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  1. Well i hope the Hibs centre half is as stupid next week
  2. Wonder if wee willie will sent any Hibs player off today for a change and maybe doing us a turn for next week
  3. Oh and forgot i got a freebe off a bud fans just as i was pulling £15 out of my pocket. My thanks to whoever it was 👍
  4. What a day, wakening up to a lovey sunny day, A few beers priors to the game 😊 A decent game with an outstanding goal to win it for us Also a decent ref for a change. A few more beers after the game 😊 Going into a pub in Renfrew and seeing Man U have has their arse handed to them again Why can't every Sat be like that for us ?
  5. The fat f**ker sleeping
  6. Cheers for that. I know in the past they have been times that it is open to all after the game, and was wondering if it was still the same.
  7. Someone need to tell the keeper the net is behind him
  8. Can non members still get in after the game ?
  9. Hope the game is as good as the weather is going to be. A big beer tent would help the match day experience 🍺 Guess 1-1 for the Well game and will stick with that for this game.
  10. I was meaning a T shirt with the paisley pattern like the strip. Will visit the shop at some time soon. And for your info, i haven't worn pyjamas for 50+ years and had never smoked a pipe
  11. I can only speak for myself but cost has nothing to do with me not going to the east and west end of Glasgow. Stopped going to Ibrox after a 2-1 defeat by them in the semi final of the league cup in the eighties. Treated like shit by their fans, stewards, police and the ref who made sure only 1 team was going to win. Last game at Parkhead was a 3-0 defeat in the Scottish cup around 20 years ago. Only went because it was a cup game, last league game must have been at least 30+years ago getting the same shit as Ibrox. Maybe we should try and come to some agreement with indivdual small clubs like our self, since no way would our board only charge the bigots £20.
  12. I am to old for a football top, but if the club would bring out a T shirt with the club crest only on it, i would buy it right away.
  13. Who would noticed if the Fakes fans were boycotting the game
  14. Do it on more match days if possible. Not perfect i know but giving them the 2 stands doesn't stop them coming into the home end.
  15. Only sell tickets inside the ground on a match day when both of us are at home on the same day.
  16. Sadly when i go back 30/40 years ago, i can only remember refs shafting us in cup games when playing the bigots
  17. What pisses me off is players being booked for accidentally hand ball in the box, where if it was outside only a foul would be given. If it was deliberately then yes a booking.
  18. I just don't understand how we can be 1 million plus in debt when we don't have an overdraft facility with the bank 🤔 As for people being paid off, that tend to happen if the business is over manned for the amount of work they have.
  19. Having decided to go for pub grub with the wife, i was reading the BBC for info. Seem we were unlucky with a header off the line, mins later player booked. Mins later again. player off and pen. Decided at that point to stay in pub instead of going home to watch the 2nd half. Being a saint fan just seems to get harder and harder every year
  20. Thought it was closed long before then considering the state of it. The house that i was in was converted in 2014 but i have no idea what it was before. 2 Mid terrace with 2 end Bungalows at either end is the shape, and the other end bungalow from the 1 i had is now on sale on Rightmove.
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