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  1. What the bet you won't be saying that after he post on the Kelty thread
  2. The sight of Maloney standing at the dugout near the end of the game, made me think he looked like a wee boy who has lost his mother in Tesco
  3. This is 1 team i hate playing against since our record against them is poor. They are now 3 games undefeated and they had their new signing Hallberg sent off. No goals scored in our last 2 games against them so will go for a 1-0 win for us.
  4. Buy on the day so no need to go to the ground twice, and if you can't make the game or it is pissing, just stay in the pub and spent the gate money on beer 🍺 Thousands of empty seats to pick from as well
  5. Any clubs that don't sell tickets on the day while having hundreds or thousands of empty seats should take a good look at themselves. Plenty of reasons why fans need to wait till the day of the game before they know if they can attend. Does this happen at any other sporting event ? How i miss the old day of walking up to the turnstiles, putting your money down and in you went. Simple and easy.
  6. I know Hibs did sell on the day in the pass but thought they had stopped doing so. Weather not looking good for tomorrow with high wing and rain. Ball likely to be in the air more than normal.
  7. Did Tony want to retire from being the CEO ? Yes he is about to turn 66 and can get his gov pension, but i just can't believe he had walked away from the job voluntary. Apart from playing the game, this is likely the best job he had ever had in his working life.
  8. For some strange reason, a good number of clubs in the top league don't sell on the day. The bigots pair and Hibs and Hearts don't sell on the day either i think.
  9. When i got the boot from my employer, i called it retirement as well Regardless of my thought about him, i wish him well. Does that mean they will be no more bullshit of us being a top 3 club coming out of the club ?
  10. Surely it is Dundee to blame if you can't buy online 🤔
  11. He is out of contract in the summer. Personally not fuss if he resign or not.
  12. Great that this game is not on tv, meaning a rare Saturday 3pm kick off at home
  13. I had the impression last Sat against Ayr was his 1st and only 90 mins.
  14. Santa was 1 of many thousands who got the sack after Babcock merged with a company called FKI Electricals in 1987. If memory served me right, FKI cut everything to the bone and it was a bad time for the workers in Renfrew. The trams were before my time when starting at the company.
  15. You managed to get a lift over the turnstiles at your age
  16. I didn't see anybody on sat asking to see your covid pass. Did anybody get ask ?
  17. Wise decision. I did noticed that the door was unlocked.
  18. The toilets in the stand is as bad as the 1 in the ground As for knee room, there wasn't any until i moved to the front row that gave an excellent view of the pitch.
  19. Oh, and well done for whoever made the call for a Billy Abercrombie to contact a steward How many times is that now down at Ayr
  20. How important was his role at the club will decide how much of a lost he will be. My view is he is easy replace and no sleep should be lost at him going.
  21. Shame that but assuming he is going to get more of a wage, why wouldn't he.
  22. As much as us old farts love the old grounds, the stand at Somerset is worst than the terracing and really need to be bined. God forbid if anybody ever has a dose of the shits while at this ground As for the game, walk in the park for most of the game.
  23. He can train with youth players then and be nowhere near the seniors players
  24. Didn't know there was a time limit. Cheers for that info.
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