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  1. Superb acquisition. Lucky to have him this year. Well done Saints for snapping him up.
  2. Yes glaring omission. He must play. I made a cnut of that [emoji1787]
  3. Pivotal to our midfield. Never a left back. Glad he has recovered. Good business all round for us.
  4. Big Joe is more of a threat at set pieces. If he cuts out the silly red cards he's first pick CH in my eyes. Agree Foley has filled in superbly and a good option to have. Also agree he's been wanting in midfield this year. Still a good squad player. The midfield should be built around Cammy and Ethan with Connolly/Durmus/McGrath providing width.
  5. Worked with me a few years back. Very nice chap.
  6. Sat 28th 5.15pm live on premier sports. Set us up nicely for the visit of Aberdeen in the league the following Saturday. [emoji38]
  7. He's unlikely to say, aye we're aw raging and that Ashgar is a cnut [emoji38]! It may have no effect but I'm guessing it will be wrankling with them. Whether that's enough for a petulant bout of self pity and not trying a leg remains to be seen. One can only hope! Yeah, grim stuff points wise if we don't win.
  8. Friday is the 6th but apart from that good effort! [emoji1] Saints 0 Utd 3. Covid panel result. Wonder what the odds are? In all seriousness if we get the game on we need to get at them right away. They're signing folk on stupid wages at the same time as pleading poverty and just announced losses for the year of £5m. Hopefully a tangerine squad revolt will be rife and we can segment them for a much needed victory!
  9. Finlayson and Dennis yes. Not even sure Mason is here yet and I'm sure i heard Flynn is a couple of weeks away after tweaking a hamstring in training. Hope I'm wrong.
  10. It was Goodwin who said he was a week away from fitness and would come up when fit. A week has passed. Who knows.
  11. Should be fit and arriving this week apparently. See if he gets stripped for Well match.
  12. 3 at the back doesn't work. It worked vs The Sheep but has been horribly exploited vs two pish teams. Goodwin seems to have no idea how to set us up. Very worrying. Sheron is worse than hopeless. Get him tae feck, get 4 at the back, build the midfield around Cammy and Ethan. Probably Foley holding mid if he sobers up and McGrath at the top end. Up top is tombola time. Either 2 up or 1 up with one floating. Personel pose problems here. I want to like Erwin but he seems out of shape and out of sorts. Big John has feet made of lego and gets smaller when he jumps but has a fair scoring record. Im hoping the menace when fit plays off a slimmer fit Erwin tbh, or let's get a decent out of contract forward. Such dilemmas....
  13. Dennis looks a player but fear we won't see him for months
  14. Well today is going well. Will we manage 4 outfield subs for the rest of the season? [emoji51]
  15. I agree we have signed some shite and I'm not advocating signing any old shite! We need more bodies of decent quality as the squad is paper thin. Every signing is a gamble but we need to roll the dice and hopefully come up good cos we definitely can't continue with 4 on the bench if we have a few injuries and/or suspensions.
  16. We need 2 or 3 minimum assuming Magennis is away just to be able to almost fill the bench! 4 ideally. Any permutation of a back up CH, a versatile full back. A versatile left sided player and a goal scorer imo. To be fair Stevie Wonder could probably tell Jim that as well. Oh well, fingers crossed! [emoji38]
  17. 1 point vs Hamilton at home. Curtousy of stirring 0-0 with no shots at goal. We'll score one goal in one of the other 4 games but not till we are 3 nil down. However if we somehow manage to nick something tonight with a better performance the tide may turn..... Heart vs head. Who will win? Ray Winstone tells me the heart is a cruel mistress. [emoji13]
  18. Connolly won't start unfortunately. Morias will. Foley a doubt so if Sheron and Morias start we're down to 9 men from the off. Really hope I'm wrong. Come on tae feck Jim, surely the pictures Morias has of you aren't that bad! [emoji848]
  19. Flynn and Magennis meant to be back for LC games. Junior Brown signing seems to have been kyboshed due to finances I'd imagine after the emergency loan we needed and news no fans likely anytime soon. I'd be tempted to play Durmus at LB. At least he's got pace and a left foot. Either way it needs to be a back 4 for me. Ethan or Cammy. One of those square pegs will need mashed into a round hole. Foley, McGrath, Connolly and one aforementioned square peg for a square hole this time. Obika and Erwin up top. Sheron in the sea. Minimises disruption and plays to what strengths we have! COYS!
  20. I think we'll need to get that left sided boy signed up. Hand is forced. Can't be having this pish every time a defender is suspended or injured.
  21. Won with 10 men today. We played better with 10 men. 10 v 10 it is [emoji1787]
  22. Goodwin got it all wrong again same as Hibs and St J. Found something promising vs the ***** then fcuks it up again. Smell the coffee indeed. Wasn't a hard equation.
  23. That was just plain stupidity from Tait. Bonkers
  24. 4-6 weeks out. Could be doing without that. Think him and Erwin could be really good.
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