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  1. I would be tempted to leave John on the bench for a week or two, hes been pretty far off it so far this season, i know 442 has its drawbacks but i would go Kello Naismith McAuslan Plummer Tess Drury Goodwin McLean Wylde Ball Caldwell
  2. Think it was Jamie Carragher that said you dont get natural full backs, they are either failed wingers or failed centre halfs.
  3. I wouldnt think so as he must be over 35 by now, Are you thinking of Kevin Thomson? the injury prone, past it dud that Dundee signed? if so, he was deservedly taken to pieces
  4. That was also the reason he left aberdeen, only to show up at Thistle after failing to get a club
  5. Plummer is 20 next month and has played 6 league games (including 2 for us) Hopefully, like you said, he will be of similar quality as Plummer.
  6. Never seen that performance coming from Cheesy. Really woefull.
  7. 3 or 4 reds and two retrospective bans add to that the bans for going over the disciplinary threshold from bookings and whilst hes no Chic Charnely he certainly spends more time in the stand suspended than your average player
  8. Ill defend any St Mirren player that is wronged. In this instance i wont defend Goodwin as the pictures(videos) are clear that he aimed a foreman at Sutton therefore bringing it all on himself. Im not going to be a hypocrite and defend Goodwin for something i would be expecting a scott brown, lee mcculloch or manu pascale etc to be punished for
  9. Seems to me that the guy is just a f**king idiot. No idea what he thought he would achieve by doing something so stupid. Not the most contact in the world so i just cant think what goes through his head. Like TSU says, its the actions of a coward. We would be going mental if a Scott Brown or an Iain Black did that same.
  10. Big season for Cheesy, not playing alongside the soft Lee Mair or the positionally woeful Darren McGregor. If we can get him a competent partner (plummer or someone else) and we will see the best of him.
  11. 43 yellows, 3 reds and a retrospective ban for elbowing Stuart Armstrong. All in the last 3 years. IMO, I dont see how he can be defended.
  12. Well missing a lot of players for tomorrow, just read on bbc that last years back 4 is out injured and Iain Vigurs is suspended.. Good opportunity to get the season up and running with 3 points
  13. Has anyone seen this list of 200 celebrities who think we should vote No next Month? well, if Kris Akabusi and Tom Daley think we should vote no then it should be case closed. In all seriousness im probably about 70% sure ill vote no, but stunts like this are cringeworthy,
  14. I would agree with that. I actually see Teale being more of a late sub this season
  15. I would agree with that, but on that note, surely that suits BT much better than Yes so in terms of that they will be happier witb last night? All the polls still show a No vote winning. Therefore they will be happy to maintain the gap and not rock the boat? FWIW, I dont think either 'won' but i would say i wasnt as impressed with Salmond as i have previously been. Not sure if pressure got to him as pretty much everyone expected him to comfortably but AD in his place. I think last night was the last chance for YES to make the last surge towards a win, presonally cant see it happening now.
  16. Welcome aboard big man. We certainly have the most options i can remember up front. Another midfielder and a centre half/right back and it will be looking the best for a good while...IMO
  17. Its looks ok (ish) in the pictures but when you are watching for the sidelines it looks really poor again, its only a strip but its not nice on the eye
  18. Kenny McLean will provide double the amount of goals McGowan will, i would also bet he will chip in with more assists. Im also not convinced Paul has made the right move in going to dundee, with Harkins there who for some reason is a bit of a cult figure, McGowan will be fitted in somewhere to get the best of Harkins, it was a disaster for us at the start of last season and add in Simon Ferry who Hartley has said he sees as an attacking midfielder and i think it will be a disaster for Dundee as well. I wish Paul all the best, but i dont think we are losing out by letting him go based on his recent form.
  19. Im the same as BinEK. I seen a flat 442 both halfs. Not 352. A few players impressed. Plummer looks decent, IMO far too small for a CH. And agree with everyone about the strip. Its horrendous. Just looks a blur
  20. How did you get that from what i wrote?
  21. I cant argue with his point though IMO its a disgrace you can finish 3rd or 4th in the EPL, La Liga, Seria A or the Bundesliga and have to play 1 knock out tie to get into the champions league group stages (or finish 2nd and get straight in) yet the champions of Scotland and other 'small' countries need to play 3 or 4 knock out games before they get in. The seeding system of the champions league is also a farce, This year Man City will be seeded lower than Chelsea and Arsenal therefore giving them a harder group despite Man City being champions (and Arsenal having achieved pretty much nowt in the past 9 years) On that note i do hope Celtic get pumped, but i cant disagree with what he says
  22. James McPake has replied to Ronnie McKays tweet, says he will be an excellent signing and has massive potential.... time will tell but hopefully hes right
  23. Genuinely dont remember him from last season. Hopefully he can chip in with a few goals and earn a longer contract welcome aboard Ross (if true obviously)
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