work, late hours and hope you take the time to smell the roses your favourite beverage as you raise a glass. Thanks, I'm so excited and proud to have been a Saints Supporter all these years! Did I say thanks?
  10. ontariosaint

    Buy The Buds

    Glad to sign up,probably paying lump sum annually in advance due to payment limitations offered to Canada. Great work by all involved to make it happen (and it will happen).
  11. I don't think that was the case during the Seventies
  12. ontariosaint

    New Goalkeeper

    scored a hat trick in one of the reserve games
  13. ontariosaint

    If Russia Attacks Us

    I'm confident our defense can handle it!
  14. ontariosaint

    Goalscoring Debutants...?

    Jim Clunie on his second stint at Saints. I'm reasonably sure but I was really young then and now I'm old(er) so...