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  1. Billy Davies in 1 dugout with Derek Adams in the other F me, that would be a laugh a minute
  2. What players were played out of position today ? Only the players f**ked up today, not the manager. Any team that lose 3 goals in the last 15 mins of a game deserved to get slaughters, not the manager
  3. You could stop the taxi and tell them or just put your beam on and blind them back
  4. Why don't you ask them instead of bitching like a woman on here ? Are you really saying as a taxi driver you have never broke any driving laws ?
  5. He said he not had any talks with the club yet. Why the fcuk not, get the finger out Gilmour/Lennon. This guy will pay for himself with the extra points he will win for us.
  6. There 1 just out called the fabulous baker boys by tam Maxwell.
  7. Played at centre half and fair to say he's a better full back than a centre half.
  8. Lennon was heard shouting at Brown when he walk off, Hey broownie, you think your are a f**king hardman do you, your nothing but a f**king fanny
  9. Came off the M8 at 5-15 at Hillington into Renfrew and saw hee haw happening.
  10. Well I will go for a game when we scored 2 in the last min It will so long again I cant remember when, but it was at Airdrie, we were 3-2 down and we got 2 in injury time. McAvennie got 1 but not sure about the other. Fair to say there was a stampede to get back into the ground at the end
  11. Heading toward Paisley from Renfrew yesterday a BMW nearly got me an and an other car on the Arkleston roundabout. He was going toward Renfrew and in the left turn lane when he decided just to go straight across toward the motorway slip road . Oh my thank also to the taxi driver who came through the red light at the 19th pub in Renfrew at 7am last sunday scaring the shit out of me while I was going down the high st toward the town hall. Maybe BMW and Taxi Drivers deserved each others
  12. Wife ask me after the game, why do they always pass across the pitch and not down the pitch ? answer was why break the habit of the last 3 years. As well as Lennon, there is plenty of players who should have a right good look in the mirror and should be asking themselves some questions. There is to many players in the team who no matter how bad they play, know they will still be in the team for the next game.
  13. Ross C gave Norrie on the official site the main stand prices only.
  14. Guy on P&B saying he reckon the £24 is for the main stand and £20 is the normal price for behind the goals.
  15. Scottish football mag has us down for playing Gretna away on the 24 july (wed)
  16. Would Simonsen not cost more in wages than Samson ? If so, then it would seem the manager wanted rid of him for some reason
  17. Tommy

    Paisley Pubs

    Forgot all about that dump, well out of sight, out of mind.
  18. Tommy

    Paisley Pubs

    Been shut for weeks now. Was told the guy that ran the pub wanted to lower his prices (they were the dearest in the town) but the brewery that owned the place refuse. It was fair to say the place needed a touch of paint
  19. Worst 2 pubs in the town Noticed yesterday that they were plenty of dog shit on the pavement along Greenhill Rd and Underwood Rd.
  20. Tommy

    Paisley Pubs

    From what i have been told, the pub was known as McCallum as he was the owner but it was the Nineteenth Hole that was on the outside. Price for a pint of T was £2-60
  21. Tommy

    Paisley Pubs

    The old Jackpot pub in Renfrew high st re-open today, and now called the Ninthteenth which used to be its name years ago. It had been totally gutted inside so it will be nice to have a clean bar in the town for a change Will pop down to watch the Scotland game later (if they have sky) and i hope the pub become a success
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