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  1. Considering hes an experienced member of the squad (and vice captain), and I would believe, one of the top 5 earners. being a top 10 performer isnt exactly a compliment. As hes our only natural centre half he wont be dropped anytime soon. When the new manager comes in I hope its the first area he looks at to improve.
  2. It still annoys me he wasnt punted earlier if Im being honest, it was a complete car crash appointment, so we are now left with all his dud signings, with zero confidence where a new man could have possibly lifted us, espeically with a home game v st johnstone and an away game v accies like we had a few weeks ago anyway, onwards and upwards, i would rather we go for a long term appointment (ive said previously my prefence would be Murray) It going to be tough to avoid a bottom two finish with the points we have and points we would need to survive, so for that reason, and the fact the short term options arent exaclty encouraging I would bring someone in, like an Ian Murray and give them time.
  3. One thing that is clear is that there is plenty of shite managers out there. Some of the experienced names mentioned are not exciting whatsoever. My choice, would be Ian Murray, done a very good job with dumbarton, is a fresh start and doesnt come with the baggage that a Calderwood or Adams brings.
  4. Unfortunately due to the clusterf**k of a squad that Craig left us with he is our only actual centre half, so despite being no where near good enough he will be in until we can strengthen in January!
  5. Sounds like a man going through the motions looking for a payoff. Absolutely disgraceful.
  6. I would go for Murray, done a great job at Dumbarton, won't be mates with any of the current players so can start afresh. I'm surprised Derek Adams hasn't been getting more of a mention in press etc, I can't stand the little scrotum, but has more recent SPL experience than Calderwood.
  7. I think we are accepting that the club won't pay serious compensation for anyone, did Neil not sign a new deal not long ago?
  8. To be honest, I think your splitting hairs, folk couldn't believe he had been appointed full stop. But yes I remember plenty being pretty amazed he managed to get a 2 year deal
  9. iirc nearly everyone, he was never is danger of being poached by another club lets be honest
  10. There's no point sacking him this week, would just mean a new manager or interim managers first game would be at parkhead. I would be surprised if he makes the Motherwell game.
  11. Naively, i thought he would have been away by now after last night (and the previous 3/4 months) Ill be going on Saturday, but i have a feeling the atmosphere will be absolutely toxic.
  12. I was told he was offered a position and knocked it back, which if true looks like a master stroke by the big man
  13. I genuinely feel sorry for the 73 saints fans that have travelled any distance to be let down again.
  14. He doesnt sound bitter at all
  15. I actually felt sorry for him last night, he just looked and sounded so uncomfortable and out his depth. When he stated that he is going to london in next few weeks to speak to a centre half, just 20/30minutes after Stewart Gilmour had said as it stands its unlikely there is money for more players made him look like a bit of a joke figure. If something doesnt give soon the whole situation between manager, BoD and fans will become extremely sour. I cant make it tonight, but i think it will be even more brutal.
  16. Not long back in, the Q and A bit with Tommy was an absolute car crash. iMO of course, nonsensical answers, basically our whole season was based on Thommo being fit. I'll read what else has been written before adding anything else.
  17. Is that not the fans council agm? Official club agm is tomorrow night
  18. to echo others, we usually buy our tickets before hand to guarantee our ST seats, so thats 3 down as well. Whilst im not sure only 100 tickets have been sold, the more i speak to other ST holders and what can be seen on here, the attendance on saturday has the real potential to be a disaster. Out of curiosity, does anyone know the lowest crowd at the new stadium?
  19. look certain to suffer from an unofficial boycott, with fewer than 100 home fans said to have so far confirmed their attendance. This would certainly send a message if true,
  20. And you were absolutely desperate for the manager who won the major title and match the 25 year record to be punted. So, if they achievements can be written off in Lennons case how long can the BoD live off them??
  21. I know it's tongue in cheek but the BoD need to be the ones to fix their f**k up. Not be bailed out by fans.
  22. I would be amazed if TC resigned, unfortunately the BoD are going to need to find a back bone for this one
  23. The moment the board appointed TC without interviewing any other candidates they showed how little they care anymore. I have no issue whatsoever about not attending next week, wouldn't tell others not to, but it's not for me.
  24. Ive not missed a home game since the opener in 2000/01 against Killie, in that time ive seen worse squads than this one, (Pretty much all of Coughlans reign) and not once under DL or GM would i have considered not going to a home game but i wont be paying to watch us v inverness. My reasons are simple, The board have took the lazy, piss poor option to appoint Craig as manager with no thoughts to the fans. TC was always going to be a shite appointment, hes been a failure every time hes tried to be a manager and he was going to be a failure for us. The board should have advertised and interviewed for the position like 99% of clubs do. I have no idea why they appointed Craig, with Coughlan, we were a first div club and had to pay off a manager with a meaty contract so there was an acceptable cost based reason for appointing Coughlan. They have also (incredibly) gave Goodwin and Teale, 2 year playing/coaching contracts, Gary Teale is, IMO, finished and his injury record last year is another reason why it was ridiculous to give him a 2 year deal. Goodwin i can see why they gave him a 2 year deal, i dont agree with it but i can see the point. We didnt have the cost reason for appointing Craig this time, we could have let him go with Danny and started afresh which makes me believe it was nothing more than laziness from the board. And thats before i talk about his signings........
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