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  1. We need 2 or 3 minimum assuming Magennis is away just to be able to almost fill the bench! 4 ideally. Any permutation of a back up CH, a versatile full back. A versatile left sided player and a goal scorer imo. To be fair Stevie Wonder could probably tell Jim that as well. Oh well, fingers crossed! [emoji38]
  2. 1 point vs Hamilton at home. Curtousy of stirring 0-0 with no shots at goal. We'll score one goal in one of the other 4 games but not till we are 3 nil down. However if we somehow manage to nick something tonight with a better performance the tide may turn..... Heart vs head. Who will win? Ray Winstone tells me the heart is a cruel mistress. [emoji13]
  3. Connolly won't start unfortunately. Morias will. Foley a doubt so if Sheron and Morias start we're down to 9 men from the off. Really hope I'm wrong. Come on tae feck Jim, surely the pictures Morias has of you aren't that bad! [emoji848]
  4. Flynn and Magennis meant to be back for LC games. Junior Brown signing seems to have been kyboshed due to finances I'd imagine after the emergency loan we needed and news no fans likely anytime soon. I'd be tempted to play Durmus at LB. At least he's got pace and a left foot. Either way it needs to be a back 4 for me. Ethan or Cammy. One of those square pegs will need mashed into a round hole. Foley, McGrath, Connolly and one aforementioned square peg for a square hole this time. Obika and Erwin up top. Sheron in the sea. Minimises disruption and plays to what strengths we have! COYS!
  5. I think we'll need to get that left sided boy signed up. Hand is forced. Can't be having this pish every time a defender is suspended or injured.
  6. Won with 10 men today. We played better with 10 men. 10 v 10 it is [emoji1787]
  7. Goodwin got it all wrong again same as Hibs and St J. Found something promising vs the ***** then fcuks it up again. Smell the coffee indeed. Wasn't a hard equation.
  8. That was just plain stupidity from Tait. Bonkers
  9. 4-6 weeks out. Could be doing without that. Think him and Erwin could be really good.
  10. Sheron is a dumpling. All he does is bundle folk over. Terrible signing that can't do the basics
  11. That was horrible. No idea whatsoever. Thought Dennis looked good and Connolly is quick. I hadn't a clue what tactics we were employing and neither did the team. An easier 3 points St Johstone will not get. Real lack of fight or shape. Terrible
  12. Pace, dribble Shoot, Defend Pass, Physical Would be my guesses [emoji1]
  13. All very positive. Just what we need. Interesting times ahead for the right reasons hopefully.
  14. Oh aye, forgot Thommo [emoji1787]
  15. Been a while. Sam Parkin was ok. Basher or Yards before that. This is the first year we've been a threat from set plays into the box for donkeys.
  16. A truly horrendous day that. Me and my dad decided to leave at 2 nil, and promptly got caught on camera walking behind the goals when the 3rd went in! Decision well and truly vindicated [emoji38]
  17. I got mine and my boys. Pure nonsense pish imo
  18. Must be a recent change. I passed a week or so ago and the simple branding was still up.
  19. Me too. Hit and miss it would seem. I have got it up and running though without help or emails!
  20. Dare I say it he seems a tough tackler who can play a bit. On the books of an English premier (yeah relegated) team and one for the future. A bit of an Abercromby type maybe. Ducks for cover [emoji1787]
  21. Good signing imo. Might have had a shite time down south but the johnnies are spewing we signed him. Good Scottish league pedigree and a good age. Good luck Joe
  22. Good signing imo. Might have had a shite time down south but the johnnies are spewing we signed him. Good Scottish league pedigree and a good age. Good luck Joe
  23. Distant past. Just unfunny shite now. When you make your unbroken run of every wrong claim wrong, to, well, must be hunners. Time to f**k right off imo
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