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  1. I wonder if that will help the livi players get a bit steadier on their feet
  2. Not making this because of the train strike and very unreliable bus service. After 30 mins at the stop we just headed home and stuck on the iptv
  3. Huge rewards for avoiding defeat tonight - hopefully the skeleton crew will get it done. I didn't realise that McKenna was also injured - don't know how I missed that. I honestly think it has to be Gallagher starting in defence tonight.
  4. Not been on in a while - but had to comment on this - even though its old news now. What a result - and potentially a real turning point for Robinson and the Buddies. We looked comfortable for most the game. Now just to get Livi sent packing and then hopefully a wee upset at Ibrox 🙂
  5. When did the last St Mirren player play for Scotland in a competitive match while still with us? Was it Roy Aitken?
  6. When are the away strips going to be available for reordering again?
  7. That would be the icing on the cake Rascal!
  8. My brother picked up my tickets for me - I was gobsmacked when I couldn't get them on Sunday before the game. I agree that some ticketing arrangements are so stuck in the past that it is unbelievable - huge amount of frustration for everyone. Anyway - it's my son's first top flight away game and my visit to Pittodrie for over 30 years. We've got a two night stay sorted and some sightseeing booked in to take the edge off a likely gubbing 🤣
  9. The boy and I will be going - tickets bought before last night - and printed off today in work. Tying it in with visiting my dad before the game and maybe meeting up with the missus afterward for a curry- trying to make the most of it. My son also wanting to go to away game - so looking at making a weekend of it up in Aberdeen - is Pittodrie a good choice for first top league away game? I was there on a supporters bus midweek in the late 80s - so can’t remember anything except sitting on benches and getting home about 1am. I was shattered the next day at school 🤣
  10. For me it is the current level of cluelessness that is the most worrying. I understand that new players take time to bed in but the team played like it had no idea at all what to do - at no point did I sense possession building to anything at all - and you would expect something to click - at least for a while - at some point! We will be in our usual seats on Saturday - for what is now a de-facto friendly - but I'm beginning to lose heart and hope for this season.
  11. Really disjointed performance - no excitement or expectation building when we get the ball - fully expect it to fizzle out and it always does. I hate to say I agree that there is a Stubbs vibe here - doubly worse as I had high hopes when he was appointed - thought he might even be an upgrade on JG 🤣
  12. Wish I hadn’t bought those Edinburgh City tickets now… Oh…. And my Season Ticket as well 😩
  13. I went back on today and it worked - might be worth another try
  14. Any other season ticket holders having a problem claiming their seats for this? i can add to the basket but am not being allowed to get to the checkout.
  15. As others have said - our best player this season by a mile. Has a bit of vision and creativity which we will find hard to replace. I hope he doesn’t end up at Hearts or the dons
  16. There's no doubt he had a really good spell at Motherwell for the most part. As I said in another thread, I have a good friend who is a 'well fan and maintains that he was hamstrung by injuries toward the end and that was the main reason they fell away. He states that he is still held in high regard by the Motherwell Support. I think we should be excited by this - it may turn out to be an upgrade on Goody - and initially I was quite worried about who we would end up with. Looking forward the game tomorrow night!
  17. Like most folks, this one came out the blue for me. Can't see how anyone could be unhappy with this - better than all other realistic options being mentioned. My Motherwell supporting mate says that he was popular and rated by the fans and that the last season he had there was destroyed by key injuries. Obviously it could all go pear shaped but at the moment it seems like - by far - the best option.
  18. Although we'll be on the BBC so that's great news for us not planning to head through 🙂
  19. Tough tie - I'll be honest and say that I was hoping for a home tie and an easier team. That said - the way we are playing just now we are more than capable of winning through on a one off game.
  20. If he keeps up his good form (early days but looking good so far) then we will likely have offers in the close season. However if he is the difference and helps get us into Europe (Scottish Cup win or 4th… Or both 🙂 ) then we will be in a stronger position to tempt him into an extension as I would expect the interest to come from slightly bigger rivals - Hibs, United etc.
  21. Limited highlights as usual 🙁 Would have liked to see the near thing were Greive did all the work and then put it just past the post. Thought that would be worth including.
  22. Looks like the strongest available starting XI. They'll be up for it but so will we. Cannae wait Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  23. If they help deliver top 6 and the Scottish Cup then they will return to their respective parent clubs with our eternal gratitude
  24. They will be up for it - but I reckon our form will see us through Considering Grieve scored against St J and he scored a goal a game at a lower lever - he could bag a couple in this one. It will be great to get back to the stadium at 3pm on a Saturday after a run of night time fixtures
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