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    Paisley Pubs

    They wouldn't let me and the wife in the last time we went there even though half the tables were empty. Said it was booking only and we were not the only ones refused entry. Were allowed in the week earlier without booking. Likely people that had booked had change their mind due to the weather. Expect it was be quite again today.
  2. An other game undefeated on plastic, so surely the club will install one now for next season
  3. Been said on P&B that he been lucky in avoiding a red card in Killie last 2 games. Don't know if that answers your question about his temperament.
  4. Getting my 2nd jag on Sunday morning. Better be carful drinking beer 🍺 on the on Saturday night This will be just 5 days short of the 12 weeks from my 1st jag.
  5. Aberdeen player wearing gloves ffs
  6. Ref is Don Robertson so i expect a soft pen for someone I don't expect Goodwin to be happy at the choice of the ref prior to the game
  7. I would like us to win our last 3 games, so we would have won the same amount of games that we have lost. Be a long time since we manged that in the top league.
  8. Never had a Auris but from all the reports that i have read, the Corolla is a vastly improved car from the Auris. Wife liked the RAV4 but i wasn't so keen on it. I have dodgy knees and the wife has health issues, but both of us have no problem getting in and out of the Corolla.
  9. I thought about a Mazda 6 but ended up staying with Toyota. 7 Toyota over 15 years with no problem with any of them, helped me make up my mind.
  10. The Corolla are all automatic with no manual options.
  11. Toyota Corolla Touring Sports (Estate)
  12. Is this only while there are restrictions on numbers allowed in, or will this happen when all can return to the ground?
  13. Finally managed to get a long run with my hybrid and manged to get 63 mpg on a 196 mile run costing me £17 for petrol. My last check round town was giving me 50mpg. Certainly beat my 30 to 40 mpg with my last car.
  14. Monday night give a bit more time for some of our players to hopefully recover from injury. Thinking JDH and Erhahon. Same could be said for Killie if they have any.
  15. Seen the pictures of the Queen sitting herself and it was sad to see someone of that age sitting along. Surely it would have been ok and not against the rules to have someone sitting 2 metres from her ?
  16. After watching the highlights, i am sure our keeper will do better than the Montrose guy did today. Lafferty will need to be watch carefully but i feel Killie defence is suspect with Findley away and Broadfoot getting slower with his age. Burke in my view is still Killie danger man for us. Hopefully the injuries to some of our midfield players will improved before the game. Also hope the team play with a back 4 instead of 3 at the back.
  17. Still our player for next season.
  18. I thought he had a poor 1st half and improved in the 2nd half. Hopefully he will resign.
  19. As bad as we were, have we ever hit the woodwork 4 times in 1 game ? Anyway, good start to the weekend and my bar is now opened [emoji16]
  20. ICT getting to many shots on target for my liking. Would also replace Fraser with Tate since he been beaten far to often. We normally play decent for half a game so hopefully we will play better in the 2nd half.
  21. They beat Barcelona away not long after that game
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