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  1. On paper Grainger was the best signing of the summer. I think its safe to say most of us were happy with the signing. IMO this is one that DL doesnt take too much blame for (unlike some of the others) We are now at a point where we desperatly need bodies, the no better than what we have quotes wont wash, we are so short pretty much everywhere on the park. Guy on twitter has put up a table of all dannys signings since 2011 (so excluding the disasterious signings of his first season) and it doesnt make good reading at all.
  2. McCoist and McCulloch were in the press the week after that stating their disapointment that Carey had "went down a bit too easily". McCulloch is a talentless thug who has made a career out of this since he went to Rangers.
  3. This. I seen him play for Kilbirnie about 15-20 times the year they won promotion to the super league unbeaten under Tommy Bryce. Amazed hes manages to play at premiership level when better players from that team have hung around SFL lower leagues. To be fair to him he must just have worked hard but not, imo, good enough to play in this league.
  4. We definetly need players, but releasing Div Barron doesnt make any difference to that. Has he featured at all this season? And cant have played much last year either.
  5. Confirmed on official site, 18 month deal Welcome aboard Gregg
  6. Im quite positive about this, the fact hes ripping up 30months of contract at Aberdeen to sign an 18 month deal with us, on i would imagine, less money show that he just wants to play football. Also good to see the manager addressing a position that needs addressed, centre half next please
  7. I got told his name last night as potentially signing and pretty much dismissed it, but just seen Divs message on twitter saying we have an interest but competition.
  8. Was a good player for Rangers and thought he would do well when aberdeen signed him in the summer. i would be happy with this move, would give him regular football and hopefully we would see the best of him Seen us linked to a few players now, bit disapointing none have been a centre half.
  9. I said it on another thread, if Slater does well then he will be one of the very few (if any) in last few years that we will have let slip through the net. Good luck to boy, we have brought through Kelly, Naismith, McGinn and Mclean recently. Letting one boy go who may or may not go on to better things doesnt mean our youth policy isnt working.
  10. This. I thought the game was dreadful.
  11. 4231 is the formation we should be signing players to play in. No teams plays 442 anymore. And if you do u get torn apart by teams playing in between the lines. Unfortunatly the players we have dont suit it. If you put goodwin and newton in the middle, it leaves McGinn, McLean, Teale, Campbell and McGowan playing for 3 places. And McGinn and McLean arent natural left sided wingers...
  12. Havin a nightmare....haha, could a mod please delete
  13. Thats hardly high praise. Hes seems a good guy, but it would be good to try and get a better, more dominant CH in. Dont think DL has signed any CHs since his first seaso when he signed cheesy and McGregor.
  14. Could possibly be tempted by an 18 month deal, zero chance he will get a new deal here IMO. Depends on the wage difference i guess.
  15. He did ask to leave though, good luck to the boy, not many come back to haunt us so if he is one then fair enough.
  16. To be fair to him, every interview he gave he said he was a right back, think he got 5-10 mins at left wing or right wing when he actually got any game time. But didnt look up to much when given a chance.
  17. Taking Fraser Forster out of it and hes by far the best keeper in the league. Wouldnt expect more than a 6 month deal, would imagine celtic or the championship will be his destination in the summer. Fantastic keeper.
  18. There is no cost to appeal for these incidenst, but they also dont need to go through the full appeal process so unlikely it would have delayed anything.
  19. Good post. Another thing for me is that what he done was so unneccessary, im not saying he is the answer but Vanzy has played in the JG role for about a game and a half now, we havent conceded a goal, he has been steady yet not spectacular and he hasnt got involved in half the nonsense Jim allowed himself to get caught up in the the dundee Utd game. One thing is for sure, the refs will be focusing on him more than ever now, opposition players will be desperate to wind him up and then make the most of anything that happens.
  20. This. It was a cowards 'challenge'. In the past year as Jims legs have gone we have seen more of this creep into his game. No way for a captain to behave and we should be sending a message out. Wonder if the views will be the same the next time Hibs or ICT kick us all over the park. If big Draper or Tudor-Jones threw an elbow at McGinn like goodwin did the outrage on here would be through the roof.
  21. Jim definetly went OTT today for me, could easily have been sent off early, caught Armstrong with an elbow about 10 mins in and seemed to be on a mission to kick or elbow everything in sight. I understand the need to put a marker down especially against a side full of creativity like DU usually are but at times he was a complete loose cannon today. Everyone of us would be fuming if an oposition player put it about like he did today. I appreciate the role he plays but today he could have cost us big time.
  22. Despite the 2 horrific injuries, he is the only centre half we have with a good turn of pace. For that he has became our number 1 centre half. I would let him get on with his football and look at a new deal later in the season.
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