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  1. He can train with youth players then and be nowhere near the seniors players
  2. Didn't know there was a time limit. Cheers for that info.
  3. That is indeed what i meant 👍 Will edit it to make more sense.
  4. This is the 1st of our 3 midweek games at home with Motherwell and the Fakes to follow Hearts on the 26 Feb will be our next home game on a Sat. 11 Dec was our last Sat game at home, which was 11 weeks ago Those fixtures will cost the club plenty since midweek games gate money is always less than a Sat Our home record against the Dons been decent recently, so hopefully it will continue.
  5. Correct. The prices are what Ayr charges for championship games so fair due to both clubs for not charging more.
  6. Just looked at train times from Barrhead-Kilmarnock-Ayr and back. Going not so bad but coming back there is only 2 option from Ayr to Kilmarnock, 5-30 or 8-30 Bus for me now.
  7. Cheers for the link. 2 auld farts tickets bought for the stand 😊 No seats numbers on tickets so 1st come gets the best seat I see it is the same price for the terracing and stand.
  8. League table say they are 3 teams worst than us.
  9. Doubt they are that gullible.
  10. Won't make us a worst team either
  11. Fakes fans on P&B don't seem to be very impressed. His record in recent years is not great and the lack of playing time recently won't help his fitness. I know we need strikers, but glad he is at the Fakes rather than us.
  12. Making signing doesn't mean you have a better team, but you know that. I can't think of any player that a bottom 6 team had signed and wish we had him, can you ?
  13. Mind no trains from paisley that day. Barrhead - Kilmarnock - Ayr assuming i get a ticket.
  14. Don't know if i am reading it right, but it seem to me 50% of attendees will be checked for having been fully vaccinated, and that will include the booster jag. Guessing you must be able to download your certificate will the booster details on it now 🤔
  15. Both of them i reckon
  16. Gerrard saying he won't blame the officials after the goal was ruled out. Bet he wouldn't be saying that if he was still in charge of the bigots
  17. Was at his concert in 1983 at Murrayfield and it was excellent. Also got my 1st LP of him off my mate, by winning a card game on the way to Newquay in 1974
  18. Ayr win 1-0 but a draw was likely the fair result. Ayr had nothing to really worry us, so long as the players show the right attitude in 2 weeks, we should win with a bit to spare.
  19. Ayr 1 up but nothing between the teams. A normal lower league game, plenty of effort but not much more. Seen nothing so far to worry me for the cup game.
  20. Well i'm watching Ayr v Arbroath the now and will judge myself on their ability to beat us. 0-0 and not much happening after 10 mins.
  21. Wife drove 1 of those during the seventies. 7 days after getting it, something went bang inside the engine while driving pass Loch Ness ☚ī¸ Towed into Inverness and some backstreet garage did enough for us to get home 2 days later. Wasn't the worst car she had, and it did managed to get me and the mate to Dundee the night we won the league in 1977 👍 Also found a can of lager in the car the next day as she drove me to work, so that was my tea break sorted
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