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  1. Poor crowd and that must have been 1 of the worst season ever from saints in the time that i have supported them Thankfully the beers that season has help me forget how bad it really was
  2. Newco shafted again by the diddy clubs
  3. Just finish reading Craig Whyte book called, Into The Bear Pit. It certainly was an interesting read regardless the level of truth in it. How he conduct his business affairs to avoid paying tax was an eye opener to me. His best line was, Don't spend your own money, but use someone else when buying a business Basically everybody in the book was shafting somebody if it is to be believed.
  4. Didn't recognise anybody and I wonder if the fans that were doing most the shouting still support us ? Defence was shit and Campbell Money was MOTM
  5. Since it feels like there been nothing but sad and bad news for the last 2 months, how about a thread for good news only. I will start with the good news is that I have now seen my new grandson for the 1st time today, since he was born on Friday 👶 All family members doing well 👍
  6. My season ticket renewal money will come from all the money I have saved by not needing taxis during the lockdown
  7. More likely Dickson [emoji16]
  8. We always book with them over the phone since we don't used the transfer when we go to Lanzarote, just easy for us to jump into a taxi since it isn't far the resort we tend to go to. Because of that, we tend to get a small discount of £20 off the price. Their weight allowance of 22Kg is handy for the plastic bottles of vodka that come back with me Being on the large side i also find the seats fit me better than other airlines.
  9. I have flown with them around 15 times in the last 7 years, and apart from a few late departures have had no problem with them at all. Their staff at Faro and Arrecife airports have always excellent in assisting my wife with the wheelchair help that she need at arrival. Glad you got your cash back and you can now invest in a season ticket
  10. Well that will save us money. Also glad that Wank Broadfoot did buggered off to Killie saving us his wages.
  11. I think they will be. Either any fans can get in to watch will be an other matter.
  12. In your 1st 4 lines, you could swap journalists with football fans and get the same results [emoji1782]
  13. IIRC she dispensed with clothing, on occasion, in both A fish called Wanda and Trading places. I know. Great wasn't it
  14. You should watch the 1994 film called True Lies, in which she preformed a strip show for her hubby in it
  15. I hope you are right. Could be the flights that start won't be full so to keep some distance between passengers and also no food/drink service. Time will tell.
  16. I don't think your going to get what you need I've got Lanzarote booked for early Nov but don't fancy my chances Wife had already said that even if foreign holidays open back up in 6 months, we wouldn't be going anywhere before Nov.
  17. They are welcome to boycott us. Nothing would please me more.
  18. It isn't just the new hospitals that we need that are getting built, some new jails might help as well for the party animals
  19. He might also have made the club a lot more ££££££ due to jumping to 9th in the league from 11th by scoring that 1 goal
  20. I don't think there were much of a change if any, in prices the last time we went down to the championship. Sure the club said the prices for next season would be the same as this season. ,
  21. When this is over, the only massive movement I see happening is a large increase in the number of unemployed
  22. I wonder how this would effect loan players like Waters since he not our player, and at the moment Kilmarnock hasn't gone down the job retention scheme but I expect they will soon.
  23. With people now drinking more in the house at the moment, I would guess more assaults but less murders. Just glad the wife has short arms and legs
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