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  1. Got my unique username but don't recall a password that is being ask for.
  2. The MP for Bolton South is blaming the slow rollout infrastructure. Also the fact that some people would need to get 2 or 3 buses to get to where the vaccine was getting done. In other word, lazy f**kers wouldn't get off their arses to get on 2 or 3 buses for something that may save their lives
  3. Not the worst final game of the season that i have seen and a fair result. Reckon we were a bit lucky to finish 7th since we only managed 5 points in our last 5 games.
  4. No surprise to see Connolly sub again. 1 of his better game i thought.
  5. Aye, the club must have made a fortune from you this season
  6. Thought that was the case. Certainly been a few like him at the club through the years.
  7. A report said it was a 90K car Don't know what the damage was, but guessing the insurance company would have told him to do 1
  8. Not sure if he even started a game for us, if so he played less mins than Eric did i think
  9. Apart from the beard and hair bit, i agree with you. He might have looked good last night but he was up against Waters who ended up getting taken off right after our 3rd goal. I would want a player who can last for 90 mins on the pitch instead of being sub in about every game he had started. I also don't think he track back well either, but the manager will decide and i wont have a problem if Goodwin want to keep him. I support all of our players regardless of how good or bad i think their ability is.
  10. There are only 4 teams in the league with better goal difference to us. Also 5 teams who had scored less than us. Looked to me as if he is doing something right most of the time.
  11. I used Walker Laird to sell my flat and in agreement with them, it was put on the market for 2K under the home report valuation. Sold for 5% over the home report valuation which i was happy with. Maybe i got that because the buyer was a footballer who had just signed a new deal with his club You can leave your keys with them for them to show people round. They also did my legal side of it and everything went ok with them. They also sponsor the club 👍
  12. Thought you might have known since you knew how many games he started. No big deal.
  13. Out of his 23 starts, has he ever lasted the 90 mins ?
  14. Not done enough for me. Need someone to be a lot more consistent than he had been.
  15. Well that was 1 strange game Thankfully our keeper was on form at the end of the game, Undefeated on plastic this season, Ref was shite, Excellent goals scored by both teams, Oh and finally, that turd called Hamilton has finally been flush away down to the championship
  16. The quicker you get into your man cave the better then
  17. Wife must control the tv remote in your house then
  18. For the benefit of all the tight arses on here, full game on BBC ALBA at 10pm. In truth, the Raith Rovers v Dundee playoff at 7-45 on BBC Scotland might be more appealing to watch tonight
  19. Correct. Worth every penny to annoy the bigots If every club was to apply, it simply wouldn't happen unless the lowland league wanted a league of around 29 clubs since they are 17 teams already in the league. Doubt they would be allowed to cherry pick what colt teams they wanted and didn't want.
  20. As it is only costing 25K, why don't us and other clubs apply since that would defeat what the bigots want, which is for their colts to play against older players ?
  21. Play only players that we want to be with us for next season. No point playing players like Connolly, Doyle-Hayes, Mason, Quaner, Obika since they will almost certainly be away. Bin this 3 at the back shit since it just doesn't work for us. Keep our unbeaten record on plastic pitches for this season.
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