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  1. You not fancy doing the job yourself ?
  2. Plastic for recycle I hope
  3. Not getting your bit about drug dealers. Just highlighting how he hates our football club taking the bigots ££££ but quite happy for himself to do the same.
  4. The 1 guy who scream the loudest on here about the bigots actually makes most of his living by driving them about the city I wonder if he tells them to their faces what he thinks of them
  5. Mate text me that day saying the smell was away. Told him I was still staying in the pub in Menorca to watch the game [emoji16]
  6. 1 year ago today, the horrible stinking smell that lingered over W1 had finally gone away for good
  7. Tommy

    Paisley Pubs

    I played darts a few times in the Rosebuds with the Tudor and we were always well looked after by their dart players. Always a good spread of sandwiches as well as a pint laid on as well. The dartboard was in the lounge and once i was early in the pub so had a pint in the bar, and witness a guy having a piss against the bar he got verbal from the barman but don't think he got thrown out Now the Campbelltown Isley (Think that was the name) is an other matter
  8. How bad were the pitches 30/40 years ago in England, and up here.
  9. This thread has turned into 2 baldy guys fighting over a comb
  10. You need to lighten up FFS
  11. Reckon plenty on here would want to start what you want to stop
  12. Watch Scotland v Brazil from 1974 recently and like you, i was amazed at how poor our best players were. Hopefully they will play better against Holland tonight Sorry for going off topic
  13. Assuming you have tried your insurance company about this. I would be surprise if that flight went ahead since it is only 5 weeks away. If it did, could you not try and sell your holiday on to someone else and get some cash back ?
  14. Pass them on to our strikers to improve their scoring rate for next season
  15. Only thing missing from his 47 appearance for us is a goal. Shame he couldn't have taken the last penalty kick against Utd to really piss them off
  16. Having the Killie games postponed was also a real break since we would likely have had both McCarthy and MacPherson missing. Add in Waters not able to play and Foley missing in midfield to cover in defence. Going into the last few games before the split, and maybe the rest of the season with only 1 fit centre half would have been scary.
  17. On Saturday night.
  18. Was meaning more about the shit on the pitch and lack of crowd, not the final league position.
  19. They better not turn up in pairs since the store is only allowing 1 person per trolley in. They stopped me and the wife going in last week even though she was in crutches and unable to carry a basket or push a trolley, We were after baby stuff so me going in myself wasn't an option since she was having the final decision on what to buy. No big deal since we just went elsewhere but some other people certainly wasn't happy about the rule.
  20. And added that £31 was worth it for the cup games against Motherwell
  21. £31 max for 210 mins of football with 15 goals being scored. Well worth it, unless your are a WELL supporter that is
  22. What would you want 1st to happen ?
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