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  1. Since some of the BOD have their own business they should offer jobs to any of the non playing staff that are paid off, since it was them that helped to cause the redundancies in the 1st place.
  2. His profile on Renfrew J website also have Hearts as a former club. He support the Govan mob but his best football moments was winning the league with us
  3. Nice to see the players are still having fun at training while the club head for the lower league
  4. When did he leave us and what other clubs did he play for. Seen to recall he was on the books of some deid govan team before signing for us.
  5. See him often running up and down Renfrew high st and hope he will be back soon doing it. Saints could offer to play Renfrew J when their new ground is finish which should be soon.
  6. Well I know you Home support down about 1300 what was to be expected. Please at the result but Killie played like we did against Motherwell and Ross C. I expect a ban for our dive for the 2nd pen will be offered to the player
  7. Not me or anyone else I know. Rather than stick needles into my eyes I will just have a few beers
  8. I wish he was doing the Madrid derby tonight
  9. You will need to shout louder Stu. Still to many on here unable to count and just want to have a rant instead. WE HAVE ALREADY PLAYER 17 HOMES GAMES. 2 MORE WILL GIVE US 19 WHICH MEAN WE WILL HAVE PLAYED THE SAME AMOUNT OF GAMES HOME AND AWAY.
  10. Make up shit by press since we would need to have a manager in place for next season to make signings
  11. Good at giving a bit of head are you ?
  12. £10 on my namesake who has already won me a few bob winning majors
  13. The size of the support will largely depend on who the manager is and what players he bring to the club. Season tickets were certainly be down but if the club can get off to a good start as well as a decent pre season numbers may not fall to much. We have been in bigger shit than this before and survived. ICT, Patrick, Killie and Motherwell home support has also fallen in recent season so staying in the big league is no guarantee of not losing supporters.
  14. Tommy

    Paisley Pubs

    Went into Langs yesterday expecting to see a different looking pub, but apart from 4 tv mounted above the gantry ( 2 on either side of the bar) which must be said are in a great place for watching football, nothing else had changed apart from the old saints photos now missing from the walls 1 toilet was closed but the other was still honking as usual. Apart from a new sink in toilet and the tv the pub was no different as it was before.
  15. I see no point is removing him as manager now but I would like to club to advertise the position asap for next season, and Teale can also apply if he want to waste his time. I would like the new guy to start right after the season end regardless what league we are in so give him a chance to watch us before the season finish, so he can decide what one of our gifted footballers he would want to keep
  16. Since he admitted he did do the punching me being there has nothing to do with it. Assault somebody within a work environment is a sacking offence and if it wasn't, my gaffer would be getting tomorrow
  17. If someone in your work came up and gave you a skep in the face would you not want him to get the sack ?
  18. Just accept we are the worst team in the league and deserved to go down. Maybe, just maybe it will make the board think more about the club than their wallet.
  19. Sorry for posting the info about the game and I wish I had miss it myself. As for the comment on the pink ball, I couldn't agree more. Don't know if any buds have ever been to Bradford but I went down there 2 years ago to buy a Toyota Avensis and on the roads into the town it was fair the say there were more people with a good tan than people without. The car dealer guy also had a good tan but when I watch the game today it did seem only the white population of Bradford are interested in football.
  20. Wonder who Ally voted for ? the old board who were paying him around 2K a week for hee haw or King, who may now ask him to walk away with nothing to prove he is a true Rangers man
  21. Free to view on BT Sport today.
  22. Wonder if the reaction would have been the same if it was Celtic supporters who wanted to use the venue Anyway, get Goodwin to act as doorman to assist when they are leaving Maybe the club should removed any photos from 1987 or just play the cup final on the telly to really piss them off
  23. Good picture and I see the Mill St bridge is still to be built.
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