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  1. renfrew

    Jim Kellermann Signs

    Maybe he couldn't settle here and ask for a return to England.
  2. I would harvest a guess and say there been more Saints fans injured/hurt playing Morton at home than any other club since we have moved to Greenhill Rd.
  3. renfrew

    Jim Kellermann Signs

    My memory of him will be a 90 min sub against Dundee. As you said, I don't think he will be back next season.
  4. renfrew

    Safety Of Our Fans

    Although they are getting an extra stand, they are really only getting 800 more seats than they normally get that will only be worth an extra 16K a game more to us than we normally get after VAT. Is that that 16K to us worth the hassle and if not, maybe we would have been better just giving them the end of the west stand as normal and put the singing boys into the family stand. Now away to put my tin hat on
  5. renfrew

    Rangers extra seating

    The test will be if the Celtic game passes without any bother.
  6. renfrew

    Rangers extra seating

    Either was I so that was why I ask. I will also miss this game due to being on holiday but the test will be in a few weeks when we play Celtic. Trouble at that game may well make the police change their mind on allowing it.
  7. renfrew

    Rangers extra seating

    I would disagree that all their fans goes the same way. Always plenty of them going down Greenhill Rd toward Underwood Rd by the time I have left the west stand. I know we shouldn't need to, but surely if anybody is worries all they need to do is stay in the ground for a few mins after the game since it will likely only be for 3 games this season.
  8. renfrew

    Rangers extra seating

    Was there any problem ?
  9. Sadly I can remember not being able to beat them when they had 9 men
  10. They have spent 10 millions on.players so how exactly are we ment to compete ? Some encouragement of young players who have never played in a cesspit like Ibroxs might help instead of them being told they are shit might help.
  11. No surprise. A young team with only a few of us having played there before but sadly that doesn't stop the verbal abuse.