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  1. Gary Holt said he has tried to put a halt on Kelly leaving. He should Liam alone. .
  2. You just made that up . . . .Linwood dusnae have an Asda.
  3. . .and in the past , it must remain. .
  4. Yeah but after our second goes in he goes right up to Vaclav as if he wants a square go , he is trying to put our hero aff his game . .what a cunt
  5. After our second goes in John Beaton looks really disappointed and then has words with Vaclav . .must be terrible for someone like him when the result goes against him. .
  6. I looked up a couple of those guys you mentioned , none of them seem to be claiming , man is an animal . One of them is said to be a confirmed aithiest but l know a few guys who are aithiest and as far as l know , none of them think man is an animal. . The fundamental thing that separates man from any other life forms is the ability to understand and reason. Perhaps the thing he has universally tried to understand is himself. Philosophers, religious leaders , scientists and scholars have all wrestled with it. A few great thinkers believed that man was both material and immaterial , the mind was separatefrom the body. . This is called Dualism , yet others , through history believed in materialism and that man was matter . . In the modern era , it kind of kicks off with Wundt around 1879 in Liepzig University when he set out to prove that man was indeed material and therefore an animal . Wundt was a psychologist , the word means the study of the soul , who was out to prove there was no soul . His teachings began with refuting the Dualist idea that mind and matter were different , from there it was just but a short leap to announce that man was an animal . According to Wundt there was only the material of man . Wundt's ideas appealed to Chancellor Bismark who had certain militaristic ideas and gave Germany a foundation for almost 70years of German attempts to slove it's problems through warfare . They seemed to think that if you could train a dog to salivate when you ring a bell , then a man can be trained to fight and have lowered ideas about the man in the other camp , which was probably behind German attrocities in Belgium in 1914.. One of Wundts students in Leipzig was none other than Pavlov (remember his dug) who went on to give the Soviets his ideas on brainwashing , which led to the attempted brainwashing of individuals and populaces , data utilised by both Stalin and Lenin before him . It is no surprise that these new psychological theories became very popular at atime of social upheaval and found great favour with governments of the rtime . If , man could really be understood purely in physical terms then perhaps they could solve the problems of man by the eqivalent of prodding a recalcitrent cow with a stick . Materialism quickly gained popularity in fields that had been non-material before ; Sociology , Philosophy , psychology ,politics and education now all began to reflect the Materialist view of the world and very quickly society began to feel the effects throughout.It wasn't all bad as applying Materialism to material things did bring about remarkable gains in scientific knowledge about the earth and the Universe. The grave era was to apply Materialism to man himself. . Applying Wundt's , man is an animal principle , had consequences which were both widespread and disasterous . 19th century psychiatry with its long history of ill treatment of the insane , jumped on Wundts experimental psychology bandwagon to enter the unversities of America and Europe . From there it was another short leap to the halls of power and other the institutions . From there we get the belief that force can monitor thinking and can be applied to populations at large with disaterous consquenses . It was the belief that was to pave the way to two world wars . The psychiatrists in Germany came up with the psuedo science of eugenics , the idea of 'racial purity' and superraces' which ultimately resulted in the death camps and the death of millions . . More recently , it raised it's head again in the former Yugoslavia where a psychiatrist calld Karadic , came up with the idea of 'ethnic cleansing' , and stirred up Serbian nationalism . This led to an other psychiatrist , a pupil of the first , a Serbian military-political leader ., leading his troops to carry out a bitter war and attocities against a people who were deamed to be 'inferior' and indeed were treated worse than the animals you seem to think we are . . As far as 'science giving us the modern age ' is concerned , to me it is more down to the engineers and the inovators , men who usually worked on their own , men like - Tesla , Watt , Diesel, the Wrights , Dunlop , Bell , Benz , MacMillan , Napier nad even the writer Sir Walter Scott who contributed a great deal to what we know as modern Scotland and so has the biggest monument in our capital. .
  7. Well if differentiation makes no sense to you, you're maybe stuck in identification , which would certainly make sense with your regard to the use of things being alike . Some guys go into a lab and with some jim-dandy equipment can show that humans and chimps and even the humble banana all share to some degree chemical matter and you decide based on that , you are a beast that walks and eats and dies. . Despite all your use of scientific nomenclature , I can assure you , I'm not out of my depth . As I said to you before , a man of your age should have seen enough humanity this lifetime to know that we are not animals , if you believe you are then so be it but I hardly think you posting some nomenclature from the science guys will convince anyone or is indeed a discussion it is more like you just trying to make others wrong , something which l have seen you attempt to do on other threads . . Good day to you. .
  8. . .Herman Wouk , writer , age 103 . . https://variety.com/2019/film/news/herman-wouk-dead-dies-author-caine-mutiny-winds-of-war-1203218745/
  9. You clearly have problems with differentiation and human awareness . .batter in Have a nice day
  10. It looks like , you have been trying to twist the grammar from early doors . . like adjective Definition of like (Entry 3 of 9) 1a : the same or nearly the same (as in appearance, character, or quantity) suits of like design —formerly used with as, unto, of it behoved him to be made like unto his brethren — Hebrews 2:17 (King James Version) b chiefly British : closely resembling the subject or original the portrait is very like A man of your age should have seen enough Humanity this lifetime to know that a Human Being is not an ape , banana or even a Chimp for that matter . I am of course assuming , that you do have a mind of your own. . Do you understand plain English ?
  11. @Bud theBaker https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/05/23/uk/eu-elections-denied-my-vote-uk-gbr-intl/index.html
  12. That is just f**ked up. . I hope, for your sake, that this stupidity is an act.
  13. Oran has been in play offs be fore , he knows what he is doing. . . .is Jackson injured. .
  14. This has got 94th minute goal to Super Saints , written all over it. .
  15. We need to watch out for our players being out of position. .
  16. . .you did actually say we are like chimps . . oo , oo. .
  17. Something that lurked in the mud? You previously said mud. Well , primordial soup , init. .
  18. Check your sacred theory of evolution mate , were are suppoed to have evolved from something that lurked in the mud . .and then one day mud leads to civilisation . . I never mentioned biblical stuff or what they believe but if you don't like shellfish , don't eat it . .
  19. Yes you can find similarities with the human genome and Chimps and even bananas . Are we bananas . .no those small percentiles in difference are actually huge . . What you seem to be suggesting is the mud to man theory . One day the mud got effected by heat or something and something crawled out of it , then one day we got the Chimp and then , as if by magic about 1 million years ago , we turned up . I had thought that knuckel draggers was an appelation we reserved for our neighbours along the road but not ourselves , obviously. . However , I will be prepared to revist this issue if a Chimp paints a Mona Lisa , invents and makes a pnuematic tyre, invents and builds a tv or discovers by it's own cognizance penicillin . .
  20. Is that what your getting ?
  21. That , should be a nice wee revenue generator for them. .
  22. A typical psychiatrists reponse - make up shit and try and pass it off as fact or even scientific fact . You really need to have a look at what you are typing . As I told you before you were found out when you advocated the drugging of young children with psychiatric drugs that have been proven to do more harm than good . . As far as name calling goes - I have made statements about you based on my observations of your posts, however I have seen you come on here and attempt to invalidate other Buddies as if you are a 12yr old in the playground . . YOU jumped in on dialogue with another person . Based on my observations of you , you come on here and act like some Torquemada of yesteryear for what you believe is infallible science. I will not debate anything with you as based on observtions mentioned above you are a twisted , crazy , f**ker or maybe you are a Chimp ( no offence to any real Chimps). .
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