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  1. Seen the pictures of the Queen sitting herself and it was sad to see someone of that age sitting along. Surely it would have been ok and not against the rules to have someone sitting 2 metres from her ?
  2. After watching the highlights, i am sure our keeper will do better than the Montrose guy did today. Lafferty will need to be watch carefully but i feel Killie defence is suspect with Findley away and Broadfoot getting slower with his age. Burke in my view is still Killie danger man for us. Hopefully the injuries to some of our midfield players will improved before the game. Also hope the team play with a back 4 instead of 3 at the back.
  3. Still our player for next season.
  4. I thought he had a poor 1st half and improved in the 2nd half. Hopefully he will resign.
  5. As bad as we were, have we ever hit the woodwork 4 times in 1 game ? Anyway, good start to the weekend and my bar is now opened [emoji16]
  6. ICT getting to many shots on target for my liking. Would also replace Fraser with Tate since he been beaten far to often. We normally play decent for half a game so hopefully we will play better in the 2nd half.
  7. They beat Barcelona away not long after that game
  8. Never done it and have no notion of doing so
  9. Behave yourself, it a run out in the country, no a cruise off the west of Scotland
  10. Sat Nav??? To Tarbert??? Once you leave Paisley you only need to turn left four times, iirc, (off the motorway, off Erskine Bridge, at the roundabout when you enter Lochgilphead and when you leave Lochgilphead). It isn't exactly difficult. All the rest is just following the road. Even the last one might just be following the road, I can't recall if there is a mini roundabout there or not. Anybody that need a Sat Nav to get to Tarbert from Paisley shouldn't even be driving
  11. To Tarbet first and then the A83 to Tarbert
  12. Went out at 0-0 just after the disallowed goal to see my daughter new car. Came back in 15 mins later to see it was 0-3
  13. I've decided since we are allow out and about, i am going for a long run in the car that i bought 6 months ago and not been any further than Erskine Thinking of a 100 miles run on the A83 to Tarbert that will take up the Saturday afternoon and be back in time for the FA semi final.
  14. Does that mean our assistant might have to do something different, rather than just stand saying nothing, with a grin on his face
  15. When had the penalty spot been moved to 10 yards ?
  16. Nothing wrong with the present pen taker. Just a chance of Brophy if playing to get the monkey off of his back and annoy Rice as well
  17. Hopefully he gets to take the penalty kick that we will likely get against the Accies
  18. Our new time isn't to bad when you look at some other option. Noticed that Montrose play on Thursday night in Glasgow, and then against Killie on Saturday morning 🤔 Now that is unfair for Montrose.
  19. Don't see what different it makes if our game is played at the same time as the bigots [emoji848]
  20. Should have been a pen imho. They are a poor team but have just made it 1-1
  21. I think they will still play on the Saturday with a later K/O due to the distance ICT need to travel. Pending on how long the funeral takes, it could be a 5pm K/O Other games could be earlier at 12 allowing time for ET and pens.
  22. Finish 2-1. BAR hit the bar in the last 2 sec of the game and I counted the woodwork getting hit 5 times in the game. A good game in horrible wet weather. Can see it going to last game of the season before we get the winner. Strange watching a game like this being played in Madrid B team ground.
  23. Madrid 2 up at h/t. Enjoyable game played completely on the ground. Don't think I have see any player head the ball yet [emoji1]
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