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  1. I wouldn’t disagree but out of the three he’s the only one JG didn’t sign
  2. I wonder if that signals the end for Danny Mullen, can’t see how we can keep 4 strikers happy when we play 1 up top
  3. I don’t think the gambling addiction helps, but he’s running out of last chances
  4. I think if you can keep him focused and out of the bookies he would be a great player, imo he was great at Hearts because he knew he was the main man and would play. We would be silly not to take him if we had the chance and he was fit
  5. I find that very hard to believe he was married first time round in the Catholic Church.
  6. The story goes we offered £750k but they went for just over £1M
  7. Has he gone part time I thought he had gone on loan for the rest of the season, could he still be training full time with us?
  8. Once against Dundee Utd I believe
  9. Was Archibald not on something crazy like £1k per game appearance fee and the same again per goal
  10. He was terrible in his spell with Hibs
  11. Having listened to his after match interview he genuinely looks at a loss, almost as if he’s a beaten man. He actually said it’s not all his fault and the players have to accept responsibility, condemned man indeed.
  12. Where has it been reported that he’s told Cammy Smith to find a new club? (Genuine question)
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