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  1. I sincerely hope he stays fit. He is a fine player at this level. Solid in the tackle, quick, big, imposing and loves a 50 yard diagonal. Odd brain fart and injury record aside he's a class act.

    He's had this long freak injury that's now sorted. So it's maybe understandable that he's had a few minor setbacks while getting his body back used to being a full time pro. Hopefully that's all it is and he gets a good run. Fingers crossed

  2. Hopefully Dunne can finally have a long injury free period. Thought he looked good last Saturday. 
    Conor will be a big miss though. 
    Dunne is good and was good when he came on. Problem is with his chocolate and balsa wood legs he won't string 3 games together. Which is a shame.

    For me McCarthy has been poor this season but got his chance when Dunne was out.

    I can see us moving for a CH in January. Until then Tait can fill in left side CH when the inevitable Dunne injury occurs.
  3. Despite Aberdeen being on a stinking run of form they are still favourites, slightly surprised TBH.
    That's the bookies lack of knowledge of the Scottish game. In saying that, I think those odds are about right. We are historically a great side to play when an opponent is on a bad run. Aberdeen however are rotten with a rotten rookie manager. We can't win, but have been looking better. Draw it is then.
  4. Its a tough one. Dunne is very quick, tall and athletic. Loves a diagonal, doesn't always work but also prone to lapses. And we've obviously sold the move to him and I'd expect he starts when fit. Him being fit is an actual big issue however, so having the quality of Conor to step in is great for us.

    Conor is tried and tested and I'd say best CB all round at club. However we don't know what contract talks have held place, we know a bid was put in for him, and I think these reasons have led to the current issues.

    Marcus for me is the weakest defender but the most mobile and likes getting up the park. Also he signed a new deal. Also reliable although limited and never injured.

    Joe is the captain. Goal threat and strong in the air and in the challenge. Prone to gaffs with ball at feet and least comfortable passer. Also not likely to leave any time soon.

    Playing devil's advocate here but I'm certain if we stick with a back 3 it's Marcus, Joe and Charles unless any are unavailable and Conor steps in. Conor may also step in at holding mid if needed as already seen.

    I feel Conor will be offski either at Xmas or next summer. If he signs a new deal however??

  5. Thought first half we were OK and should have scored a couple, no idea why the goal was chalked off. Dunne is a specimen. Tall, fast and decent in air. Loves a 40 yard diagonal that won't always work but splendid when it does.

    Thought McCarthy did OK in holding mid. Ethan has bulked up but now turns slower than the Titanic. Should have been subbed.

    2nd half chronic. No pace in wide areas. We need a bona fida RWB to make the system work. Wingers won't sign up knowing that.

    Interesting end to window.

  6. It's not just as easy as that though is it? 2.5 year deals from league of Ireland are a gamble and after the settling in period, if they look the part, have stepped up, and are attracting attention, they hit the period we see now with Jamie and Connor who probably won't sign extensions.

    We would all love to get it right and tie them down further at the right juncture but that can sometimes pass in a flash.

    To sign these lads in the first place we need to market as a stepping stone. Some will fail, some will work.

    We just need to make sure we get what they are worth if we end up where we are now. Historically we tend not to get this right, but it's a balancing act.

    Just hope the club weigh up the transfer fee vs worth to run down contract and do the right thing. Either way these boys have done us a turn and can't be blamed.

  7. That's pretty poor stuff Tom! 

    Well I got my call as promised this morning and renewed over the phone. Also managed to move my boys seat closer to me, row in front, same number, he was 3 further along previously, so I can't really complain.

    Got a barcode like everyone else, hope the new cards get issued pre-St J game or else I can see a monumental faff with limbs and phones everywhere!! 🤣

  8. Campbell has replied again and says I will need to renew by phone and he will have the ticket office girls call me tomorrow.

    Fair play that I got 2 email replies on a Sunday night in pretty quick fashion so can't complain. Let's see if I get my phone call now...

    Doesn't detract from the shambolic handling of ticketing and the poor online experience though but hey ho!

    As an aside he tells me "early bird" pricing has been extended by a further week for those in the same boat as me still to, and wanting to, renew.



  9. Hi Richard. Thanks. I got a quick reply from Campbell M, said should be ok now. It isn't, it now tells me my seats are "booked or reserved by another customer or currently temporarily held".

    I have replied again to Campbell................

    It's a very very very poor piece of unwieldy software which I would imagine could be bettered by a novice after reading some stuff online about software development for 10 minutes.

    See what I get back next.........




  10. Hi all. Decided to try and renew my season ticket today for myself and under 12 son. Clicked on the link on main SMFC site. Seat details are correct however there is some nonsense about St Mirren B vs Kelty Hearts seemingly in my basket and when I hit "go to checkout" it just refreshes to same page?

    Review Your Order - Step 1

    Ticket Quantity Item Price Vat  
    Season Ticket Event 2021/22
    West Stand | Child U12 | EB RENEW 21/22 (W3-C-75) 1 £26.00 £0.00  
    West Stand | Adult | EB RENEW 21/22 (W3-D-84) 1 £303.00 £0.00  
    St Mirren B V Kelty Hearts
    Total Price  



    I cannot proceed from this page. I have e-mailed "[email protected]". Also tried 2 different browsers and also my phone, same on all. Any suggestions?


    Cheers all


  11. Agree with this.
    I guess the only question is whether this leaves us with adequate cover for the wingbacks. Tait and Fraser can cover the right, but we'd struggle down the left if Tanser was injured. I guess a back 4 with Tait at LB would be an option again.
    Dunne is left sided and very quick. Can play left CH in a three or LB in a four. No idea really but with his pace maybe left wingback too? Dunno. Option at least.
  12. I hope so. There is decent players out there
    And at decent wage levels. Do a turn for us and move on like McGrath and probably McCarthy will eventually do.

    More value in that market for us than trying to sign slightly above average existing SPFL players or taking chances from the English lower leagues which is a particular area of failure mostly for us.
  13. He was an almost every present for them last year. I personally think they have f all chance of signing McGrath from us. But if Kennedy was available yeah defo.

    Unless of course Dundee United blow us out the water after landing JDH

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