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  1. Has signed on a 2 year deal according to Dougie McNeil. Striker from Oxford
  2. I think we will bring one more in, maybe a utility type that can play a few defensive positions as we can’t rely on Gary Mac unfortunately
  3. They were retweeting an SPFL link to their fantasy football account, nothing to do with Saints
  4. Unfortunately can’t put us anywhere other than bottom until the signings start rolling in...... Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Hibs Hearts Motherwell Killie Ross County St Johnstone Livingston Hamilton St Mirren If we make the right signings there’s no reason we should be around 8-10
  5. You seem to miss the point,it’s not that people can’t back up their claims...it’s that you beat them to submission with your constant whataboutery that people just don’t have the will to keep going
  6. Today the manager had one full back and one centre half. 6 or 7 central midfielders and 2 strikers. Yes Jim deserves to take some criticism (and I’m sure he will be critical of himself), but FFS the guy needs a hand. No matter what anyone says this was a piss easy group and a chance to build momentum before a really tough start to the season and it’s been blown. We will be potentially putting 5 or 6 new players into the team and expect them to gel against teams like Hibs, Aberdeen and Rangers. This cup is when that should have been happening.
  7. What a strange analogy So we shouldn’t judge anything part way through? At all? No manager should ever be sacked until the season is over then? Also, a sprinter that has a dreadful, slow start, generally doesn’t win the race
  8. Yes. Earlier post said from open play.... [emoji85][emoji85]
  9. 260 minutes and counting Edinburgh City East Kilbride Albion rovers Disgraceful Edited to add from open play......
  10. 225 mins and no goals from open play against Edinburgh City, East Kilbride and Albion Rovers Superb
  11. I think he has started every season injured? Your right though, the big man has done us a good turn but unfortunately can’t be relied upon anymore League starts since he came in have been 29, 14 and 5 last season
  12. That is some line up A centre mid at RB A centre mid at LB A RB at Centre Half Jack Baird 4 central midfielders 2 forwards A bench consisting of 4 teenagers and a sub goalie Absolutely shambolic state.
  13. To put down a another one! Meant to be one of the better artificial surfaces for what that’s worth
  14. A back 4 with 2 defensive midfielders, 1 right back (prob playing centre half) and one actual centre half I still think we will win comfortably but the squad is a joke
  15. Must go down as one of the more bizarre transfers Supposedly linked to bigger teams, the guy looks like a big athlete but 3 managers wouldn’t play him, including the one that signed him for cash
  16. Great post I’ve seen a few other clubs seem to be taking more than just a passing interest in their woman’s teams, even more so on the back of the WWC. Whereas they seem to be an afterthought for us. Shame
  17. Sorry LPM but I can’t believe this is true, Sweeper who is clearly ITK, has said we have a massively increased budget this year Or he did back in June, has been a bit quieter about that recently
  18. Hopefully just the woman’s kit gets voted through Club should be paying for the youth teams to play down south
  19. foxbar_bud

    David Riley Q&A

    This is absolutely embarrassing guys
  20. 5-0 saints Flynn Cooke Andreu x2 GMac
  21. Ricky No one expects the squad to be completely bottomed out by this stage. We do expect to see a bit of a plan however, that’s why Gus was brought in. I keep saying the season starts on the 3rd of August but it didn’t, it started last Saturday. And we went into that game with a squad of- 2 keepers 3 centre half’s (1 injury prone, 1 so out the picture I would get a game before him - JH) 1 right back 1 winger (Djorkaeff??) 7 central Midfielders (1 out of favour Tansey) 2 strikers Absolute nonsense
  22. You’re the one saying players aren’t available the day our season ended, I’m just showing you your comment was daft. Why would we need to rush out though? No one expected 5/6 signings the day after the DU game, we did expect a plan. We are employing a guy to oversee recruitment,surely having the squad pretty much complete for preseason isn’t too much to ask? Are you suggesting we wait til nearer the end of the window in the hope better players become available? What if they don’t? The year we won the league under Jack we signed 2 players after the season started on the 5th August, Duffy and Liam Smith. Oh to be that well organised again
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