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  1. In press him and Jones returned to their clubs as they're injured. That makes last week win more important if they are missing the rest of the season.
  2. Bold effort but it is Saints v Dundee, not Dundee v Saints
  3. Well between us, we have covered all options unless the game gets abandoned
  4. As this will be only my 6th and last league game at home this season, i am hoping for my 1st win 2 draws and 3 defeats so far ☹️ Will guess a 2-1 win for us
  5. Noticed today that every player we have apart from Dunn was available to play today. Made a different from last week when the manager was saying we were short of players due to injury
  6. Having read some of the post prior and at the beginning of the game, i assume it was pointless for me to continue to watch this game We were the best team by a mile today and deserve to win. If i was a Fake Saint fan, i would be asking how after 90 mins plus, our keeper had 1 of his easiest game this season.
  7. I was in manufacturing so no chance of me working from home. Common sense say more hrs per day working = more leisure days off.
  8. Raith defending that day is like ours now ☹️
  9. If what you say about contracted players is right, then surely Main must be 1 of the players he want out and if so, why does he play him every week ?
  10. Have them available more weeks in advance to help the shift workers.
  11. My last hrs on 5 days were 7-30 to 4-15 Mon to Thurs and 7-30 to 12-30 on Friday. On the 4 days, 7-30 to 5-30 everyday. 1 argument for was the time being wasted on a short Friday in getting started, tea break and cleaning up at end of the shift mean around 45 mins of a 5 hr shift was lost.
  12. The bugger told me on the 1st of April an other 1 was coming yes i fell for it
  13. Sell the tickets for the game inside the ground during home games. Unlikely the bigot would pay for 2 games, and if so we make more cash out of them.
  14. I wasn't suppose to used my phone when i worked but did it anyway. I used it to read all the shite that you post on this forum everyday
  15. I worked 4 days for years and i loved it. No down side at all for me. Great if your going away for the weekend since the Friday doesn't need to be taken as a holiday. O/T on a Friday at 1.5x was better than doing Sunday at 2x. It was only the manual staff that did it, ie the workers, where the office staff did the normal hrs. Staff did the 5 days since they had to man the phone etc for clients phoning in. Finally got stopped due to certain staff moaning all the time about it. Told them to put a boiler suit on and join us on the shop floor if they wanted a 4 days week Of all the different shifts that i did, 3 shifts, days &nights, 5 days, the 4 day week was the best. It was only an extra 1.25hrs per day for 4 days to make up the 5 hr Friday. If you get the chance, take it.
  16. Said on P&B that we are 11/2 to finish in the bottom 2. Surely that must be worth punting the money the Dons gave us for Goodwin, since it would help to cover some of next season lost. Just need to club to get the bet on without getting caught by the SPFL
  17. Might go to this game to see the buddies win in the league for the 1st time this season
  18. I would play Mrs Main before Mr Main
  19. I wouldn't take what he says as truthful since none the players that were on the pitch looked if if they were carrying injuries. After the game maybe but not before.
  20. Mounting Injuries, apart from Dunne and Miller who was missing ?
  21. Thank for that. I now know when to bugger off abroad for a holiday ☝️
  22. His middle name isn't dick is it by any chance ?
  23. We didn't just wait till the 84th min, we took 5 mins from when the subs were called back to get ready to come on till they actually did. The 2 Hibs subs came on before ours did within a few mins of being told. When i was told Main was starting at 2 pm in the pub, i wanted just to stay there. My mate now wish he listen to me ☹️
  24. What happening in Wales tomorrow ?
  25. Hopefully Alnwick is back in goals. Assuming Gogic can't play. Euan Anderson the ref ☹️ Hopefully i will see my 1st league win of the season since my only 2 wins this season had been in the Scottish Cup.
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