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  1. if i give up wanting to survive this early, do you think gus might give me a start tomorrow? cos it seems to me and others like me that the team hes so willing to stick to have given up the ghost. and no, i still had hope at inverness.
  2. 1 game on, we are a point adrift at the bottom, playing pish football and up against a team againt who, we are always down right rotten, and bearing in mind every refereeing decision for as long as anyone can remember has gone against us, do you still think we`re staying up?
  3. when we are relegated, and on recent showing, we all know there is nothing to suggest we wont be, we should raid the lower leagues for a manager like we did for TH, dont know who tho, havent looked into it that deep, give him a 1 year contract, if it pays off then its party time, if it doesnt then bag him.
  4. hey melly, hope saints r growing on u, i been watching them since i was 4 and now im a bit older, no other team for me, elgin saint.

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