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  1. I imagine Airlines will have bigger issues at the minute than throwing cash at sponsoring a football team
  2. I’m live now...Obika loading screen gone
  3. I love Jim as much as anyone But bit disrespectful to Danny
  4. Perfect, the MacBook only has 3 usb-c slots so I can get one of these...
  5. Just looking for some tech advice I have an iPhone and MacBook Pro and a Sony Bravia tv) the tv doesn’t seem to like casting from apple products. Would a usb cable allow me to plug the laptop into the tv? Or any other solutions? Cheers
  6. I’m not sure, I wonder if he was hoping to get a gig in England and couldn’t sort anything so has settled for a team in Scotland again. I think he’s a decent player, if we t it over the line a defence of Alnwick Tait Shaughnessy McCarthy Fraser Seems as solid as we have had in the top flight recently
  7. We need a LB in for the season starting, we only have Tait as a proper full back, agree we can be a bit more patient for another striker.
  8. Nasty head knock I think for a Bournemouth player
  9. Shaughnessy would be a great signing always likes the look of him but could see another team possibly offering him more cash. I liked Jakubiak as well last season, hopefully he enjoyed his time and knows he needs to settle somewhere for a couple of years
  10. [emoji476][emoji476][emoji476] 1/10
  11. Thanks for sharing BinEK, Bit of dust in my eye reading the last few paragraphs!
  12. Guy working for Joma (ex pro Andy Barrowman) has confirmed the back of the home shirt is plain black with gold detailing.
  13. Love the home kit, looks great Not sure on the away but my 8 and 11 year old love it so have pre-ordered them the away kits...
  14. I like Lawless and I think he can play on the left or right so could be a good shout Wonder if we will look at Mark Gillespie who’s been let go at ‘Well if Hladky leaves. Had a good season at well and their fans seem to rate him
  15. It was an unbelievable finish, always made we wonder how he could score the spectacular but never get above 7 or 8 goals for us in a season
  16. Foley and Cammy for me Foley, Obika, Vaclav all had a shout for POTY. Flynn, Connor and Ilkay all had good runs but Sam just edged it for being really consistent Cammy a stand out for how well hes played since being given a run in the middle of the park. I was tempted to go for Jon Obika for scoring the goal the pumped hearts!!!
  17. I’ll be renewing but will need to wait to phone up, I’ve emailed and phoned the ticket office every renewal period for the last 3 seasons to get my sons ticket added to my account online so I can renew online but they just ignore the emails.
  18. This feels like a big win. We have needed to start turning draws into wins so a goal with a few minutes to spare against 3rd in the league should give the team the belief. Delighted that two players that took some stick earlier in the season getting the goals
  19. Seen a stat today that Livi have only conceded against us, Rangers and possibly aberdeen all season at home. Coming back from one was going to be tough....
  20. Seen a stat today that Livi have only conceded against us, Rangers and possibly aberdeen all season at home. Coming back from one was going to be tough....
  21. Anyone else starting to get worried there won’t be any movement in? Seen Raman tweet we have enquired about celtics Bayo but a deal unlikely
  22. As impressive as Famewo and McCarthy have been so far we need another CH. I’ve pretty much wrote Gary Mac off and we can’t go into the second half of the season with just 2 natural centre half’s, it’s irrelevant how well Sam Foley played at CH when he’s out beat central Midfielder
  23. Been confirmed by Dougie McNeil. All set up for an interesting last few hours
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