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  1. Yeah can't see Dundee being bottom, possibly but far likelier Accies. I'm sure 365 use algorithms and aren't really paying attention to form and upcoming fixtures.
  2. Hamilton 7/2 to finish bottom, us 1/2 with 365. Dundee also 7/2. Surely the value there is with the Accies. £20 invested.
  3. I was stunned Flynn started. I'm not stunned he is still hopeless. Oh dear
  4. Yes indeed. Big changes and some of them short of match practice. At least we'll see some subs today!
  5. Me neither but possibly not trying to throw too many newbies in so soon when it never worked with Dreyer. Strong bench right enough which was not the case vs Hibs so that's a plus.
  6. Can't play tomorrow. Queue Ethan to have a stormer! All good.
  7. A left back. At last! Decent pedigree, all the best MM!
  8. I liked him. Not had a keeper for ages that inspires confidence from corners and that punch nearly reached the half way line! Thought he was quick and sharp. Time will tell but certainly looks a useful upgrade. Every chance he'll get a stiff workout on Wednesday.
  9. Underwhelmed by McIntyre's Dundee efforts, either some link to Ross County or pure scattergun. I believe we are in a far stronger position to kick on.
  10. Cammy was terrific last year for us. However this year he has been posted missing. He complemented the style we played last year and with Morgan and Reilly in tow he blossomed. This year he has went in the huff with Stubbs, can't argue but still a huff. And under Oran he has spent his limited game time mostly on his arse. Always be well thought of for last year but for me correct to let him go.
  11. Been sold down the river Sonny, tragic stuff from those involved!
  12. Goalkeeper tomorrow according to McG plus further good news to follow!
  13. This is not good. Goalie is pish and we've been ridden for 6 points by Livi and Accies. Positives elude me
  14. 2nd that. Pleased for him. Shades of Jack Ross and we know how that went.
  15. No failures today. For me very unexpected but hopefully the start of a revival. Biggest thing I noticed was desire and fitness improved exponentially. How, I'm not sure, but I don't care, it was great. A lot of that team had their best game in the stripes. Epotimised for me by the lung burster from Hodson in injury time, fab. Anyway, new goalie clean sheet. Is he any good? We still don't know, not a save to be made but seems a calm enough character. CH duo cool as a cucumber, excellent. Full backs top marks. P McGinn sublime at RH. McShane dig and desire not seen before, S McGinn snapping and snarling in to everything. Magennis well, just Magennis. Up top Simeon worked his socks off and the undoubtedly talented Hamill burst his hoop for the cause as well as backing up his YouTube montage with another worldie. 2 subs introduced at the right time and had the right impact. If Carling did Saturday's.....
  16. We could make him Unhappy Gilmore.....................
  17. Edwards is a headless chicken. Very fit, very stupid and not very good at football. Please go. Hodson can't defend or attack, quite the point of him I don't know. Does fit in with our height policy though, however this is not enough for me. Please go. P McGinn, I want to like him but passing or crossing aren't things he's good at. And he's not good at centre halfing either. Not helping us much. Danny Mullen. Falls over too much, there is a determined, niggly wee talented player in there, can't help feeling most refs already got his card marked, but I would keep him. Flynn looks disinterested and is mostly ineffective. Flashes of a player there. Can thread a pass, has good feet. Jury out, whatever he's been honking of late. Sammy. Good at penalties but outweighs this with frequent clangers. Last night's calamity sealed our fate although he had 9 others who would have helped if he wasn't able to cost us the first goal. I leave Ferdinand out of that, although he has the look of "wtf have I signed up for" quite frequently. The only player not susceptible to a brisk wind upsetting his balance in the entire squad. Poor Cammy Smith has forgotten he is a talented football player this year. He carries the ball well, turns well, but almost immediately falls over unassisted when approaching a player in the attacking third. Would keep but something currently badly wrong with him. S McGinn, is he injured, is he not? Much debated already. Hammil looks a big time Charlie, not sure if he was hooked for not back tracking at the 2nd last night, either way noticed he stormed off in a huff. Have we seen the last of him? Does have a magical you tube montage though. If he is fit with right attitude a must keep, but is he? Jones looks a frightened child seemingly in quite a big mans body. Must be confidence related, can't be overly harsh. Squad filler at best at the moment. Jackson is a player, he is fast but can't jump 27 feet up in the air to retrieve the average ball launched in his direction. He needs to play off the shoulder and cause problems with his pace with dinked balls over the top. I would be getting Hammil to be the supply line for this, goodness me it might even work! I could go on but I've depressed myself!
  18. I backed Sevco -2 in the LC semi. That went well although to be fair I negated to notice chief rodent Morelos was suspended, so I must blame myself for stupidity! As for Saturday, it does look very likely unfortunately after that utter spineless drivel I watched last night.
  19. Oh my god that was brutal. Absolutely bullied all over the park. Not a chink of light anywhere. Wee lost boys without a clue. Grim stuff and can't see anything other than another roasting on Saturday. I want to give OK time but I'm perplexed as to what he is doing. Stubbs made a pigs ear of it and the guy has to work with a shambolic squad but there has been moments of coherence at times and then the formation tombola comes out again. I'd start by trying to find a settled way of making us harder to walk through for starters. As for shelling it up to our micro sized forward line, just why?
  20. Some record saving penalties does our Sammy. Refreshingly last 2 games we've been a great first half team. If we can find our earlier season 2nd half invincibility I think we might be on to something......
  21. I think this is potentially a very good addition from a highly rated outfit in terms of their talent conveyor belt. He is almost definitely already way beyond our finances in terms of purchasing him and wages for him so to get him for a full season loan would seem to represent a good opportunity for us as a club and for him to develop as a player. I too would like to see us buy our own players but we really probably could not afford to do so with Alfie, so in many ways this is better than a permanent signing if he does a good job for us in the coming season, which I've no reason to doubt he won't!
  22. I don't post too much, but this game is 2 weeks away ffs. Will I start a thread for what might be the first post split game? Sent from my SM-G960F using Black and White Army mobile app
  23. Definitely be no bidding war after that. We can only hope Celtic come back with a slightly less miserable offer before deadline day which is accepted. Else we're on to plums. I would imagine Hibs will accept a bid a fraction higher than the last one near the end of August. You can argue the price to Hibs of a focussed McGinn for a season, but in reality they know he wants to go, and he will go, which will either be sealed in this window, which I think likely, else they have a guy committed to Celtic for 6 months and tied to a PCA to go to Celtic for the next 6 months whilst getting zero money for him. So I do expect this to be concluded with a less than spectacular transfer fee by the end of next month. It would also seem Drew posted something remarkably similar whilst I posted mine!
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