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  1. I’m not sure Hibs have the money for signings just now.
  2. He 100% went into speak to JG on the last day of the window, I assume to seek assurances that at 35 he would be first choice CB. I am not privy to that conversation but it would appear that he didn’t get the answer he wanted hence why he asked to leave. He wanted to get into the hall of fame. At the end of the day there is two sides to every story and the truth is located somewhere in the middle.
  3. To be fair to him I did post a week past Friday that Killie had been In touch with him but I didn’t think it was a possibility. Please don’t ask who the source is as I won’t name the person, but believe me I was disappointed when he left
  4. This is 100%, last week Alex Dyer was on the phone to him but from what I heard he’s not interested he only needs 20 appearances to make the hall of fame and is settled
  5. Interesting, how many games as he missed over the last few season due to injury?
  6. The rumour I heard on Saturday was Stephen McGinn to Dundee Utd due to a lack of playing time
  7. I wouldn’t disagree but out of the three he’s the only one JG didn’t sign
  8. I wonder if that signals the end for Danny Mullen, can’t see how we can keep 4 strikers happy when we play 1 up top
  9. I don’t think the gambling addiction helps, but he’s running out of last chances
  10. I think if you can keep him focused and out of the bookies he would be a great player, imo he was great at Hearts because he knew he was the main man and would play. We would be silly not to take him if we had the chance and he was fit
  11. I find that very hard to believe he was married first time round in the Catholic Church.
  12. The story goes we offered £750k but they went for just over £1M
  13. Has he gone part time I thought he had gone on loan for the rest of the season, could he still be training full time with us?
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