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  1. JDH tackle should be a red. Obika makes a pigs ear of going down, contact or not his theatrics made it lucky he wasn't booked for simulation!
  2. Burke is a rancid human being. Well done Richard!
  3. Great that it was Alan Power who messed up. A face and persona you would never tire punching!
  4. It's evident up here and in England that closed door matches somewhat negate home advantage. Strange season all round. That said, you are conditioned to believe home advantage is a good thing, so I will continue to believe that in February!!
  5. Big player for us now Dennis but his injury record has not been great. Hope he recovers quick and gets a run in the team. Crying out for a player like him for ages. Anyway, on to Saturday. Self inflicted last night but everyone makes mistakes. This Killie mob are rank rotten and hardly have a fit defender. Massive chance to put our foot on their neck!!
  6. Very attacking line up and as mentioned Hibs not seeming like happy campers at the moment. Wantaway Nisbet and Porteous benched.
  7. Quite an achievement. Somebody's at it with Shane Duffy though! [emoji38]
  8. It's up to him at the end of the day. For what it's worth I think him/agent assisted may have been thinking that JDH was the reason for our unbeaten run. Possibly after seeing us have two huge away victories with him only having a cameo in the latter, may somewhat temper expectations. I wouldn't be surprised to see him sign a 1 year with a 1 year option which is good news for us.
  9. As much as I'd love him to commit, and if he does great, it does us more credit for picking him up and allowing him to showcase himself than it does him whatever he chooses. It's a win win for the club should he stay or should he go imo and will hopefully help us attract others of a similar ilk.
  10. Dennis is a fantastic player. Scored goals everywhere he's been. Had an unfortunate beginning to his time in the stripes due to injury/illness. He is quick, clever and can strike a ball. His control and shot today for his goal showed us his true quality. That was in case you missed the way he set Flynn clear on Wednesday before he set himself up and pointed where he wanted the ball for the 5th goal. He also hooked the ball over his shoulder to set Connolly away for the 4th. We have a real baller here and like all forwards thrives on confidence. Imo he now has this and will be a great asset for us.
  11. And the fact we'll be disappointed if we don't beat them both at home speaks volumes about where we are right now.
  12. Looked likely when he was omitted from squad tonight. IMO done as a midfielder, but decent CB cover. We have Finlayson so if we improve the squad after he departs then good for me.
  13. Flynn and McGrath were outstanding tonight. As was Ethan and Durmus/Connolly. Throw JDH into that mix and we have a really good midfield. Admittedly D Utd were pish, but the shape worked and it seems a good old fashioned 442 may be the way ahead. Defence picks itself, for the time being, we don't concede many. Goalie top drawer. Up top Brophy, who I thought worked his socks off tonight and will be an asset, with any 3 from Obika, Dennis or Erwin. Was curious to see Brophy/Obika and did tonight. Now curious to see Brophy/Dennis with balls on the deck from midfield, or in behind. Anyway, happy days. Off to the piggery with no fears on Saturday. COYS
  14. 11/4 very generous for a one off game against a team we've beaten twice for no reply this season. Wee token bet for me. Be nice to collect and get to the final.
  15. Falkirk got through, Sevco thumped them 4 nil.
  16. We've certainly not been as lively last couple of games but importantly gathered 2 points. St J with Davidson look a poor lot. I fancy us for 3 points especially as the players know that LC semi spots are up for grabs. Looking forward to seeing more of Brophy and the big German lad get some minutes. 3-1 to us.
  17. I'll be shocked if he starts, most likely 30 mins off the bench. Lovely stuff
  18. Yeah kinda feel the same but probably a bit wise to rotate a bit and both have had some decent contributions lately so fair enough from my perspective. Can always change it as bench has options and some quality. 3 points please [emoji120]
  19. McAllister MoM for me today. 2 sublime deliveries made the difference and as a result we won and both our big forwards nodded in a header. Huge shot in the arm for all 3 involved and the juggernaut keeps on rolling!
  20. If we are going to win (!) it, we need to probably beat Sevco somewhere. Prefer a home qf tie rather than Hampden. They won't play a weakened side vs top league opponents away. Their 9th team would have beat L1 Falkirk today. They have a glaring opportunity to win their first meaningful trophy in their 8 year history now the green mob are out. Prime time chance for a Stevie G slip up/bottle it. Bring it on, get in their faces. F all to lose. That said still a pish draw [emoji1]
  21. Good. Thought I read somewhere it was 3 games.
  22. Shaughnessy is still suspended and Mason may not be fit. Probably be as you were at the back. Flynn won't start but can see Erhahon coming back in possibly for Cammy. I wouldn't alter the shape at all as Durmus and Connolly both gave them problems and us options.
  23. Shaughnessy is still suspended and Mason may not be fit. Probably be as you were at the back. Flynn won't start but can see Erhahon coming back in possibly for Cammy. I wouldn't alter the shape at all as Durmus and Connolly both gave them problems and us options.
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