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  1. Well face to face would allow Goodwin and Scott to look each other right in the eye and decide if they mean what they are saying to each other. Given the importance of the job i just feel it would need to be be face to face.
  2. You honesty think the interview wouldn't be done face to face ?
  3. Numbers will likely depend on how many games we let loads of kids in free with the odd adult paying.
  4. Assuming our Chairman and CEO must be back for abroad to do the interview with Goodwin, or will Gus be doing that as well [emoji41]
  5. Should the facts that Goody was unable to beat a shit saint team in the cup after being 2 up with 15mins to go not go against him [emoji16] He would do for me since they don't seem to be anybody else that I can think off that would do for us.
  6. Surprise he didn't thank you for repeatedly telling him and everybody else that Scott is not to be trusted [emoji12] Maybe he took the same view of most of us is that you talk a lot of piss [emoji40]
  7. Somebody should have tried to get his leg over this morning instead of getting into a frenzy about St Mirren and Scott. 2 hrs of someone life wasted repeating themselves all morning for what ?
  8. Someone on holiday from the club, surely not [emoji23]
  9. You missed out no assistant manager and a 1st team coach. Oh and also a CEO since our last has disappeared somewhere in Europe
  10. Fact, both of the 2 top people at the club away at the same time, that I do know. Memo to myself, never reply to bazil85 thread unless piss drunk 🍻
  11. No I cant see it. The top 2 people at the club away at the same time, he only a few hrs away in Europe but maybe that tell you he cares more for his holiday then the club.
  12. Ask yourself why you are the only person who thinks this ? Surely he shouldnt' still be on holiday when the players return for training since our last game was over 4 weeks ago.
  13. Whatever we pay him, it is to much and his job level is the 2nd highest position at the club would you not say ?
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