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  1. Population of Kilmarnock around 47000 Population of Paisley around 77000 Must be a hell of a lot more bigots in Paisley than Kilmarnock ☹️
  2. It was, noticed they're bottom of league so might have negotiated a release fee. With us being 3rd bottom, it would be a step up for him
  3. I can remember seeing a picture of Campbell in a saint fanzine. Sure it was during the 1999-2000 season when he was manager of the Pars. Underneath the picture was his name dick
  4. Hopefully the same as what we got when Goodwin went.
  5. Not any different than Saints having their annual do in the Glynhill or the Normandy in Renfrew.
  6. Is that no Faraway with the dick
  7. I would rather he was looking out his passport for Rwanda.
  8. That is pleasing since no matter how much of a dick he is, he is a threat at corners and free kicks.
  9. Me ? Can't remember anything about the shop but he did owned Total Soccer with an other guy for around 5 to 7 years i think. Sold out to him and doesn't have anything to do with it now.
  10. I certainly didn't see them working very hard on Sunday ☹️
  11. Given how the season had went, i don't expect whoever the new COO/CEO is to make my experience of the season any better.
  12. Our goal of the season will be on the 15th of May at 4-45, when Ronan put 1 into the net from 30 Yds sending the Dons into the playoff, only to be humps by the Smokies 😊
  13. We haven't won enough penalty kicks for him to come back to us
  14. Surely Tony would have been ask to work on if that was the case, until the new person was ready to take his place since this would mean the club at this moment doesn't have a COO/CEO at the club.
  15. Got text from my medical centre today saying more Doc and Nurses are off, so the centre will only deal with emergencies and urgent problems over the next few days.
  16. I think the order of all the games is as good as it can be for us. Hibs at home for the 1st game is as good as it gets, since they have failed to beat us in 3 attempt this season. We are poor but Hibs, Dons, Fakes and Dees fans all think the same about their team. Livy fans are the only ones not having the fear.
  17. Crowd given as 6583. 2 stands of them =3200. Mean we had 3383 in the home stands.
  18. We should be asking the Rangers bus driver to move their coach from the parking bay to in front of our goal
  19. Since we have no chance of winning, we should just park the bus so to keep the goal different as wide as possible between us and the fakes. Looking at the league table, only 3 teams have lost less games than us, but sadly we have the 3rd lower wins in the league. Most draws in the league have done us for the top 6.
  20. I found the small CNC m/c no harder to work. Larger CNC and manual m/c were harder due to the amount of plastic that you need to work round. Thankfully all in the past for me now.
  21. The H&S guy in my place came up to me 1 day while i was standing at my workplace. He said nothing, but was looking at the duckboard that i was standing on and shaking his head. Problem i ask, yes he said, i am thinking the duckboard is a hazard . In what way i ask since i have been standing on it for 30 years. Fire hazard he said since it is made of wood. After i stopped laughing, i then informed him i assume his wooden desk and thousands of bits of paper in his office would be going as well. He said nothing for a while then just walked off. Few months later, he was made redundant. I worked in the Machine Shop in Babcock and the job got harder and harder to do with no thanks to guys like him. Of all the H&S guys i knew, none had any machining background and no common sense. A duckboard is just some wooden slats put together since standing on wood was more comfortable than concrete.
  22. Will this signing still happen if we drop out out the league or is the signing cast in stone ?
  23. Lowest saint support of the season for this game i expect. Free limo to and from home and hospitality wouldn't get me interested. Park the bus since goal different between us and Dundee could matter.
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