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  1. Watching Scotland today was like watching St Mirren at the start of the season, clueless on and off the pitch. SFA done what Gilmour did for years and went for the cheap and easy option. Would also say to all the Scottish players that wont play on plastic at least once a season to go away and don't come back.
  2. At least we got to keep the Calcutta Cup
  3. Both O'Dea and Ajer were treated twice for a fair bit of time. Also at least 2 other Dundee players got treated on the pitch in the2nd half.
  4. renfrew

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    Just under 1900 away fans on a Tuesday night [emoji106] Think we will need to give them the family stand as well when we play them [emoji48]
  5. Have we not lost 5 goals in a game and a half when Paul goes to c/h ? 3 against the Accies and 2 today and no way am I blaming Paul for the goals.
  6. Boot in the baws result since Killie wasn't that much better than us but surely then must be someone on the sub bench that can play C/H ?
  7. As long as we can stay within a few points of the bottom 4 or 5 clubs at Christmas then we will have a good as chance than the other clubs. Who out of the bottom clubs will have more £££££ to spend/waste than us ? Stubbs has certainly cost us plenty, but surely the McGinn money will cover than and gives us something to work with in January.
  8. Was that you running away at the end ?
  9. Aye the JBs was good at doing detours to various building after the games
  10. Bet the result didn't help your day either (assuming we lost as usual)
  11. No memory from me from Inverness [emoji23] Just had a feeling you were involved in some nonsense at the turnstiles and ending up back outside [emoji102]
  12. Just like they do at Inverness you mean
  13. Plus side for me is if it is pissing down with rain, I can get a few pints before the wife pick me up instead of walking back to the town for a few plus the club gets more of my money
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