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    saintnextlifetime reacted to Big Fras in Individual Membership - the need for large numbers   
    I am writing this on the assumption that the CIC bid will succeed.
    In one of the other threads, Div has touched on what is THE critical area for this whole CIC business, and its validity whether you are for/against expanding the numbers of supporter involvement.
    Why ?
    *RA has said that the whole thing depends upon the backing of the fans. Fine.
    *What we have is a target of 300 10% of the regular support. For one in ten regular fans to be all that is required to rubber stamp supporter backing is a ridiculously low level the sort of mandate that even Nick Clegg may wince at.
    *If we have 1,000+ fans signed up, then the financial benefits to the club are obvious.
    *If we have 1,000+ fans signed up, then this represents a serious voice ie. the first sign of any buggering about / unfulfilled promises / etc. then 700-800+ cancel their direct debits within a 1-2 month period. I think youll find that gets results, and the Executive Board will really pay heed to supporter involvement, beyond the lower tier board position(s) that are available.
    Beyond the above what are the benefits ?
    Given that this project has been on the go now for 12 months, the incentives for the individual membership are very disappointing thus far, and dont appear to have had much thought put in. This is at best surprising.
    All I know so far is that:
    *Well get access to a bar. Mowell did this a while back, and within a short period of time, it (Davie Cooper Bar ?)was open to non-members due to a series of complaints and general bad PR within the club. Id wager similar will happen at SMP. Also, not exactly a pulse-quickener for exiled Buds who must represent a decent target market for the individual memberships (ie. get a chance to get involved from a distance)
    *Fitzy says we can help choose the strips.
    *Other benefits will be voted for by the fans (once the bid is through). Surely something as simple as % discount on merchandise would have been easy enough to offer right here & now ? Im sure the business partners will see good benefits for fans using theior services, but that is AFTER the event. Lets try and offer some bunce to bring in as many Individual Members as possible.
    Im probably missing something, but if the above is all that is on offer as incentives, it doesnt really tally with the stated intentions of supporter backing being the key. We dont appear to be trying too hard to win over as wide an audience as possible.
    If a non-online campaign is cranked up to recruit as many as possible, then this is highly commendable:
    *We have enough good contacts in the press to make this happen
    *I am not the only one to be left scratching my head at why the bar was set so low (10%) for supporter backing, and it doesnt really help the festering bad vibes that many have about the project.
    *Divs feedback about non-net users wondering what the hell is going on is a concern, and clearly the CIC bid is not yet being communicated as well as could possibly be the case.
    Having done an Aber on Bannatyne, I may well be IN again.....if I see a decent campaign to recruit as many people as possible. Having 1000 fans signed up is achievable, and does represent a decent mandate for saying the supporters back the CIC bid. It also provides the fans with a loud enough threat to keep the whole thing on the straight & narrow.
    Div you made a great post. Now do the hard bit and go and get them to make it happen in real life.
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    saintnextlifetime reacted to FTOF in Church at SMP   
    In your opinion.
    There is plenty evidence for it,but you have to go in with your eyes open when you're looking for it.
    In fact ,some might say there is far more evidence for Darwinism than there is for the existence of any "God".
    When I teach evolution, I tell the pupils that they should weigh up the evidence both for and against and make their own decision.I also encourage debate on the matter.
    FWIW , I couldn't care less if any religious organisation uses our ground,as long as they part with the required amount of cash.
    I'm sure there will be some within those groups who look on me as an aetheist, as being a souless degenerate.Again I couldn't care less, as that is their right to have an opinion about me or any other aetheist.Much in the same way as I think people who believe in any god are quite barking in their belief.Doesn't make them a bad person though.
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    saintnextlifetime reacted to FTOF in Church at SMP   
    Actually I'm in complete agreement with him,but I'd never force my beliefs on anyone.
    Except of course when I believe it's someone's round.
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    saintnextlifetime reacted to Isle Of Bute Saint in Church at SMP   
    A green dot for both sensible posts from Pozbaird and Reynard
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    saintnextlifetime got a reaction from smfc1877 in I'm Listening To....   
    Apparently , Donnie Dargos' favourite song , yesterday . .

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