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  1. 3 games against them and 3 sending off. Might be worth a bet for the cup game for us to get a red card.
  2. If your playing that game, then no surprise to see your the 1 to lick his arse first. Time to let it go 😂 tell Fergie that. Have never said anything bad about his achievement at the club. Bye.
  3. You want me to thank the man who tried to sue us while he knew it was himself in the wrong. I will when he say sorry but not before.
  4. Think the wind is in our back for the 2nd half and hopefully it will help us. Poor 1st half even before the sending off.
  5. Will miss this game due to Covid ☹️ Was really looking forward to this 1st Sat league game at home since the 11th Dec. 1-1 is my guess.
  6. Better option than any rookies.
  7. It could be as later than 10-30pm before the game end. Wouldn't fancy trying to get a train home that would be full of drunks as late as that from Edinburgh. Bus would be safer but less fun. TV or pub for me. I think the home support will also be poor due to the time of the game.
  8. Good point considering all the shit that had happen this week.
  9. ££££ but it might depend who is actually in charge of our club
  10. Why would anybody want Brown as manager just because he had experience of playing for a big club and country for years. So did McCoist, and would any of us want him to manage our team ?
  11. Had Goodwin actually thanks Saints for the start of his career in full time management ? All i have read up to now is him saying how big a club the Dons are, but haven't see anything about his thought about us.
  12. Thank for that. Hard to see the keyboard through the tears 😭
  13. Be surprise if it as much as that considering he only signed till summer 2024 Maybe it would have been better if the Dons had beaten us last month at home
  14. If Jim managed to get to Aberdeen today for his interview, he would have done well considering how bad the weather is there ❄️❄️ Apart from JR, has any team ever gave us cash before for our manager ?
  15. Up to now, 3 in Paisley, then 4 in Renfrew, then 1 in Paisley. In April, i will be renting somewhere in Renfrewshire until September then back to Renfrew for my last house. Next move for me after that will be to Woodside
  16. Fair due to Livvy for being 1 of the few clubs that sell to away fans on the day.
  17. If he goes and we get 250K, that will be the wages covered for the new manager for the next 2 years .
  18. Goodwin knocked back Hibs when he was a player, so maybe extra £££££ is not that important to him as job satisfaction. Hope he stays and JR can go back to being boss of Alloa.
  19. Was it not Dundee or the Fakes who wanted him ?
  20. Out of contract soon. I think he would be a good signing for us.
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