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  1. With all the racist stuff going on at the moment, the story about the Windrush scandal should be interesting tonight at 8-15 on BBC2.
  2. Do you mean the Scottish Gov or the UK Gov ? The UK Gov could/should have closed the borders of Scotland, England and Wales to all other countries just like New Zealand did, but I doubt NS has the authority to closed the Scottish airports and border. The issue wasn't helps by having 3 different parliaments/assembly in 1 island making different decisions at different times.
  3. My favourite American program was SOAP. Younger buds wont have seen it since it hasn't been repeated on tv. My son managed to get me all the series on DVD a few years ago 2nd fav was MASH 3rd was Cheers
  4. I must be the only fan that don't really care how it looked. Only thing I worry about is the player ability when inside it 😇
  5. Well the club is welcome to keep the small amount I would have been due back. I have read that only 2% of Falkirk and 4% of Partick Thistle fans requested a refund so expect us to be around the same.
  6. Money saving exercise maybe.
  7. I left at half time disgusted at how we were playing.
  8. It isn't really. Next will be the arriving into the county new rules being dropped as well.
  9. I watch a 90 mins program called Sitting In Limbo about the Windrush scandal last night. It was excellent to watch and shame on all those who help to make it happen. This story was about 1 guy who spent 3 years fighting to stay in the country where he had lived for 50 years. Available on BBC iPlayer. 2nd part is called The Secret Windrush Files on BBC 2 at 20-15 on 13th June.
  10. I fail to see how they can put 200 people on a plane, but small clubs with gates of 500 or so can't open their gates
  11. Bigotry brought to an other 12 towns or so every 2nd weeks. Just what the country needs
  12. It will be the Victories Falls edge when div closes this forum and ruined his life
  13. I had forgotten all about that poster. What ever happen to him ?
  14. Did Davis not leave us because his wife couldn't settle in Ayrshire. Sure he lived near Samson at the time.
  15. Costs would undoubtedly be higher for games but social distancing could sort out most the hangers on. Well I would put my hand up to be a hanger on
  16. 1 on the roof rack, 1 in the boot, and 1 with roller skates tied to the back bumper, all sorted
  17. Assuming testing would also have to be done to everybody else who will be in the ground on matchday but not at the training ground. Cleaners, groundman, security, club doctor, match officials etc The games in Germany have up to around 300 in the ground during the games Would the chairman and other directors be allowed in on matchday ?
  18. They should join up with the club to promote it since there will be a large market soon for them.
  19. Maybe the club could ask those companies that makes the scarf and hats with the saints badge to also make saints face masks since it looked like we will need to wear them soon [emoji40]
  20. Sleeping during the day is completely different from sleeping at night. It will be trials and errors for the 1st few weeks until you find a sleep pattern that suits you.
  21. We cant expect the taxpayers to pick up the wages of players when they start training since that is them back at work. 5K a week is a sore one but I thought the money that the billionaire guy is giving to clubs would have helped to cover that for a few months. Could well be it will be only players that will be in the 1st team squad that return to training, with all other age groups staying away till next year. Lots of good young players could well be lost to the game sadly.
  22. Part of it will all depend on what your job is and is it indoors or outdoors. Other part is what age are you and do you normally get a good sleep. When I was young, I could sleep for 8 hrs ok but that reduced to 4 hrs when I got to my fifties. Everybody is different and it can effect everybody different. I certainly got more grumpy than usual due to the lack of sleep My 2nd best moment in work was around 6 years ago the n/s got stopped for good and everybody went on to straight d/s My best moment was when I got paid off and was able to retire Best of luck and hopefully you are 1 of the lucky one it doesn't effect
  23. Nobody can be surprise at those going and as much as I likes big MacKenzie, around 58 appearances in more than 3 years is a poor return. He certainly was a good player for us when fit to play.
  24. Right then your 1st job is to ban div
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